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Color Group AS is a Norwegian shipping and holding company, established in 1990 as a result of the merger between Jahre Line and Norway Line. The same year, Color Line took over Fred. Olsen Lines cruise-ferry operations and then expanded its business further.

User "Barney Lynch" writes a review of ColorHotel in Italy, on the "Trivago" website, September 25, 2016:

"Beware! Very disappointed. My family and I have stayed on many occasions. I would have considered myself a loyal customer of the hotel. I recently booked a trip which unfortunately had to be canceled giving the hotel 2 weeks' notice. The color hotel has charged me a 20% cancellation fee as I had booked through a third party. I requested that the color hotel consider holding the fee as a deposit for my next visit. They have refused to do this. The hotel claim they are following the rules of the booking agency. However, the agency mostly doesn't have cancellation fees for their hotels and says it is the Color Hotels policy to take a cancellation fee when booked through a third party. Be very careful when booking."


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