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Coleman Company, Inc., is a brand of outdoor recreation products, especially camping gear, owned by Newell Brands. Coleman Company's headquarters are in Chicago, and it has facilities in Wichita, Kansas and in Texas. There are approximately 4,000 employees.


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Current Employee - Dental Technician says

"low pay, employer doesnt believe in his employees."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"a very unfair company on how they treat there employees."

Former Employee - VALUE ADDED SERVICES LEAD says

"Micro managed by a bunch of rejects from the Whichita warehouse. They had no idea on how to write handbooks for most of the areas lack of Mgmt experience has cost them tons of money"


"How quickly can you get thrown under the bus? With the current Top management it won't take long. Abusive management style. They will protect their jobs at all costs. If Jarden knew the damage they do on a consistent basis. Ask any mid manager offline."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No clear long or short term strategy, especially on how to address current challenges the industry and company are facing. No strong mid-management to properly and effectively execute roles and responsibilities and manage staff. No communication from senior management to employees. No employee trust or empowerment. Benefits are not top tier."

Current Employee - Warehouse Associate says

"It was great until the Gardner plant started to hire more people from Algeria and the Johnson county jail than people who can speak English and are willing to work not just hang out"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Constant fear of being fired. The CEO and CFO have reputations for screaming and belittling employees. No reward for increased productivity.Witness people being thrown under the bus daily. When is enough,enough?"

Former Employee - says

"-Lack of training and mentor-ship leads to high turnover -Disorganized management and direction -Little top down communication -No development of talent -Little to no feedback on performance"

Inventory says

"They bought out the company I was working for, and within a year cut 95% of the staff, including myself"


"Upper management runs the company with 50s management style - not keeping up with the times at all and don't really know what they want - flip flop between issues and temperamental."

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"The management is not make it easier for any one at all. They dont care if you are interested in your health or anything. I do you dare talk back to them about anything negative in you get fired."

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"they use outside temp to hire agentcies to do their hiring and leave it up to the agency to fire employees yet state they have total control. They say they have a "past forgiveness" policy yet if the person comes up as a sex offender or has a personal felony (in which both were devalaged at time of hiring) they don't like they fire/let you go and say "officially it's WORK PERFORMANCE", if any future employers ask about you to them; when it's really due to the persons past. I've seen them hire a guy who sold a gun and drugs to a school kid and when interviewed for a regular position in the factory he was given a team leader position with a 2x plus increase in pay rate.moneysee above"

Assembler/Production (Former Employee) says

"the machines are breaking down all the time and you are always getting sent home, sometimes right after you start your shift. the managers are leads and worthless almost and most people are doing drugs"

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"Treat employees terrible do not understandthat things happen not very respectful or understanding to any one else life lines were always down went home a week in a row before"

(former employee) says

"Do not recommend coleman as an employeer. The last thing they care about are their employees. They lay off people with no notice. The bosses are one for all and all for them only.Coleman will be lucky to be in business for 5 more years, simply because the only thing that sells are airbeds and they are junk.The appliance division has no work, because they sent it all to China and I wouldn't buy a coleman stove or lantern if it was the last product on earth. The products do not work.In all fairness, Coleman used to be a very nice place to work, but all the old workers and bosses all retired or ran to other businesses.I did like most of my coworkers while I was there. I wish them only the best.used to be a nice place to worknot a good employeer."

stock market analyst (Former Employee) says

"Due to management incompetence Coleman went into chapter 7 in 1992, two years after I left. The company went full bore into an expansion program without researching the poor track record of the men managing the expansion program"

Replenishment (Former Employee) says

"worked as loader of trucks, or driving a forklift replenishing lines. I also may be assigned to pick orders and ship using SAP to locate stock. management was not looking out how to help the employees, but how to write them up.nonehostile work envirment."

Sr. Manager (Former Employee) says

"Avoid at all costs- save your career, biz integrity and self-esteem. The epitome of a “save yourself at someone else’s expense” culture. I hope it doesn’t soil the good Newell brand."

BLOW MOLD OPERATOR (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work consisted of going in, go see what station I'm working for the day, put on work uniform, then work for the rest of the shift. This was a poor job and I frequently went in discouraged and stressed because I did not like the job.Health Benefits3rd shift, poor leadership, low pay"

Inventory Controller 1 (Former Employee) says

"Make that VERY poor leadership. Lots of favoritism and dishonesty with a good bit of harassment thrown in. Ongoing safety issues compared to similar factories, mostly repetitive stress, or cuts, and some slip and fall. Management stresses safety all the time but doesn't hold supervisors and leads responsible; it's always the employees fault even though they are doing what they were shown to do. Double standards all the time.Paid time off for Coleman employees.Hostile environment, favoritism"

temp (Former Employee) says

"assemble cooler lids was very boring, also worked in shipping and receiving that was alright way better than just making lids.noneclimate controlled building"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"a normal 5 day work, what i learned was how to properly stack packages in to trucks. Didn't really have a manager their. Was no co-worker. Hardest part of the job was the hot and cold weather. The most enjoyable was it was peacful"

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"I loved it it was temporery so i have to find another job qish i could stay ao im looking for somthing in the same field and hopfully make it a career and move up within the companyThey made sure they didnt over work usN/a"

Inventory Auditor (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at Coleman is very hot!! If you have bad feet,legs or arms then not idea for you! I learned a lot at Coleman on how i should and shouldn't be treated at work. If you have decent common sense being at Coleman wont be enjoyable to you, things that are done don't make any sense and you'll work 6 days a week mandatory Coleman has no culture.. the hardest part of any job at Coleman is that no one is on the same page. the most enjoyable part about Coleman is that when you've worked 6 days in a row sweating and being disrespected you know you can got to a place called home for a whole day on the 7th day of the week."

Forklift Operator/Warehouse (Former Employee) says

"A typical day for me was extremely busy, while for others it was just somewhere to kick back and relax. This company could use new management and HR employees as problems are not handled the way the should be. The hardest part of the job was keeping up with the various tasks I was given daily. The most enjoyable part of the job was having a very busy schedule as it made my day go by fast. I, myself was told repeatedly I would be promoted, but it never happened regardless of all the praises of a job well done."

Warehouse Associate (Current Employee) says

"Coleman is owned by a larger company which is owned by an even larger company. There was a raise finally after 7 years, and a pretty substantial one, then they shuffle shifts around to save them $$$ In doing so the raise never will exist. having to spend more money for gas. income is actually smaller than it was before the raise."

Operator/Laborer (Former Employee) says

"Coleman is a decent job if u can handle the heat and the super short breaks they dont pay very well for the job though. They tend to send people home daily because lines not working.Weekly payVery hot."

Assembly Line (Former Employee) says

"didnt work for Coleman very long. left to work for Cargill. it was assembly work did the best I could while I was there. would I go back yes I would loved working with my hands and this job was a personal challenge every day for myself .treated me well while I was with thempay and full time position was hard"

Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"I liked the people that I worked with, but no benefits. The job was so easy that I was bored during midday to end of shift."

Painter (Former Employee) says

"I learned a-lot from my experience working as a volunteer painter. Enjoyed seeing the completed work and was happy that my customers were left satisfied.none at this momentnone at this moment"

Kevin S says

"The ONLY reason they get a star is because it is the lowest possible rating. I bought a Coleman Go Kart KT196. The engine stopped working the next day after purchasing. I was promised they would fix the issue by replacing the engine. Two and a half months later I'm still waiting. It's been over a month since they last answered me. I would not recommend any of their go karts to anyone."

Carl Winter says

"Remarkably terrible customer service. Have no idea if their products work, since what was shipped to us wasn't a tent at all. It's been a month dealing with trying to get this done. Told several times the tent is on the way, then told they can't, then told it's on the way. OK. Lemme know if you all want to get this figured out. Leaving negative reviews everywhere I can find until this gets sorted.

Oh, and your chat support is absolute garbage. The people working that are gaming your system and not helping people.

Chat support agents Myrryll Joy, Ryan Jay and Deniece Anne are some of your employees who are gaming this system. Sat waiting for a response from Deniece Anne for 30 minutes, then she disconnected, then Myrryll joined and disconnected after 3 minutes. Got Myrryl again on my 4th draw. She just disconnected me. Cool.

This was supposed to be a wedding gift, so my family, and her family and the people who gave the gift will all be weighing in on this. What the heck Coleman, get it together...

Ticket: 26811349

Update: Myrryl is the rudest customer service rep I've ever dealt with. She purposely tried to make me feel stupid, used all caps when she was frustrated, and just needs better training. Please look through our logs. She's arguing with me about a situation that is already resolved. You all should be embarrassed having someone like that represent you."

Max Anderson says

"Bought two chairs in SA whilst doing the big lap, 8 weeks later the stitching is gone. Called Coleman and the best the can say is go back to SA. Grey Nomads beware, best to buy a brand like BCF or Anaconda"