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Cole Haan is a global men's and women's footwear and accessories brand that was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1928. Cole Haan currently has headquarters in both New York City and Greenland, New Hampshire, United States.


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Former Employee - Outbound Associate says

"They play FAVORITES, Bosses are lazy and help with nothing, low pay, 2 breaks and one lunch but they make you take one break with lunch, overwork same group of people while the rest hide, terrible."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"management was the only reason that I decided to leave the company."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Pay very low and then gave other employees higher pay"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Completely toxic work environment where you’re under valued, under appreciated, under paid, and over worked. You’ll enjoy working yourself to exhaustion while the store manager’s favorite employees stand around and do nothing."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Upper management is horrible. DM plays favorites, its like a high school here with a ton of gossip going around. DM is very new to her role and has no idea what she is doing, but starts gossip about people she does not like. If you are looking to grow and get a promotion this isnt the place for you. DM only promotes people she likes even if they are not fit for the role. HR is none existent and will tell on you if you come with an issue. Just save yourself the time and go somewhere else. Theres a ton of better companies to work for."

Former Employee - Temp Worker says

"hostile, bullying, and lots of gossip which creates a hostile work environment."

Former Employee - Store Manager says

"DM is narrow minded, controlling, plays favorites, creates lies about performance, and then will gas-light you in conversations. HR always aligns with the DM. I formally complained to HR regarding the hostile work environment my DM was creating. HR said they would get back to me within a week so we could all have a healthy work environment. HR never contacted me after the formal complaint, instead the DM I complained about called me a week later and terminated my employment over the phone, with no witness, without giving me details. My termination letter I received 3 days later was full of lies (he said/she said situations). There is zero progressive discipline, during a store visit my former DM said "its easy to terminate people here", and the company is unethical."

Current Employee - Assistant Store Manager says

"Cole Haan is stuck in the past. The hedge fund that acquired Cole Haan is concerned more with profitability than having positive customer (or employee) experiences. Clienteling is a thing of the past. The company has been RTVing major core styles to send to wholesellers, since that is a major source of profit for them. It's frankly unbelievable that they're not seeing that most people in America do not want suede with snakeskin shoes, they want just plain black shoes. Stop sending them to Nordstrom. Additionally, the employee experience is terrible. The systems put in place are very outdated compared to other companies. For example, you HAVE to call IT to restart your computer, otherwise you will get in trouble. The pay is very low for the amount of work that is expected at every level. The managers, while not expected to sell too much, are expected to do EVERYTHING in the store to support the sales staff in inline stores. My district manager wrongfully terminated three employees who will be seeking legal action against Cole Haan."

Former Employee - Facilities Manager says

"Upper management is dishonest with its employees, Hasn't paid out bonuses in 5 years even though they claim record profits, Currently there are 28 VP's of the company. Has to be the worst HR department I have ever seen. They immediately want to terminate the employee for minor offenses and rely on hearsay not facts."


"Company has no interest in taking care of the employees that have remained dedicated to them through hard times. Pay has gone up for new employees due to competitive rates, yet good employees who’ve remained at the company for years are kept in a stalemate with no logical explanation.. causing long term employees to train lesser qualified new hires who are making equal or more money than them, creating a terrible work environment and poor morale."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I was an employee at Cole Haan for almost 6 months. I would not recommend working at this ghost-town shoe store for the elderly. It is insanely expensive for no good reason. I’m surprised they stay in business. Mostly the only things that sold were clearance shoes and men’s dress shoes. If you love to be bored out of your mind at work, then this is the place for you. If you would like to keep your sanity I would recommend looking Elsewhere. Unfriendly and artificially friendly staff. Behind the overly-friendly fake-nice facade everybody in that store hates their job. Workplace gossip galore. Disgustingly rude and discriminatory workers behind the scenes... just encouraged by the problematic manager.Can’t think of anySee review."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Cole Haan Leesburg,Va has the worst management I’ve ever worked with. No room for growth. Expectations for employees is unrealistic. Truly Disappointed."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This place runs as " summer camp/ mid school " environment Be prepared to be treated likewise Management is awful, no communication at all just clear favoritism. No progress or professionalism what so everNothingMuch"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I understand not every job is "fun" or "exciting" but this job took the cake for the most boring, underpaid job of all time. Hated every second of working there."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"The upper management was sub par and made coaching effectively impossible, and coaching out of the business impossible when changes needed to be made. Coaching up and moving employees up the ladder to promotions was also exceptionally difficult. When succeeding you were only berated for opportunities still on the table instead of being acknowledged for the accomplishments that were made. There was a lack of support from upper management even when asked for, however the store management team was helpful and reliable and always willing to help another succeed. The impossibility to promote employees consistently lowered morale in the store with the sales team and didn't provide a positive growing and selling culture. Work life balance was non existent. Very little company wide back and forth dialogue, so not a lot of communication with other districts, which made each district feel isolated from the company as a whole. no training programgreat support from store managers, no cap on PTOsub par upper management, low raises"

Project Coordinator and Digital Assets coordinator (Current Employee) says

"there is no communication between channels, and basically nobody talks to anybody. Understaffed in key areas, over staffed in others. Unrealistic timing for deadlines with lack of staff. and the pay is poor! plus the HR department is terriblesome people are cool33% of the company is owned by APEX"

Reverse Logistics Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at Cole Haan is one where the work is already there for you. During my time, Cole Haan was being acquired by a private group. Therefore, the most important thing to the executives were numbers. Old managers were removed and new managers were placed. It was a rotating door. Also, I was promised a full time position for over two years and never got one, no matter how many time I helped or assisted in different departments. I was always a temporary employee until I had to find work elsewhere and start over. .There is no balance"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"I loved the Cole Haan products. The only down fall from this job was I wasn't treated fair at all. My manager down graded me as much as she possibly could. I have never felt like that in any job I have ever worked. I felt like I could do know right in his job. She took my self pride away from me. Now I'm in a job and I get treated very differently. I'm so glad that this is in the past. The boss I had is know longer at Cole Haan which is a good thing.Discount on products"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I was really excited to work at Cole Haan Outlet. Everyone was friendly at the beginning; everyone was helpful. After reading the reviews from others, I have no idea what "positive" work culture they are referring to. Scheduling was always late or missing. People showed up on different days because of the changed dates. Email updates were never communicated to people. A lot of blaming, sabotage, and slander. I have worked in other fashion companies, and this, by far, was the worst place I have ever worked. After working here, I will never recommend anyone to work here. I highly suggest that you apply somewhere else.Some peopleManagement"

Executive Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Typical day is similar to the trading floor in Finance. Very hectic since multiple seasons are being addressed. Everyone works really hard here however, management changes quite often."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Cole Haan was a upscale store. We sold lots of product but at times the business will be slow.Great co-workersPoor management"

asst mgr (Former Employee) says

"footlocker just isn't what it used to be the whole scene has changed."

Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"THE JOB // WORK ENVIRONMENT As an employee in the distribution center, every day is a monotonous, rewardless, thankless, back-breaking drag. The physical environment is absolutely disgusting (trash and grime everywhere), and there is no respect for the employees at all, regardless of tenure, reliability, or motivation/ambition. A typical day at the job consists of moving boxes around all day in a - often very hot or freezing - building. MANAGEMENT At first, to most employees, the environment feels laid back and free, but this feeling is short-lived, as the the realization sets in that management in the facility consists almost entirely of people who are narrow-minded, short-sighted, petulant, and dishonest. It is a daily occurrence to have managers deny having said something they in-fact said, and then turn and blame lower level personnel for their own (the manager’s) error. Management continually boasts of opportunity and expansion of the company, but refuses to promote from within, despite having experienced, capable, motivated people on staff. Some managers will claim that a person is "too valuable" in the lower position to promote them. There is no training program or system in place to track or monitor progress, so employees have no tools at their disposal to give evidence of their gained competencies, and no means by which to assuredly and accurately acquire new skills. Long term department goals do not exist. Goals change daily, so employees have no set-target to help work towards, or to grow towards individually. Male managers dramatically favor female"

sales associate (Former Employee) says

"VERRRRY SLOWWW STORE, the manager was sooo mean and heartless, she always has something to find bad about you and pick on her employees, everything has to be perfect and her way or your on her bad list. I dont recommend working at this store in mercedes, tx for NOTHING. oh and she picks her 1 favorite employee and lets them get away with everything. i was miserable at cole haan because of the manager.great discount at converse and nikemean boss, very little hours"

Sales Associate - Retail (Former Employee) says

"Cole Haan was a great company to work for but within the last year they began to take away great incentives from the associates including the managers such as bonuses. The store will have meet 100% sales in order to get a bonus. There aren’t any hours which makes it impossible to meet sales goals and make decent commission. I went from making 4% to 1% commission and no bonus; unacceptable"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Not the best place to work, ignorant management. I also had extra pay cuts from my paycheck that weren’t taxes. The pay is horrible and the company takes extra cuts from your paycheck, for which they don’t give answers."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This place works you like a slave and doesnt even let you take breaks. You can but you are questioned and interrogated. Super uncomfortable work environment everyone is waiting to be scolded or told to get back to work. The products are uncomfortable and outdated the company lacks any style whatsoever.Discounts on ugly shoesWorking here"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"ok to start in good to stay in. poor management low pay asms were not great but discounts were great.....minimum wage district management poorfree shoesvery bad management"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Easy work. Light hours. High expectations with no confirmation of a job well done. Hostile work environment. Terrible store manager and management team.Easiest JobBad management, drama, hostile work environment, no hours"

promotor de ventas (Former Employee) says

"Muy poco profesionales con sus empleados y te exigen demasiadoComisionesNo hay descansos cuando los necesitas"

anil biyani says

"shipping for direct website purchases is very poor. placed online order 2 weeks ago and have still not received it. No tracking is available."

Michael Bailey says

"Responded to Cole Haan's sale, bought 2 pairs of shoes and next day get a refund notice with no explanation from the UK saying it may take days or weeks to get refund. Cole Haan direct sucks"

Katarina Tanaskovic says

"I purchased 3 pairs of shoes on November 24 and noticed there was a price drop the next day. I contacted customer service for a price adjustment and they said they would honour it. To this day almost a month later I have not received a price adjustment or any updates. I reached out four separate times and have received no assistance at all!! Why charge a premium price if you are a garbage company? I wish I could leave a zero star review."

Trang Martin says

"I returned 3 pairs of shoes. Colehaan emailed me the amount of refund+sales tax. What I received as a credit on my amex was much less than what was shown in my email from Colehaan. I contacted customer service twice. Both times, I was told that they have refunded me the correct amount but they can't share the record showing the refunded amount and asked me to call my financial institution. I contacted Amex and they confirmed the amount of refund sent from Colehaan. Amex is going to dispute the difference on my behalf and will issue me a credit. Thanks to Amex, I am not going to be caught between Colehaan and Amex."

scot says

"If there was a 'zero" star to give I would give it! While in a social setting the heel fell completely off of the shoe. I had to embarrassingly leave the event. I reached out to customer service and was told to return them to the store where I bought them that has since closed. Cole Haan has refused to stand behind their product despite their name written all over them coupled with a picture of the defective shoe. I'm at a total loss as to why/how they postured this way."

Ana Guerrero says

"I contacted Cole Haan customer service in regards to a promotion on their website. I was very disappointed on the two representatives who assisted me did not offer any solutions instead they just said "unfortunately" we can't apply that promotion to your order and left it at that. Cole Haan needs do a better job on customer satisfaction as they would want a positive customer service reputation for upcoming years. This was a negative unsatisfactory experience."

Gary Abraham says

"This company lies about shipment dates you might get your shoe a week later after the date they tell you. Than when you email their customer services, they act like YOU OWE THEM."

Rosemary Lee says

"I have been buying from Cole Haan for years and love the quality and the designs. Covid made me buy from them online for the first time and the experience is bad. The size of the shoes are no longer printed anywhere inside or outside the shoes. The size is only stated on the box. The shoes I received are too big when I tried them on and I know they are a full size larger when I compared them to my existing shoes. All of this is below the reputation of this company. I tried to deal with trusted companies during Covid to avoid the hassle of returning products. I'm afraid that I simply can't buy from them anymore if they behave like this."

Brenton Bohannon says

"Just ridiculous. I'll start out by saying the lady on the phone was polite, but not a bit of help. Absolutely no reasonable help from them after package was lost. No, "We are sorry, we will ship another right to you," or "we will take care of it and get back to you." Instead I was told to contact UPS and figure it out. So I did and they said it was lost. Now I'm suppose to fill out some onerous paperwork to get my money back. I called Cole Haan back and they said they would put a tracer on it and get back to me in 8-15 business days. So not only have I paid them, but they won't send me what I ordered to cover me in the meantime. They can redirect the package back to them if it is found. Never again."

Paul Brownstein says

"Very poor delivery and even worse customer help line. Ordered shoes and received tracking notice it was delivered. Only it wasn't. On line site says if not received "give it 3 days in case it shows up." Say what? And insult to injury, advises I should look in the trees, bushes, trash, mail. Seems they know what their drivers are all about. So called customer service number 3 times seeking answers . And each time, after robot call answered, put on hold and then disconnected. Sent email complaint, but not expecting satisfaction."

Sam Massey says

"Bought the Nantucket Loafer Safari Canvas shoe wore it once. It got damp not wet, the lining bleed through the canvas turned it crap brown. They won't do anything about it. I will never buy a Cole Haan shoe again."

Ryan says

"Save your money buy converse better shoe and actually better customer service!!! Let me refrase that it actually exists. Purchased my first pair and used their guide on size... its way off feet hurt and rubbing. Contactes them about this error. If i simply selected a size then id get it. But i used their sizing tool and got banged... They dont care or are willing to fix this mistake... I thought purchasing from a higher line was suppose to be great.... now i just see them as snobby shoe makes. Spend your hard earned money else where!"

Salman Aljindan says

"If their is a zero I would be more than happy to give it to the costumer service department. I have talked to more than 4 representatives and 2 supervisors. Everyone is telling me a different thing and write something different in the notes. I have been guaranteed from a representative that my shipment is out for delivery and you will receive the tracking in 24 hours. After the 24 hours they told no its in the warehouse it might be shipped in a day or two and in his notes he wrote something completely different. Please check what is wrong with the team and don’t assure and garuntee things that won’t happen. Cause my shipment should be arriving no later than the 26 (what I have been told) and I am leaving the country at the 30 morning but it hasn’t been shipped yet"

Kristen Liebenguth says

"It’s unfortunate that my husband likes these shoes because they do not last long and the customer service is horrendous. I’m not sure why they have customer service at all because they can’t do anything to help. There was an address error on the shipping and immediately I called to fix it and they told me that I can’t. I would have to contact UPS. They can’t cancel or modify my order at all. They are not taking any responsibility for their brand or website. I’m so disappointed in how they handled it."

Jennifer Kelly says

"I have historically loved Cole Haan. I am however very displeased with my recent order. I ordered my usual size and width and the shows I received are defective in that they are at least a size smaller. Unfortunately there are no refunds or exchanges on this sale. I think it is deceitful that the company sells a product that is defective in sizing and then does not honer an exchange or refund. The reviews posted did not reflect the reality, so I am convinced that they handpick which reviews will be seen on their site so they can clear their shelves. I always associated Cole Haan with being classy, but their present habits and poor customer service are from from that."

Deb says

"Updated to a 3 Star. Thanks Mathew A. for correcting this issue. Never Received Package!! I have been going back and forth with this company since before Thanksgiving. I ordered shoes for my family member. USP left them at the door (someone walked off with my package). This company never offered a replacement and doesn't want to refund me. I never knew they had such horrible reviews. Contact them 5 time now, each time they state that they are going to investigate the issue."

Anaseth1218$ says

"I love Cole Hann. That's why I was so disappointed when both pairs of shoes I bought started to come apart at the heel. Also, the squeak when I walk so I have to take out the sole and apply baby powder. I called customer service and emailed pictures and information. I was told they couldn't help me but said I could take them to the shoe doctor. What!!!! Last I heard they were sending pictures and information up to management. It's been 3 weeks and I haven't heard from anyone. I'll update in a week or so. Very disappointed."