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Clubb Wedd is Target's wedding registry.

An angry grandmother shares her granddaughter's experience on, "My granddaughter just called to tell me about the problems caused by Target's wedding gift registry Club Wedd. She registered through “The Knot” with Target because she has shopped there for quite a while. Upon being directed to the Target registry, she and her fiance took time to select about 56 items they could use as they set up their apartment together. They were excited to find that 50 of the items listed were marked as purchased, so they did not budget for buying those things. When they returned from their short honeymoon they discovered that the registry is extremely messed up and most of the items marked as purchased had never actually been purchased (which was verified by contacting several close family and friends who were listed as purchasers). In fact, some of the people who were listed as purchasing major items were not even invited to the wedding. Target accepts no responsibility and doesn't want to bother figuring out how this happened, or care about the disappointment and problems it has caused. We no longer care to shop at Target because of their callous attitude and we are encouraging our friends to keep this in mind."


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