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User "Kath" says Club Marine's premium insurance is a "Rip-off" in a review on the "ProductReview" website on April 15, 2019:

"We bought a boat in November 2018 and in December 2018 there was a fire on the boat and it was deemed a write-off. The boat was insured for $61,000 and we were paid this out in full after an enormous amount of work by myself. Club Marine claims officers I found to be horrific with communication and any information that I received was after I sent daily emails. After the claim was settled I asked about a refund on my policy as I had paid to insure the boat for 12 months and after the boat fire Club Marine effectively became the owners, so I only owned the boat for 6 weeks. I have been told by Club Marine that I will not get a refund on my insurance policy because they paid out on the claim in full. Are they not meant to do that when you are insured and in no way to blame for the accident? Isn't it fraudulent to keep premium money for something that you no longer own? I now understand why Boat owners in Western Australia are turning to RAC for boat insurance!"


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