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Club America (Priority Pass Lounge) Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, Club America offers a haven of peace at Miami International Airport. Enjoy a selection of snacks and alcoholic beverages, complimentary Wi-Fi, and comfortable seating.

An angry traveler shared this in a review "My husband and I have used Club America (American Airlines and others business lounge) at Miami airport on a number of occasions and live in hope that one day we will be pleasantly surprised to see that it has been upgraded. However, on our most recent visit we found this not to be the case. The refreshments on offer are three types of budget style biscuits, pretzels, stewed coffee and a small choice of alcohol which is in a locked cabinet. As the refreshments bar is self service with no-one in full-time attendance, should one wish to have a beer or glass of wine then you must go & find an attendant to provide you with that drink. There was no reading matter other than a Spanish language glossy magazine of which there were several copies. The leather seats are torn and grubby, the tables are not frequently cleared and the feeling overall is of being in a second or third class waiting room. In fact diabolical. Considering that Miami and Florida is such a big tourist centre we are amazed that tourists are allowed to leave with such a negative memory of their last few hours in the US."


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Farrah says

"I am still waiting for a refund on my account that was supposed to be back on 6-12-20. Poor customer service"

Chuck says

"I was charged on 18 Feb, 2020, for $44.98. I had ordered nothing and received nothing. The same thing happened at about the same time the year before. I have written several times about this, but have received no response. On 05 April, I did receive a call from Heartland, but the caller left no message. I would appreciate you returning my funds. I would also like to know the reason why this has occurred twice. Thank you, Chuck Moody"

John says

"I haven’t received my order yet."

Doris says

"Again I haven't received my refund. and the last customer service rep told me to shut up and listen, so I keep quiet. when finished speaking I ask I may speak and she said no so I will never recommend heartland."

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