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CLP Group (Chinese: 中電集團) and its holding company, CLP Holdings Ltd (Chinese: 中電控股有限公司), also known as China Light and Power Co Ltd. (now CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd., Chinese: 中華電力有限公司), is an electric company in Hong Kong. Incorporated in 1901 as China Light & Power Company Syndicate, its core business remains the generation, transmission, and retailing of electricity. It also has businesses in a nu


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Former Employee - IT Analyst says

"- Poor leader team, no vision, all lies and cannot trust these - Work there 7 years and no promotion. No encouragement. All politic"

Current Employee - Project Engineer says

"Poor salary comparing with the same exp in others"

Former Employee - Support Function Manager says

"Micro-managing leaders. Bureaucratic culture. High % of lifetime workers resistant to change and want to do the minimal. Can be political."

Former Employee - Administrative Assistant says

"sometimes the hours were not what I wanted"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Don't expect promotions to come easily. Many employees work in the same position for many years even though they deserve to be promoted. Know your own value and fight for what you deserve. The average employee age is on the high side...not enough new blood."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Want to do more trainings, but usually too busy with daily tasks - Weak career progression paths"

Former Employee - Assistant Technical Office says

"The continuing education is required"

Former Employee - Assistant Manager - Finance & Accounts says

"What all really matters is your line manager .if you have good line manager you have good life. or else your line manger can make your life hell . A honestly HR will end up say it your internal matter we cannot help.. Every one will listen to your line manager"

Current Employee - Senior Project Engineer says

"low salary, comprehensive company rule, unclear vision"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Too hierarchy for fresh staff, but you will soon adapt to it."

Carpenter (Former Employee) says

"Don't work for CLP in Denver they hire only cheep labor . very bad ins. bad safety. ect"

Spurven says

"They sell furniture on false terms The CLP Group also operates sales through questionable sites in Denmark - eg. They publish defective information about their goods and comply with German law. I've been cheated by buying an office chair with a massage! I had ordered an office chair with fabric cover - but chose to send one with artificial leather without apology. Don't nod - it is defective, screw plate between backrest and seat is defective. Last, they sell an office chair with cracked upholstery. CLP Trading - all European customers have to be very skeptical about buying - they do NOT comply with EU law. Sie verkaufen Möbel zu falschen Bedingungen Die CLP-Gruppe betreibt auch Verkäufe über fragwürdige Standorte in Dänemark - z. Sie veröffentlichen fehlerhafte Informationen über ihre Waren und halten sich an deutsches Recht. Ich wurde betrogen, indem ich einen Bürostuhl mit einer Massage gekauft habe! Ich hatte einen Bürostuhl mit Stoffbezug bestellt - aber entschied sich dafür, einen mit Kunstleder ohne Entschuldigung zu schicken. Nicht nicken - es ist defekt, die Schraubenplatte zwischen Rückenlehne und Sitz ist defekt. Zuletzt verkaufen sie einen Bürostuhl mit rissigen Polstern. CLP-Handel - alle europäischen Kunden müssen beim Kauf sehr skeptisch sein - sie halten sich NICHT an das EU-Recht."

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