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Clorinda or Clorinde may refer to: People:

Clorinda Corradi (1804–1877), noted Italian opera contralto Clorinda Matto de Turner (1852–1909), Peruvian writerIn the arts:

Clorinda (Jerusalem Delivered), a character in the epic poem Jerusalem Delivered by Torquato Tasso, often depicted in art and music Clorinda, a character in the opera La Cenerentola by Gioachino Rossini


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MANAGER (Current Employee) says

"Management has no idea how to run an organization. Morale is non-existent, everyone walks on eggshells because management is reactionary ( fires on a whim ) even towards the most dedicated employees. Cons: Everything else"

Unknown (Former Employee) says

"Honestly there is nothing wrong with TSU thé problem is poor management and structure and they need to place serious ppl in order. Things could be better if they organize things better. Only problem with TSU is that they tend to be little judgmental and sometimes belittling . But as far as their educational standpoint it stands out . No issues on obtaining a well paid position after graduation. Cons: Terrible staff in certain depts"

Productive and fun workplace with ping pong cables (Current Employee) says

"TSU is a good place to work but turnover is high so that makes for a lot of long hours. THis is a good place to work for a person at the beginning of their career Cons: Productive and fun workplace with ping pong cables"

Body Guard (Current Employee) says

"i learned customer services , i never really interacted with my co - workers there was a lot of distance between us . Cons: no team work"

Comestologa (Former Employee) says

"nesecitaba plata! asi que unos meses me puse a vender tsu.. despues deje. y no hice mas nada, me dedique a terminar la escuela."

Certified Nursing Assistant/ Technical Partner (Former Employee) says

"Company only cares about a select few if tour not one watch out Cons: everything else"

Estadía Profesional (Former Employee) says

"el proyecto que realizamos fue satisfactorio para los dueños, al igual que para mi al ver los resultados obtenidos"

Linpiesa (Former Employee) says

"Bueno debe move mas y tiene q tener mas oferta y se mueven vend8dndo por catalago mostrando la revista Cons: Florencio varela9"

Administrative Assistant II (Current Employee) says

"Typical work as a regular employee, minus the benefits both internally and externally. They will find a new assignment fast! No health insurance availability."

Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"My work as executive bodyguard required me to take care, transport and protect clients that are on the head of Vodafone Board members in one of South Africa's City's with the highest crime rates. Cons: Dangerous work environment"

Lab Assistant (Former Employee) says

"It was an ok for the first serious thing i have done, assisting various professors in their experiments was fun and full of new things to learn but pay became too low."

Administración Comercial (Former Employee) says

"Equiibrio laboral y buen desarrollo profesional trabajo en equipo y estabilidad laboral"

Graduate Research Assistant (Former Employee) says

"- I was lucky to have chosen the best advisor who gave me the best environment to develop myself. Working with his was challenging yet exciting. I gained new knowledge everyday, not only about my area of study but also other skills such as writing, reading, computer, researching, and so on. Cons: work at weekend or stay late at night whenever the experiments required."