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Clinique Laboratories, LLC is an American manufacturer of skincare, cosmetics, toiletries and fragrances, usually sold in high-end department stores. It is a subsidiary of the Estée Lauder Companies.

Audrey angrily shared her experience with Clinique, "About two months ago, I placed an order through Clinique's website. The expected discount did not apply so I called and canceled and got confirmation it canceled. Then two days later I got an email the canceled order shipped and I was charged for it, as well as the second, proper order I placed. Then, because they use the worst shipping service in the world, neither package arrived for over a month. I was told by customer service on the phone to keep the one I paid for, as well as a free reship as an apology for the delay in arrival. They then refused to credit me for the package that never arrived, costing me $120. I will never buy from Clinique again. Hands down the worst customer service of my life."


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Cam Altee Brown says

"DO NOT ORDER CLINIQUE FROM BELK. I was supposed to get the bonus bag and instead got a tiny perfume sampler vial. Called three times over three weeks and was told I just had to wait for someone to call me back. Shame their customer service reps are empowered to fix shoddy service. They tried to tell me I didn't "put the bonus bag in my cart and choose my colors." That option was never presented. I just went in and went through the order process again and that option again wasn't offered. Lousy customer service."

Stacey Y says

"Ordered the 1st order for it crash at the end of the process. I quickly reordered similar items for the 2nd order. I checked minutes later just to find out that both orders went through. I thought, oh well, I'll keep my end of the purchase in hopes they'll complete their end of the deal. Unfortunately, Clinique didn't! They canceled special sets in both orders with no notice, but it's still made available for sell online. I spoke to an online customer service and he said he's unsure why but the sets were available in stock but unsure why yesterday I was emailed that it's canceled from my orders. He transferred me to higher up Bryan and he had no solution or remorse either. Can't trust them. AND NO, I'm not going to order again, as suggested! That's both orders you canceled special sets on me, so I shouldn't have to order a 3rd order to assume it'll go through. I felt lied to, to be able to order and then special discounted sets will be removed/canceled right before it's mailed out. Just read similar case in the previous reviews. I can't believe it! Shame on Clinique for how they run business! They don't seem to care either."

Clinique scam says

"I’ve been a Clinique customer for years. Will not use ever again. Special offer not available notice AFTER excepted order with offer and shipped. This company gets you to spend more to get special offer and then later you get email that item is out of stock even though said available when ordered. Customer service is a joke- they give you the run around and no satisfaction whatsoever. If I could pick zero stars I would."

Catherine Redies says

"I have spent over $600 the last few months at Clinique online for myself and my adult kids. Good prices, freebies...oh, wait. Constantly out of stock. Packages not packaged carefully--AND NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have tried since March to send emails, chat, answer. I am at my wits' end with them. I have damaged products, items I want to return, but I can't get a hold of anyone. I posted a really bad review and they replied to email them......"

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