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The Cleveland Indians are an American professional baseball team based in Cleveland, Ohio. The Indians compete in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a member club of the American League (AL) Central division. Since 1994, they have played at Progressive Field. The team's spring training facility is at Goodyear Ballpark in Goodyear, Arizona. Since their establishment as a major league franchise in 1901.

Jonathan angrily mentioned, "I still can't believe the Cleveland Indians lost the World Series TO THE CHICAGO CUBS in extra innings of Game 7 when, at one point, they had a 3-1 series lead! The team hadn't won a championship in 108 years, which is years before the birth of Betty White (you know that sista has seen some s***), creation of the bra, and introduction of the color red into this world.

But even worse, y'all lost to a team cursed by a Billy Goat, a black cat, and a soft and dorky-lookin' brotha named Steve. Steve! America's third-largest city was haunted by a brotha named Steve. Not Bane. Not Benito. Not Bruno. Steveeeeeee.

If I were an Indians fan, especially one living in a distant coastal city, like, I dunno, Tampa, I wouldn't dare wear gear reppin' that team. A team that, let me reiterate, lost the World Series to the cursed Chicago Cubs in extra innings of Game 7. That's worse than LeBron leaving for Miami. (I mean, can you really blame him?) Or having the Browns relocate to Baltimore 1996 only to win the Super Bowl (as the Ravens) four years later.

OK, so let's get back to it: Why did the Indians lose? Well, it's because the club's offensive mascot practically defines blatant racism. With the stereotypical feathers, blood red skin, and buck white teeth, it's unabashedly disgusting. The organization needs to rename, revamp their logo, and move on already. But what do I know? I only play on the Atlanta Chinaman intramural basketball team at my local community center. (Sarcasm.)

Back in the day, when my Minnesota Twins used to whoop this club. (I saw two in person.) But now my team sucks and the Indians figured out how to win and have a bright future. (Great farm system, guys.) But until they hoist the Commissioner's Trophy, completely change their name and logo, they will only get two stars from me.

One star for the movie, Major League. Another for legendary outfielder and first baseman, Joe Carter."


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