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Legg Mason was an investment management and asset management firm headquartered in Baltimore. As of December 31, 2019, the company had $730.8 billion in assets under management, including $161.2 billion in equity assets, $420.2 billion in fixed income assets, $74.3 billion in alternative assets, and $75.1 million in liquidity assets. In July 2020, the company was acquired by Franklin Templeton Investments.

A former employee mentioned in a review, "Legg Mason has bad management, no career progression, too many long standing staff so no new fresh ideas, constant reorganisation so your job is never safe."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The software development division of the company is toxic. This particular area of the company has a high turnover rate, so do not let HR fool you into thinking the retention rate of the company applies to this particular division. The biggest task is mentally preparing for the abusive nature of the job, not the actual work."

Former Employee - Trader says

"Little to no effective communication between offices; opportunities for advancement and continuing education exist only in the NY "home" office. Intelligence and genuine interest in unlocking value does not extend to an intelligent culture of high ethical IQ, shared priorities or mutual trust."


"Office politics dominates throughout the firm and success is dependent on political chips as opposed to merit."

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