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Claude Gravelle (born October 26, 1949 is a former Canadian politician, first elected to represent the electoral district of Nickel Belt in the 2008 Canadian federal election. He is a member of the New Democratic Party and was defeated in the 2015 Canadian federal election

Gravelle is a retired machinist and union organizer at Inco's mining operations in Sudbury, where he was a member of the United Steelworkers union. Gravelle first entered politics in 1997 on the town council of Rayside-Balfour. He did not run for re-election to Greater Sudbury City Council following the municipal amalgamation in the 2000 municipal election, but became co-chair of the Rayside-Balfour community action network. He ran for re-election to city council in the 2003 municipal election, but was not elected.

Gravelle ran as the federal New Democratic Party candidate in Nickel Belt in the 2004 and 2006 federal elections, losing narrowly to incumbent MP Ray Bonin both times. He won the riding in 2008 following Bonin's retirement, easily beating the new Liberal candidate, former city councillor Louise Portelance. In 2015, he lost to Liberal challenger Marc Serré.

The MP for Nickel Belt says he's frustrated that a bill to create a national dementia strategy has failed over what appears to be a voting mistake by a Liberal MP.

Claude Gravelle has been working on the bill for years.

If Bill C-356 Respecting a National Strategy for Dementia became law, it would have required the federal health minister to start discussions with the provinces as a first step towards a national plan deal with dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Nickel Belt NDP MP Claude Gravelle had been working on a bill to create a national strategy for dementia for years. But the bill failed a critical vote last Wednesday in the House of Commons by 140 to 139.

The tying vote could have come from Liberal MP Yvonne Jones, but Gravelle said she failed to stand up in the House of Commons and register her vote.

"To forget to stand up and vote, you either have to be dead in your seat because everyone around you is standing up, behind you, beside you, in front of you," he said. "For someone to say they forgot to stand up doesn't do it for me."

Gravelle said he was told all Liberal MPs would be voting in favour of the bill.

That final deciding vote also could have come from Conservative MP Joe Preston who initially voted in favour, but then change his vote to a nay.


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