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China kennel Union abbr. CKU, was officially established in 2006, is the sole official partner with FCI in China. With the authorization and support of FCI, CKU executes its management of FCI recognized purebred dogs.

Fiona Thompson mentioned, "Shame on you CKU. What a disgrace that you hold a show for pampered dogs and turn a blind eye to the many thousands of dogs that are horrendously tortured before being skinned alive and boiled alive. Family pets stolen for your disgusting food festivals too. You are a disgrace!"


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Em says

"The experience is awful. I paid for service, right? How could Badoo take money while stopped providing service as they like? No way to understand, no refund? I signed up with simple info as a trial several days ago free of charge, and things went on well. I was gladly thinking about building up my profile seriously. Then I paid for premium membership last Friday while during the days after registration, I was not responding to most of the messages as I thought there were not real matches. I kept talking with two guys tho, and told them my detailed information in real life (attention: it's my privacy). Among the two, I was interested in one guy for dating; and I was chatting (no conversation about dating) with the other as a new friend, about language and funny things because we have different cultural backgrounds. One day after payment, on Sunday I found my account was blocked. I wrote to Badoo service and was replied that the account was permanently blocked --- the service fee will not be refunded, although there is even a 14 days cancellation policy posted by Badoo on its site. Badoo team replied that the fee can't be returned because my account was permanently blocked. I asked for the reason of being blocked to better understand the rules of community, and was told by Badoo support team that they cannot confirm the exact reason why my profile had been moderated in order to respect other users' privacy. I have no interest in other users' privacy, even a reason code from Badoo should work. No need to tell me who did what, just tell me what I was reported to have done? And refund money once the service is terminated, especially within 14 days upon payment. Well, looks like I'm the only one who was not respected in this case?"

david Benani says

"I would give them 0 if I can. Site for arnaque and escort. I ever see arnaque can block true profile if not used him until this site. And is final decision from the staff site. This site is a joke"

mounir sekkat says

"Bad site not advised,full escrot arnaque,bad check services and not reach your goal here"

mounir sekkat says

"Site of full escrot,arnaque,close for serious people and left for arnaque,not advised for no one"

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