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Christopher & Banks is an American retail company headquartered in the Minneapolis suburb of Plymouth, Minnesota, that specializes in women's clothing for the age 40-60 demographic.

An angry customer mentioned, "I recently purchased a top from them. They being Christopher and banks sent the wrong color. According to Customer Service they do not offer reships even when they are in the wrong. So we must send the top back. Then reorder. That is crazy. I will rethink any additional purchase made in this store."


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Part-time sales/ seasonal help (Former Employee) says

"I was hired as holiday help.A typical day at work is me greeting a customer as they through the door and ascertaining the wants and needs of the customer, owning her experience and making her want to come back to see me.I had to learn a new system from the one I was used to.The management at CJ Banks was very helpful and kind.I didn't work long enough to get to know most of my co-workers. I only worked nine days before hours were cut and all of the holiday help was let go.The most enjoyable part of the job was working with the customers everyday.cj banks has a generous discount on their clothingi was not able to work here long enough."

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"The sales associates were good to work with. Everyone helped one another to make the store look good. The merchandising of the store was changed quite often and it was always a rush to make it all work. The district manager could have listened more to the store associates.Pot luck mealsOnly one closed the store at night and there should be more for safety."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worked for CJ Banks for 10 + years in management, and had 2 very good DM's who worked with the management team, however, my last DM was unrealistic in her goal setting/achieving, which caused me to step down to the Assistant Manger position.Freedom to create floor sets, opened several new storesLow pay, unrealistic sales goals, no bonus' opportunity"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Assist clients with there clothing needs and accessories. Unpacking merchandise and prepare for delivery to the main floor. Balancing register at night and at opening.Locationpay"

Tiny T says

"The main office workers were always rude. C&B became very political. Not allowed to say Merry Christmas. They no longer allowed ANY holiday decor. So sad. Not allowed to say \" have a blessed day\". Very anti religous. But didn t mind taking advantage of the holidays. They are having to close all their stores and that serves them right. "

Crystal says

"I ordered online. A couple of items I did not like. Went to the store to return them. The cashier said “ I can’t do returns , the other cashier will have to do it. Who was busy, would you like to look around? Sure , I picked out a couple of new items to buy. Went to the register, there is now someone ahead of me returning items. It took 45 minutes! I am not kidding, one return, I was next in line , the women put shading something at the next register, halfway through her transaction says she wants to get her return taken off her card first, so they said well we will have to have the 1 sales associate who can do returns do it , and they were going to have her bump the line in front of me! Another 45 minutes, I dong think so!One of the sales people looked right at me and said” sorry” , I said can I have my bag of return stuff on the back counter? And I laid down the purchases I was going to buy and said” I cannot do this, this is terrible, and walked out of the store. Only 2 registers, only one person who can do returns, 45 minutes to do a return. This is not the first time I experienced extremely long wait times in the store. Get your system together, your computer/ online system is not up to par. It’s embarrassing even for your own employees, who are always apologizing for how slow it is. Fix the process. I however have decided it’s just not worth it for clothes that are overpriced and made in China, I will be shopping elsewhere."