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Ciber Global, now a part of HTC Global Services, is a global information technology consulting, services, and outsourcing company with commercial clients. The company was founded in Detroit, Michigan, in 1974. The company was called the "Consultants in Business Engineering Research" (Ciber). In May 2017, HTC Global Services acquired Ciber.

Ciber has low payment, poor benefits and no leadership as an employer, a former Program Manager claims at

"Long days. Low pay. No leadership. Misrepresented the job position. Poor benefits. People who were sick (brain cancer, ovarian cancer, injuries) could only be off 10 business days or they were made inactive and their health insurance would be terminated. The sick and injured literally worked from their hospital beds. The best part of Ciber were the co-workers."


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Contract Systems Analyst (Current Employee) says

"They lied to me from the beginning about the client requirements of all contractors must be W2, not true. The staff at the office try to bully contractors to moving to the contract location. Being a contractor means the job most of the time is short term, why move."

Database Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Company was all about the bottom dollar and did not try to invest in quality people. When there were good employees they were not fair about work/life balance and drove them away."

Architect (Former Employee) says

"Ciber is an old-school employer with tons of bureaucracy. While I have worked for worse, I would recommend you only work here if you have no other choice. Cons: too numerous to list"

HR Manager (Former Employee) says

"Limited advancement opportunity with no company direction. Only focus is to ensure executive bonus structure is met. Cons: Limited input taken"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Unethical company with no corporate conscience. They will refuse to pay employees any unused accrued vacation when the employee contract expires. Those are hours Ciber was paid by the client when the employee was at work and earning paid time off. Then Ciber refuses to pay the employee for those unused but accrued and earned paid time off. Why don't they pay...because state law doesn't require them to pay...even though it's the fair and ethical thing to do."

Consultant Help Desk Technician (Former Employee) says

"As a contractor for ciber day to day work was great as we were a small group contracted to local government. Any interaction with the actual ciber corporate was painful and unproductive. Everything with the company is middle manager and VP purgatory. The company is not willing to pay decent wages and has an extremely difficult time hiring employees who can pass a background check. Every time our client had an issue to address with ciber they were either outright lied to, mislead or never addressed. Cons: Terrible corporate culture of middle managers"

Technical Writer (Former Employee) says

"Provided good benefits, they were very communicative and paid good rates."

atender al cliente (Former Employee) says

"muy buena, porque se trabaja bien."

ejecutivo de cobranza (Former Employee) says

"Buena, por el buen desempeño realizado, ya que se refleja en los clientes. Cons: no hay mucho tiempo para comer."

Senior Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Ciber was great in the beginning but management changes caused their eventual demise. They've been swallowed up by HTC-Global which is primarily Indian-based and those of us left here in the U.S. have had very little communication as to what their plans are for us. Cons: Communication is lacking, no jobs being offered nor sought by sales and management, no love for employees."

Desktop Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Working at Ciber really was transparent. I mainly dealt with the IT management and IT staff at BIOGEN. Unfortunately Ciber did not pay nor offer yearly raises based on merit."

Cybernoxx (Former Employee) says

"Trabajaba fines de semanas de 14 hs a 23hs manejaba cámaras de seguridad del ambiente planta baja y primer piso compuesto por 23 maquinas . Entre otras había pool, metegol, playstation, maquinas de videos juegos. Cons: no hay hora de descanso"

cajera (Former Employee) says

"Excelente me gusto fue una linda experiencia muy grata Cons: No"

Estagiário (Former Employee) says

"Era estagiário, me prometeram efetivação, dei sangue pela empresa ficando após horário, faltando aulas, precisavam que eu colocasse o serviço em dia, coloquei, tinha auditoria na empresa. Fiquei 6 meses trabalhando muito e chegando antes saindo depois do horário, dispersaram muita gente da administração, ficou somente o chefe da contabilidade e eu, fui usado nesta empresa e muito, mão de obra barata e bem qualificada. Cons: Nao se pode sair no intervalo"

Senior Business Intelligence consultant (Former Employee) says

"One week after I started my remote job, my boss left. I had no direct supervisor, and no meetings, so did not really have a company experience. Overall weak experience."

Empleado y Maestro (Former Employee) says

"era un negocio familiar donde practicamente creci, y aprendi todo hacerca de las computadoras y servicio al cliente Cons: no habia sueldo"

Operador - Encargado (Former Employee) says

"Tratar a las personas cordialmente cuando sus actitudes agreden a uno mismo. Experiencia obtenida por haberme encontrado en un ambiente para poder resolver estos inconvenientes de la mejor manera posible. Cons: Inestabilidad laboral y económica"

Dueño administrador (Former Employee) says

"un 10 la empresa es mia por lo tanto no tengo mucho que decir"

Senior Technical Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"Remote employee, never met my boss or any of my team members in person. Too big of a company and no camaraderie. No room to advance. Eventually acquired by an even bigger company."

atencion cliente (Former Employee) says

"pues el trabajo era muy bueno, pues para vivir con algo asi no se puede por que no ganaba un minimo ganaba mucho menos, no estaba asegurado, solo llegaba abria y ya, lo dificil era no poder complacer a todos los clientes, ya que habian pocos ordenadores, lo que me gusto fue estar en el area en la que me gusta estar Cons: sueldo muy poco"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Ciber full-time Cons: Salary too low no hike"

Former Employee - Anononymous says

"I worked at Ciber full-time Cons: If you work for them, you are just a number. The management even doesn't care about you. No career advancement; If there is option for Zero star, I would DEFINITELY go for that."

Current Employee - Senior Technical Consultant says

"I have been working at Ciber full-time Cons: Very unenlightened leadership with no strategic vision. Everything is money first people second... penny wise, pound foolish. No cost of living raises and minimal support. Archaic PTO and sick time policy"

Current Employee - Principal Consultant says

"I have been working at Ciber full-time for more than a year Cons: Too many to list. The company operates like it is 1978. No modern strategy, no modern benefits, and treats employees like they are indentured. Stay away."

Former Employee - PMa says

"I worked at Ciber full-time for more than a year Cons: Horrid management. No raises for people who have worked for company for 4+ years, only concerned with the client, not the employees. Politics are big, you’re either in the in crowd or you’re not, and if you’re not, you better not mess up once or you’re on a PIP on your way out the door. Micromanagers for no reason. Would NOT recommend."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Ciber full-time for more than 5 years Cons: No communication. No raise in 4+ yrs. Poor management and leadership."

Former Employee - Client Executive says

"I worked at Ciber full-time for more than a year Cons: Laid off by an Indian owned company"

Former Employee - Sales says

"I worked at Ciber full-time for more than a year Cons: Should move to Mumbai India"

Former Employee - Consultant says

"I worked at Ciber full-time for more than a year Cons: Absolutely the worst shop to work for as a consultant. Just wow...I almost have no words. Luckily for me it was a short lived mistake, but I'm blown away that anyone would work here. And any client should have their head examined for hiring a firm that treats their people so very badly. How can a consultant focus on their work when they're treated so badly? I wouldn't want to hire any consultant who would have so low of an opinion of themselves to work here. Absolutely every aspect of their business is wrong."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Ciber full-time for more than 10 years Cons: For my position really couldn't move up- because higher ups either have their favorites or certain people like to be in charge & will not help you grow. New president who drove our company into bankruptcy - was sold to a new company -"

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