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The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (French: Banque Canadienne Impériale de Commerce), commonly referred to as CIBC, is one of the "Big Five" banks in Canada. The bank is headquartered at Commerce Court in Toronto, Ontario. CIBC's Institution Number (or bank number) is 010, and its SWIFT code is CIBCCATT. It is also one of the two major banks originally founded in Toronto alongside Toronto-Dominion Bank. The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce was formed through the June 1, 1961, merger of the Canadian Bank of Commerce (founded 1867) and the Imperial Bank of Canada (founded 1873), the largest merger between chartered banks in Canadian history.

A customer shared his grizzly experience in a review, "CIBC is terrible. On June 25,2020 I was drugged and robbed by a girl I met on tinder and her "cousin"....We were supposed to go to the beach at Puerto Morelos... We met in Playa del Carmen Mexico and took the bus toward Puerto Morelos. I was was drinking a beer during the bus ride and at one moment the girls cousin (who was seated behind me) asked me for my beer I passed it to her so she could have a swig. Moments later she gave it back to me and I drank the remaining bit of beer....5 minutes later I passed out.....then the last thing I remember was being in a car and a guy telling me "Thats not the pin number ...what is it?". I could barely move or talk.........some how the criminals got my pin number off me and made 19 withdrawals...12 of them in a 30min robbed $6033....the bank is alleging that Im at fault for giving away my code...and I as customer am alleging their fraud protection technology is at fault....because making 12 transactions in 30 minutes should have raised suspicious fraud activity in my bank card....Im attaching a picture of the transactions and you will find that the criminals did the first 2 withdrawals within the same minute...then multiple withdrawals without a fraud alert from the has been a fraud case open for a month and the bank keeps denying their fault in their system.....for those of you banking in CIBC beware.....they fail to protect their customers."


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Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"Stay away from CIBC. TWO-faced sneaky managers. You never know where you stand until they let you go. People are weeping as they fire them! No compassion or warning EVER. WORST EXECUTIVE Management Cons: Everything"

Merchant Support Officer (Fraud Analyst) says

"Too much favoritism and you need to boss's favorite pet to get raise or bonus , hiring process is fix they know whom to hire and fire, mamager only hire people from his own community Cons: Too much pressure and under paid"

FSR II (Former Employee) says

"Glad I got my experience at CIBC but the negatives outweighed the job I went to another institution after 3.5years. they had good hours but aside from that there was no training, lack of leadership and horrible employee culture. Cons: Incompetent leadership, underpaid, undervalued, aggressive sales goals, no coaching, no support, negative employee culture"

Verification Officer (Former Employee) says

"For any full timers or manpower contingent workers avoid working at 305 Milner 5th floor Records client service. This specific lady who Is in charge of the team has no knowledge of anything and abuses manpower contingent workers to protect her favourites. Surprised that Cibc as a company has not taken any action to investigate on this lady and surprisingly the president and the director of the team have not notice anything as they are always working downtown. Any manpower contingent workers who get assigned to work for this team I suggest to avoid as there is no growth and no opportunity and this manager takes people’s credit and not give them anything in return. Cons: Abusive manager"

Telephone Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"Once you are working here at the contact centres and try to get out of contact centre job within the same bank it is almost impossible they will either put you in different department call centre or you stay in your position for years even though you are excelling in your role. So unless you want to be stuck on the phones forever this isn’t a really good career path to take"

Teller/Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Getting workplace bully everyday from teller manager, and branch manager protect manager without doing anything. Teller manager always say shiiit to staffs and ignore their contributions. Mandatory donations $100 for each staff as manager want to win the most contribution made branch. Manager will ask why you so stupid when you ask a question. Good staffs leaving everyday Cons: Terrible manager, workplace bully, HR can’t do anything"

Senior FSR (Former Employee) says

"Worked at Winnipeg branch. The retail VP BM is a completely useless. Some managers have no clue of what they are doing, because they don't have financial was educational background. Cons: They need to get rid off VP IN CENTEAL CANANDA"

Financial Advisor - IIROC (Former Employee) says

"CIBC a pathetic place to work. The management is totally corrupt. Don’t know the business ethics. Always tries to focus on sale. On the name of retirement planning, CIBC is selling it’s products making fool out of people. Cons: Worst place to work with"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"CIBC is a great company but for anyone especially who applies for positions please avoid Records Client service. There is a specific manager who is in charge of the team currently who tends to in favor of specific people and in terms of managing a team it seems like she doesn't have proper knowledge. This specific manager tends to always be dishonest towards there co workers and always does shady stuff behind closed doors when the directors or higher ups aren't around, and she always has that mentality that she always likes to be right meaning the argument or complaint is always one sided in her favor pretty disgusting. I always wonder why CIBC hasn't launched an investigation on this lady and in addition has been tampering with the system for decades. Cons: Management lack of honesty"

Représentante au service à la clientèle (Current Employee) says

"I worked as a call center representative for the care department for credit card. If you love yourself enough and care about your health, do me a favor and do not work for them. It is an incredibly stressful environment. People were always on sick leave and as a results we were under staffed. Even managers would quit and would give the excuse that they found a better position in the company Cons: Mental health"


"Working at CIBC is HORRIBLE. Right out of the gates, it takes a couple months to start working once you've been hired. Then their training program is a joke. They push you through is as fast as possible, and throw you to the wolves to get chewed up and spit out. Clients scream at employees all day - everyday. Once again, I'll blame this on the training program leaving everybody to be incompetent. There is never any staff at locations, because everyone quits!!! And because everyone quits there is way to much work to do with no staff. This is what I was told when I started working a bunch of overtime, in order to complete my work.... "If you come in early, or stay late you cannot put in the overtime hours. Legally we have to pay you, but if you claim it then we won't let you stay". SO, not only am i trying to to the job for 3 employees (and I'm getting the same god awful pay), but not I'm not allowed to claim the overtime. They would rather sacrifice the clients and employees happiness, then spare a few extra dollars from the billions they make."

Credit Risk Analyst (Former Employee) says

""Great people - very diverse background which brings a fantastic cultural mix to the team" (in 11 reviews)"

Personal Banking Representative (Former Employee) says

"In one word, they do not value their employees. I got into a car accident and they decided to get rid of me. No ethics whatsoever, the management was also horrible."

Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"Don't work here, unless you are bilingual ignorant and useless. The team was comprised of bitter divorcees looking to get lucky. They were all just bitter"

Commercial Manager, Agriculture and Diversified Business- CIBC (Former Employee) says

"not a good experience. might be isolated. some great people in small pockets. not great corporate culture. would not recommend. bad up sell mentality. little regard for whats best for clients only whats best for completing check boxes. metrics are skewed. just not a great one for me at that point in my life"

Mortgage Renewal Specialist (Former Employee) says

"In my Opinion CIBC is not a work place I would recommend to anyone that values their mental health. There is way too much of stress and even more politics within the company ; you only get promoted based on who you know or how much you do for management whenever they ask. God forbid you have an opinion or stand up for anyone or do/say anything that is correct but not what they want to hear, they will find a way to get rid of you. Kindly note that this is my experience with this company and my honest opinion."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I worked for CIBC for 12 years they decided to downsize and I lost my job. I worked hard and was not paid a living wage, and was always worried I would lose my job at anytime."

Dispute & Credit Representative (Current Employee) says

"Speechless - So bad i have no words to tell you how minutely you will be micromanaged, i had this manager who didnt know it was my break and scrolled my mouse to check if i had put the workdesk on another status."

Senior Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"You are nothing more than a drone, expected to compete and are compared on reviews to those in branches with a different level of clientele. They tell you the client is the most important and do not give you any of the tools you need to succeed. Management above the branch level make no effort to support the branches or the employees."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Found the clients to be rude and abusive. My Supervisor was also not good as she/he seemed to get angry if you asked them for assistance on something that you only did once in 6 months. The Branch Manager was ver helpful and treated you with kindness and respect."

Current Employee - Programmer Analyst says

"I have been working at CIBC full-time Cons: Salary, culture, work life balance, beauraucracy"

Current Employee - Allocation Analyst says

"I have been working at CIBC part-time Cons: You can get fired eazy."

Current Employee - Associate says

"I have been working at CIBC full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Global bank CIBC acquired local The Private Bank- pretty much former Lasalle Bank employees-very clicky and mistrustful towards people who are not them. They promoted their own people left and right during acquisition. There is no diversity-in the sense that if you are not part of 'the bus', you might have a hard time. Your merit wont matter at this point. No accountability for management. A lot of people should never be in the position of managing their own dog, let alone other people, they are "outdated""

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at CIBC full-time Cons: Only bank and the only superday I've been to that did not provide travel expenses. Awful experience"

Current Employee - Retail Sales says

"I have been working at CIBC full-time for less than a year Cons: Bad actors; cut throat, ruthless leadership"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at CIBC full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Where do I culture. You have old Private Bank people that stick together and everyone else, post acquisition that feel aimless. Really poor moral and cooperation. Senior management communication and involvement pretty non-existent. Terrible technology and systems. Low salary for people that work hard and have great experience but don't fall into the favored category, for which I have yet to figure out how to get there. Blinders may help. Pay way under market. Company is just on auto-pilot and not in a good way. They just don't seem to have a clue as to what they are doing. All post acquisition people I talk to are not happy campers and management acts like they should be so happy and feel lucky to work there for reasons unknown. If I were to guess, if the job market stays strong, you will start to see a lot more of talented people that were hired in the last several years leave as this is not at all what was sold."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at CIBC full-time for more than 3 years Cons: No room to grow or learn in department. All task are outsourced. No hands on experience. Always thought about joining a circus as a kid. But this is ridiculous. This is the Ringling Bros. Circus of Banks."

Current Employee - Senior Financial Analyst says

"I have been working at CIBC full-time for more than a year Cons: No formal employee development, ongoing feedback is absent and team dynamics overall is poor"

Former Employee - IT Engineer says

"I worked at CIBC full-time for less than a year Cons: Your colleagues do not believe in working as a team, everyone is trying to burn each other."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at CIBC full-time for more than 8 years Cons: -poor management - hire anyone - low pay - took away funds for education"

Bobby says

"Amateur online security team makes life miserable for customers to easily log-in. CIBC should fire that whole team and bring in talented engineers to make a proper functioning log-in process that doesn\'t force desktop online customers to HAVE to get text verification every damned time logging in. Everyone needs to complain to bank managers and CIBC executives about those idiots who crapped up the log-in process."

Retired Sparky says

"like my name says i am a retired electrician , my only source of income is the RRSP s i have accumulated over the last 40 years, the only way i can withdraw money is i have to call an CIBC agent on investors edge,JAN1 till present you are on hold for at least 2 hours, tried to reach several times now and waited a few times over 1 1/2 and just gave up .Today i waited till i spoke to an agent because i needed to get this transaction complete, 2hours 45 minutes, i asked the agent why so long ,same excuse as they keep using every time a lot of people are calling and we are hiring and training, don't know what to believe."

Gregory says

"I would give them -5 stars. I open 6 months ago checking account fee free, but after 6 months CBIC start charging me fees Went to branch, disputing the fee and is over week now and they still did not adjust my account nor they corrected the mistakes. The CIBC employ totally unfit working in Bank. The manager is not better and not fit working in Bank. CIBC become one of the worst Bank in Canada"

Fred King says

"If I could give these people minus 5 stars I would, I was a ling time customer with them and it hurt me financially putting me in a hole and not till I switched banks did the essence of their total negative place and I hope that everyone of intelligence would close their accounts tomorrow!"

Rogy Mahendran says

"They keep transferring me from one representative to another. It is very frustrating and time consuming. They really need to update thier systems. I also had troubles in the past when travelling, was on hold for multiple hours with then I eventually have up and decided to go with another bank."

Private Sale Guru says

"Worst bank in the history of banks!!!!!! They have ripping off clients down to an art. Stay far away from these MORONS!!!"

Cher says

"2021- 01-07 3:45pm
it took 4 representatives on the phones to update my info! 4 individuals attempted to verify my id. Most of the reps has no sense of responsibility to their clients. putting me on hold for many times and transferring my calls without notice. Take hours to update simple information. Ridiculously slow services!"

Mark Mueck says

"Yes I have an outstanding loan with this bank...but stealing every penny out of my account whenever they liked?? No food couldn't pay hydro or drive my daughter to an out of town dr. Appointment. I'm done!"

Rob Chaboyer says

"I have used four banks in my life and only one has ever been bad enough to warrant a review.

I thought was the worst, but give that award to CIBC. Nothing works and terrible service."

arnold ziffle says

"Since the new manger and all new tellers,
They have been messing up every month pulling usd monies from wrong account, countless times had to return to fix it, sorry we'll fix it is getting old, customer service is also real bad, I was asked to leave cause I was rude with bank manager. I spoke the truth. Tellers can't take direction, or read, head teller can't fix problem she makes the same mistakes, a reflection of the manager, there all simple at circle and faithful branch. No accountability, juvenile retaliation reaction from manager when she's wrong, pulled the sexiet card I was rude....
Watch cibc will respond they have stellar service ask to call. Did that, don't return calls"

Betty Leung says

"I always Be honest goods customer all your all the cibc the staff no repeat the customer everytime I go to any cibc not friendly I has been still with cibc about longtime customer I am hurt by you cibc so many time I am not be rule I don't care 150 birthday your don't think you are ower any body money why cent all you cibc writhing the customer get pay I alway pay back may be you all cent not understand you're push the customer too full one message freed back nice doing cibc bussed in 2002 may be you such let Raymond Smith go for good you are cibc just can't close any one customer bank account you're think do it what never you want I feel don't trust CIBC how they trip me like bad person thank"

Alex Curry says

"this is the institution for you if you want to wait forever on hold, deal with agents that cant do anything, operate with bankers hours, and make nothing on your investments. I had enough of their garbage service and have moved on to greener pastures. trust me, better options are easily available. do not waste you time with this garbage institution"

Cathy Farger says

"Impossible to get a mortgage quote from them.

I have a full time job, stellar credit, no debt and yet it's been 8 months and I have gone thru THREE "Financial Advisors" at CIBC just to get a mortgage quote. Each time I think I make progress, they say I need this or that. When I get the document they then say I need another document, even when I brought it all the first time! I even took a day off to meet with one of them and the person didn't even bother to show up! Great! I lost a days pay and the guy couldn't even tell me he wouldn't be there. I talked to an advisor at TD and he had me ready to go in THREE DAYS! Seriously, three people and eight months at CIBC and they couldn't do what TD did in three days!"

Victor Delaney says

"I was at the auto teller at the Smythe St. Fredericton location this morning at 8.42am. I cold not get the machine to work. Than realize the machine was beeping and had a message take your receipt and cash. I noticed that there was a $20.00 bill in the machine. I waited till I noticed a couple of employee came to work. As they were entering the bank I got there attention and told them the story and gave them the $20.00. They thanked me and closed the door. I felt it was strange that they did not ask my name or write down or ask any particulars.
I hope the money is returned to the owner and does not got in the coffee fund. Respectfully. Victor Delaney
Cibc customer 506-349-4723"

Betty Leung says

"Him name is Raymond Smith I don't know what blanch I think he close my account I hope he uses him job what he do to me I was cray stress out that not good my health about this covid I has been still with CIBC in 2002 I always every end month what never amount pay back I owering I always good like this I don't care what 90day I am 100% get my paid from aish check you are the bank uses I am good person this not accept how so rule too bad he was trying made scared get aciton after me I wish he will using him job see how he feel now that I feel you are the bank got me dameg I am still not unhappy any one CIBC bank are so rule to me I don't card what courty we are come from I am so hurt by teill still with me I only give one star because you are not drip me right not nice are so rule I think you ower charge double my check and my saving I am give you freeback sorry you will be using me customer I won't never come back you are hurt me too much I was really stress out from your bank I'dont a appicel and what never you height secilty guy to work they are lazy sit down or lot time on chir they get pay fore from customer wight I hope you understand this not right you are not parung wrtting to me get pay and but this Raymond smith sad get cooled after me evermonth I pay my bill you are think so good you are made more money thank you good bye for good bettyLeung"


"My name is ISKENDER and it's the worst bank experience I've ever had. When my wife had a fraudulant withdrawals from her credit card year ago we went to the branch to get help with this problem. They replaced the card and refunded all the charges that were done by fraud. After 1 year the Bank took exactly the same amount of funds from my wife's credit account . When we asked the reason of these approx.950 charge they said that it was the legitimate transactions that got stuck in a system for 1 year.When we explained the situation about the first fraud withdrawals they told us that there was no compaints were done regarding any transaction since my wife started using her credit card. Even though we went to the branch at 800 Steeles Ave West and asked them to start an investigation regarding those fraud transactions in person and know the name of one of the workers that were there to help us. The final question that I was asked was if we have the list and time of the transactions that were done one year ago that we don't have and don't remember as this problem was resolved (as we thought) one year ago right when they refunded the amount that was taken by fraud as we didn't know that the bank will charge us one year later.It's 'amazing' when they say that there is no complaint was done ever . It is so ridiculous !!! Don't even try to argue with them.They are always right and it doesn't matter what you are saying . Recently we went to the same 800 Steeles Ave West branch again as we were told at the other branch and their workers were so unfriendly and rude to us that my wife ended up crying. My question is why these funds got stuck in the system as they say for ONE YEAR?!!! My cell phone is 647-675-3159 (for CIBC representitives)and if it's not true or if I'm wrong please call me and proove it and I will appologize for what I said above. We spent almost 3 months trying to find the answers .Me ,my wife and our newborn kid going from branch to branch and calling the credit card department and ended up owing the funds that we didn't use,.Or without any clear explanation. Now we just gave up!!"

JN Tofino says

"Not trustworthy imo"

Christopher Maclean says

"Received a pre-approval offer for a credit card when I signed in to online banking beginning of December. Didn't hear anything about it for a while so I followed up with credit card department and they said they had no information regarding it. I was told I should just apply again. Bear in mind that every application they will pull your credit which negatively effects your score. I have excellent credit and want to keep it that way. I followed up again 3 times and was given the same story every time, no information, no record. Over 3 weeks later the card arrives in my mail. By this point I had already gone with another bank because I was tired of wasting my time with CIBC so yet another inquiry on my account. I called CIBC to ask them to remove the inquiry on my account and they won't do it. Had to dispute with Equifax to get it removed."

Melissa Spring says

"Worst bank ... I have been with Cibc for over 5 years and it’s time for me to move on with a different bank that values it’s customers needs . I’m extremely disappointed with how the supervisors have dealt with my situation and will no longer return to them. supervisor Robert hung up on me after allowing a company to take out 300 dollars from account and they won’t refund my money back yet it’s Cibc fault. Cibc has many hidden fees and allows retails to take money out your account even when it’s not enough . They end up penalizing you and charging you interest that you can’t pay . The supervisors are of no help and have terrible customer service . Latifah is a rude supervisor and Robert is extremely rude as well, he hung up on me . Worst bank ever"

Trysten Gagne says

"Been with CIBC for 15 years I’m 25. Proud to say I will not recommend to anyone and I will make it my mission to make sure you get less customers and. Sudbury downtown branch needs to be restaffed. Molly who helped me has always been great. But you guys need to have some respectful customer service. 15 years. Now I will waste 15 years like you did with my money. Waited on the phone for over 20 minutes as the waiting time said still nothing. Looking like a fool trying to use my card at the grocery store"

Hayley says

"I received an email from CIBC on my birthday telling me I've done all I need to do to qualify for a $300. deposit but, I didn't receive a deposit of $300. into my account ON my birthday. A day goes by, nothing. Two days go by, nothing. Two weeks go by, still no deposit. It reminds me of a scam where I'm tricked into believing I'm really going to get the deposit on my birthday. It sounded too good to be true. Not very nice, is it? I didn't call to question them about it because I was busy and there were days when I was sick too. I shouldn't have to chase them to question about it anyway. Eighteen days after my birthday I call CIBC about something more important - to apply for a credit card. After the very long over the phone application was declined, I was told it was because of something in my Equifax file. I checked my file and found that all bills were paid, no money was owing. Nothing was wrong so, what's going on? I felt like I was being fooled around with! It's insulting! When I called back that same evening I was given a different reason. The second reason was because my annual income was too low. What's interesting is they approved my brother's application (he applied sometime in the past) and his annual income was and still is no higher than mine so, why was he given a credit card? Is it because he's a man? It looks that way! Unfair, isn't it? What's interesting was I received the deposit 18 days after my birthday - on the day my over the phone credit card application was declined twice. Why? What I hate is they give me $300 instead of a credit card! I do appreciate eventually receiving it but, $300 is not going to help me very much! I need a credit card too! I believe I would not have received the $300 at all if I had not called to apply for a credit card. I don't like the way they operate. If a bank refuses to help a client build credit etc. because they discriminate, why continue to bank with them? I still want to close my account and I've encouraged my family to do the same. It's time to move a good credit union!"

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