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Christmas Central is a division of Gordon Companies and has been in business for 40 years. Christmas Central is proud to bring you one of the largest selections of Christmas Decorations along with year-round Home Decor and Outdoor Living items on the internet.

A disappointed customer shared this in a review "Worst customer service I have ever received. Ordered from Christmas Centrala large amount of Christmas decorations for a commercial centre. We received 1/4 of our order in time. ALL of the remaining items are still missing (far after Christmas by now) and Christmas Central has done nothing to rectify the situation. Customer service even had the gall to accuse us of lying about not receiving the items. We are now viewing this as a fraudulent charge. Will never shop here again".


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Slave (Former Employee) says

"No one cares for employees. They are just worried about their bottom line. Owners are constantly in your face. Son is always screaming at employees. No chance for advancement. Sketchy work environment. Long hours. Management has no clue. The adage "their way or the highway" is followed to the T. Bad business practices. Customer service puts out fake positive reviews. Employees have to worry about their jobs every day. Cons: Everything"

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"During the holidays it becomes very busy throughout the warehouse. A lot is expected and hard work is a demand. Overtime is almost mandatory during the months of November and December."

Jennifer Warren says

"The sizes don't match normal sizes. They are way smaller. Also, they are a scam if you want to return anything, which you will unless you get incredibly lucky that is matches your size. They give you a "discount" instead of your money back. You cannot use your "discount" (which should be your $ due to returning an item or if an item never ships, which also happened to me) with their normal discounts, which means your "refund" is fake because they've falsely elevated their prices so much that you actually pay more, with no $ back."

Leigh West ronin says

"I have ordered a tip last year November 2018 still hasn’t arrived!!! Have been I contacted constantly they then said they sent me a replacement in January this year!! Still not item and then they said the item they supposedly resent said they haven’t got it in stock I can order something else for same price or get a voucher!!! I’m sorry but I would never order anything ever again!! This is the biggest joke going no offer off a refund!!! I think I have made a massive mistake ordering from them!!! My advice don’t bother if you do you will get no items or crap versions of what you see on line!! I wouldn’t know as I haven’t received anything!!!! Quick enough to take your money!!! Scam does ring bells!!! If I do receive item I really didn’t want and it’s good quality I will review but so far Zero!!!!!"

Shane Brandenburg says

"I wish I’d done my research on the company and never wasted my money. The products are poorly made and making returns are impossible. It’s too bad that there’s no way to shut down companies like this who falsely advertise with pictures that are nothing like the product they make."

lahnawinter says

"Please, be smarter than I was and read the BAD reviews about Rock Active PRIOR to purchasing anything from this scam company. First of all, most of the good reviews you read here are motivated by a Cash Back offer you receive as soon as you place your order, so they don`t reflect the truth, since people didn't have the time to be disappointed yet. Second, don't be fooled by the looks of the website and the great customer service in perfect english, ALL the items are sent from China and they are poor copies of the original ones you see on the photos of the website. I was so excited I bought seven items from them, believing in what I saw/read. So far, 29 days since my order, I have received 4 of them. They are all terrible. Casey top, in size L is super small, and very, very poorly made, with cheap fabrics and badly stitched. Arely top in size L is huge, I can't wear it because it doesn't stay in place, so big it is, but even if it did fit, I woudn't wear it, because the elastic band in the back, the "T" is cut by hand, and I mean, shaky hands, so you can imagine how bad it looks, it is also very poorly stitched to the other part of the top. Marnie top in L size is also huge, and poorly made. But I guess the worst so far are the Paris leggings. They have absolutely no strech on the fabric. It is ridiculous. They fit, but then on the waist they just keep falling, and it's not because they are big, it's because the fabric is nothing like anything you could expect from any exercise outfit. Really, the pictures are not from the real products. This is a huge scam, please don't fall for it like I did."

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