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Chris Disspain has been a Board member of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) for 8 years and will complete his 9th and final year on the board in October 2020. Disspain was Vice-Chair of the Board from October 2017 to October 2019 and has been the Chair of the Board Governance Committee and a chair or member of the Executive Committee, Audit Committee, Compensation Comm...

An article recently published talks about Protective Order and mentions Chris Disspain,

Court: For the foregoing reasons, ICANN’s motion for a protective order is DENIED. The parties are to work out among themselves where to conduct the deposition.

In the ongoing pretrial motions of the DCA vs ICANN lawsuit, DCA had requested ICANN to produce Mike Silber (“Silber”), an ICANN Board Director from South Africa who ICANN had refused to produce for deposition. Instead, ICANN sought a protective order from the Court to prevent Mike Silber from being deposed by DCA, a motion that DCA heavily opposed and ICANN lost the ensuing legal engagement.

The arguments in this latest case appear to have vindicated DCA’s position from over five years ago, when DCA filed an ethics and conflicts of interest complaints against two ICANN Board of Directors with ICANN’s Ombudsman. It will be remembered that DCA Trust severally complained to the ICANN leadership to ensure that Mike Silber and other Board members recuse themselves from any decision that related to .Africa gTLD due to perceived Conflict of Interest, to include Board member Chris Disspain.


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