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ChoiceMail is the anti-spam program that puts you in complete control of your mailbox. It lets you treat your Inbox the same way you treat your front door. You decide who gets in and who doesn’t. With ChoiceMail, you will never get another piece of unwanted email. Get the mail you want. Block the mail you don’t want. ChoiceMail is not a spam filter. It is a permission-based email management system that blocks 100% of unwanted email as you define it. Three editions of ChoiceMail are available. Desktop, Small Business and Enterprise. They are deployed and accessed differently, but all have the following, common functionality.

An unhappy customers shared this on a choicemail user forum. "No phone support option. Senders must verify themselves on the Choice Mail website.The software does not run very efficiently and does not have any noticeable impact on system performance."


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