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The China Club is a retro-chic, Shanghai-style club and Michelin star restaurant in Hong Kong, owned by Francois Shih Da Pan. It is related to the China Clubs in Singapore and Beijing but not to the clubs of the same name in New York City and Berlin, Germany. The China Club opened on 8 September 1991 on the top three floors (13th/14th/15th) of the old Bank of China Building in Central, Hong Kong. The restaurant serves traditional Hong Kong Chinese food. The traditional Chinese breakfast of congee, crullers (yau tiu 油條), and dim sum similar to those found in street stalls is served. Home-style and haute cuisine as well as western influenced Asian food like that of Tai Ping Koon are offered at lunches and dinners. The decor is in the style of the traditional Chinese tea-house. The floors, lighting and fans are reminiscent of 1930s Shanghai. The 13th floor is the main dining room. The 14th floor houses private rooms and the Long March Bar. The 15th floor houses private rooms in which cards and mah-jong can be played. It also houses a library of several thousand books on China and Chinese culture.

Christoph mentioned with outrage, "I was utterly disappointed by the service at The China Club during dinner. We were a party of 20 from my office. All senior people, executive committee level. Overall, great setting, decent food, however what a very unfriendly staff... no smile, abrupt, hardly speaking English. One of them was topping wine mindlessly, trying to maximize the wine consumption at the table without any care : we had a middle range red wine on open service during dinner... Then when our CEO joined, we ordered a premium bottle (talbot saint julien, over 2000 HKD). One waiter poured wine for our CEO and another guest and put back the bottle on the service table... Then a few minutes later I caught another staff topping up wine glasses with the premium wine, mixing the previous wine with the Talbot like nothing. This is a crime to wine lovers ! and an embarrassment to China club really!! I would certainly not recommend again."

China Club has terrible food and service, asjobner claims at

"Food - This was a worst Chinese food of my life. Everything came straight out of OIL. Most of us experienced upset stomach. It was not just that it lacked on flavors, it lacked the basics of chinese cuisines. Everything was full of oil, i dont know how they even managed to put the oil inside the TOFU'S. Chicken, Fish and Prawns were not edible due to oil content. Service - Worst ever. Staff was not at all trained. After one serving of starters suddenly the plates were removed without a consent and main course was served. When we pointed out on certain areas, one of the waiter started arguing with us. And yes food was literally thrown to our plates by the staff, curry was dropped on a colleague and we could here cutlery hitting the floor all around."


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