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Chime is an American technology neobank company which provides financial services through a mobile app, without charging overdraft or maintenance bank fees. Chime is currently considered the leader in the US challenger bank space. Chime was founded by Chris Britt (CEO) and Ryan King (CTO) in 2013 in San Francisco, California as an alternative to traditional banking. The company launched publicly on April 15, 2014 on the Dr. Phil Show.

Chime has no physical branches and does not charge monthly or overdraft fees. Account-holders are issued Visa debit cards and have access to an online banking system accessible through or via the mobile app for Android or iOS.

An user of Chime expressed his bad experience after using the online banking platform, he said "I was planning on eating and staying at the hotel instead of being homeless and on the streets. The next day, the froze my account forcing me into a homeless shelter. I reported to the supervisor who informed me that chime bank was uncomfortable with the source of my funds. I reminded them that the deposit clearly came from the Social Security Administration and question why? They hung up on me and closed my account without notice or reason. Now, it has been 10 days, they won't take my call because they say, I don't have an account with them yet they still have my $2,000 and will not return it! I need some help from consumer affairs as well as some free legal services because what they have done is unethical and illegal. "


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lj says

"Tried signing up and it won\'t accept my address as being valid! I\'ve lived here for 19 years!!!!!"

John says

"They have returned 2 direct deposits in a row and all info matched.yhey are by far the worst bank ever and should be shut down.they I have to wait another week to get paid.🤬"

Braden says

"Terrible card that declines everything they don\'t like and the customer support is garbage. They don\'t care if you\'re happy or not, they do what they want. If you want your transactions to actually go through, use a different service..."

Anne says

"***CHIME IS A FRAUD CO THAT STOLE MY MONEY AND IS REFUSING TO RETURN IT*** CHIME IS THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH and that is saying a lot since I have dealt with Paypal who is notorious for just holding peoples money hostage for months at a time, Venmo which is a by product of Paypal and does the same garbage as Paypal and also Green Dot which just all around blows and CHIME is THE WORST OF THEM ALL. This company should be put down like a rapid dog because that is just what it acts like, a rapid dog. They act as though they are about the customer, but they STOLE MY MONEY AND ARE FRAUDS AND SCAM ARTISTS AND THIEFS!"

customer says

"Horrible company. They sent me a replacement card that was marked stolen. I had my personal card stolen and charges came up on my account. The company said there was no error. I lost money and when I called in, the supervisor was turning my whole situation into a joke. I’m no longer going to back with chime beyond the month of August."

Lori says

"I have had this leas than a month. Horrible. Customer service just continues to lie. Just so customers know that chime has limits of cash you can withdraw in a month, how much you can send other chime members a month. Remember this is your money that they are controlling what you can receive. Dont recommend this company if you want your money when you want it."

Stacy Grey says

"Frank from customer service was rude. Also they do not tell you to get their credit builder card there is a wait list of 467,321 yes that is correct a very long wait list."

False Promises says

"This bank is full of bologna. First of all I called 4 times and 3 times was hung up on after waiting 20 mins to speak to someone. Their direct deposit is false advertising. They place their words very carefully, by saying “Up to two business days early.” Cause they know they have to be specific in order not to be sued for false advertising. Anyway my company’s posts it’s payroll every other Wednesday at 3 PM. That’s their cutoff time to when they can approve it. I don’t see the direct deposit until 6:30 PM or 9 PM. So they should be saying receive Direct Deposit one to one and a half days earlier. When I called to ask them why are they releasing my funds at different times when I know for a fact it gets posted every other Wednesday before 3PM They blamed it on the employer which is a lie. The second thing was I get alerted at 9PM that my money has posted and when I look in the app it says my money posted to the account at 8PM. So I asked customer service why is there an hour difference in the posted time with my alert on my phone. He blamed it on internet service. I told him maybe one time I would give them the benefit of doubt, but ever other week this happens. With almost every direct deposit. On top of that you are only allowed to take out $1100 a day of your own money, when they say that you are allowed to take up to $1500 a day. You can take $500 from an ATM. Pay a bank a fee to take another $500. Lastly they say you can take an additional $500 out from a Walgreens/CVS as cash back. No one gives that much money in cash back. The most you can take is $100 due to protecting the merchant from fraud and that’s after you make a purchase. Like I said at first this bank is full of bologna. Do yourselves a favor and use a real bank."

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