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Cheapflights is a travel fare metasearch engine. The website is part of the subsidiary of Booking Holdings. Its websites publish flight prices, and compare prices from suppliers, including major airlines, through tiny travel agents.Agents advertise on the Cheapflights websites and are charged on a pay-per-click basis for users who link through to their websites.

An angry customer shared in a review "I have found two scam sites and am posting a thread for each of them, hoping that each shows up in search engines. is another site from the scammers that brought us flightbuddyonline,.com,,, and The scam works by offering a credit card "option", but then stating that credit card processing is "temporarily unavailable", then that Paypal is unavailable and seducing you into paying by bank transfer or Western Union.

1) Never pay for air tickets using bank transfer or Western Union. Once the money has left your account it's gone and there is no way of retrieving it.

2) There is no such thing as a "non-activated e-ticket". Anyone can make a reservation before ticketing that appears on an airline website, and you can view it and select seats. But if the airline is never paid the reservation disappears.

3) If you have sent money by bank transfer to this operation, or you have been sent bank transfer instructions, contact the police. In the UK use"


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Chris John Brimble says

"We just got ripped off by you mongrels. We paid $600.00 for 3 tickets Melbourne to Adelaide and you have charged us $1200.00, no authority to do so, no number to call you on, nothing. I demand our money back!!!"

Clifton Edwards says


A Cuba says

"We used Cheap Flight to book a ticket to Orlando and when we got to the airport the flight has not seat. I won’t recommend using this service. Go to the airline directly or use google flight. Cheap flight is Not reliable"

anonymous says

"I will NEVER use or recommend Cheapflights to anyone. When I purchased my airline tickets I paid extra for the travel insurance so I could cancel my tickets if something came up. With all the crazy events happening this year I thought it was a good idea. I called to cancel and got the run around and was told to file a cancelation form online which I have done twice. Each online claim finally comes back and it shows "Claim determined not payable". Every time I call back I am not able to speak to anyone and the number I call hangs up on me."

brenda rodriguez says

"Horrible customer service...dont book from them ..they blame it on the airline..they say your flight is cancel days prior to your destination..they don't email you like say they do..hard to understand..and want more money from you after they cancel your flight.. Very unprofessional.."

Mobbin Jay says

"This is absolutely not okay. I booked a flight a few days ago and it was canceled because it says "my credit card was declined". I called my bank and they said they don't see any attempt to charge my credit card for this flight, so I called IcheapFlight customer service and they said they will run my card again. Shortly after I called and they tell me the price has changed and now it's double. It's is NOT OKAY TO WAIT THIS MANY DAYS AND GET CANCELED BECAUSE I CAN'T FIND A REASONABLE PRICE ANYMORE. ESPECIALLY WHEN THE CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT GARANTEED TODAY THAT THE FLIGHT WILL BE BOOKED. I am going to leave this review to public."

Melissa Lewis says

"complete scam!! Been fighting with them over the refund which I've been promised since may 22nd!! Its now August 7th. I keep getting emails promising the check is being sent but it never comes! I've sought legal advice and will be pressing theft charges. They call and promise you your money is coming. But they keep getting errors to return it to your bank so they are mailing you a check. Feel free to spread the word They need held accountable for THEFT. PLAIN AND SIMPLE .

So since I can't reply back... "william" if you aren't the booking agency, then why are you stealing peoples money?? And contacting anyone at cheap flights does NOTHING!! YOU LIE. YOU MANIPULATE AND YOU STEAL !! Quit sending the same automated emails to everyone who files a complaint and just give People their money back. Your company wouldn't have to pay for reviews if you were an honest business. People would come back. Thats best business practice."

Hanady Cruz says

"BEWARE! The problem with your “price comparison” sight is that when a customer enters a date, It is CHANGED immediately when you hit search to give you the cheapest flight. Why ask for the dates you need to fly, if they’ll be changed when you search for them? I made the mistake of not double checking the dates I entered which were CHANGED automatically. I booked a flight for date that I didn’t need by accident and of course will not be getting my money back for the mistake."

cc says

"Please be aware of this company everyone, they are money hungry hence will do anything not to refund even within 24 hrs.
My last mistake!!!!
If I had the option to choose zero star I would!

Jenn K says

"I have screen shots and this stupid indian man keeps hanging up on me. I made a flight reservations for july 4th and their system screwed up and put me on July 7th. The stupid guy isn't smart enough to work and handle situations like this. I want my refund. Calling the bank to tell them about the issue also."

Pearl Lopes says

"About highsky cheapflights .Was not recieving email, i called the next day to verify my ticket w/ American Airlines & was not there. They needed a 6 letter ticket locator & 16 digit ticket number that the aircheap did not provide! So instead I waited patiently 2weeks. Gave 1 last chance to seek info. Prior i had an investigator seek their status bank location along w/ IP locations & so much more. I ask for Full Refund today, IF I dnt get it, than I will expose ALL info, & names of these people n have them shut down, simply tryin to avoid legal actions. Awaiting my refund under supervision... HighSkyCheapFlights"

Shari Perry says

"Be warned!!! Do NOT use this company! I started off with a flight with Alaska it never got fully booked? Not sure why they didn’t book the ticket! So had to then fly with Delta. Again the flight was not booked!!! They told me it was and everything was fine. Week later another call!!! Telling me they changed the flight again!! What a joke! Asked for a refund I better get it!!! When you call then you will wait oh hold up to a hour then when they do answer good luck on trying to understand them. Terrible service!!!😡😡😡"

Terry Smith says

"Do not book any flights with these con arts, they will steal your money like they did us, do not use these corrupt criminals. Do not believe any of their lies or any responses to these reviews. If only there was a rating lower then one."

Bryan Casson says

"Cheapflights continue to list flights by even though MyTrip is known to not issue refunds to flights canceled due to COVID. I am appalled that they choose to continue to partner with such a company. is stealing money from their customers yet they continue to operate & Cheapflights continues to support them as a listing partner."

Dolly Bemrose Rasco says

"When I needed to change a flight from Africa to Houston, I was charged 900.00. Once home I found out this was a scam..I should not have been charged.
Very poor service."

Jasmin says

"Purchase tickets on December 28, 2019 the name on the ticket was spelled incorrectly spoke to a representative and I cheap flights for almost almost 10 days before they would send me my e ticket . I would call three times a day and every day was promised that I would receive the tickets after certain amount of time and nothing .Was not happy and would never buy from this company again."

Lorie Lima says

"My flight never got booked but my credit card was charged and I was not informed of the cancellation. Received an e-tickets and thought everything was good until the day of the flight and found out the tickets were never booked. Airline refunded my money without any problem but I was still charged $277.00 for agent fees which the agent at Cheap Tickets said would be credited which didn't happen. I disputed it with my credit card company and got it credited then then it I got charged again and after the credit card investigation the amount was credited again and now four months later I am being charged $277 again. That is a lot of money to have them not book my flight. I ended up having to book the flight myself the day of disparture which cost a lot more and the fee I paid to upgrade my seats was not credited. They should be called, "More hassle while paying the same or more for airline tickets you can book though the airline"."

A. C says

"I purchased a flight for Oct 19th and for some reason it moved my dates to the 22nd I called the next day to fix it. they pretty much told me to use the ticket or lose my money. Very disappointed. never using this website again!!!!"

Mia says

"Just booked a flight before seeing the reviews of their website. Not sure if it’s entirely legit, so I called to cancel. The first guy was very aggressive on the phone and I was ultimately too scared. The second time I called and finally told him I wanted to cancel the call somehow got disconnected... they charged $100 for flight seat reservations, but when booking on sun country, it was about $9 to choose. Might have to dispute with my card company if I don’t get any other kind of information about my flight. I also had to check my spam for their first confirmation email so that didn’t make me feel any better."

Charles says

"Rate went up 35.00 after agents first try did not go through. Seemed like a scam."

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