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Château d'Armailhac, previously named Château Mouton-d'Armailhacq (historical name from inception, 1750–1955), Château Mouton-Baron Philippe, Mouton Baronne and Château Mouton-Baronne-Philippe (1979–1988), is a winery in the Pauillac appellation of the Bordeaux region of France. The wine produced here was classified as one of eighteen Cinquièmes Crus (Fifth Growths) in the Bordeaux Wine Official Classification of 1855. In 1989, Baroness Philippine decided to restore its original identity to Mouton d’Armailhacq, giving it the name Château d’Armailhac.

Benjamin Tam, Member of VIVINO shared his toughts about Château d'Armailhac Pauillac (Grand Cru Classé: "A very tough vintage and I don't think there is enough in this d'Armailhac to overcome it. It's extremely astringent and tannic, the fruit character is closed. It might improve in several years, but I do not have high expectations."


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