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Château La Fleur Milon is a Bordeaux wine from the appellation Pomerol. The winery is located on the Right Bank of the Bordeaux wine region, in the commune of Pomerol in the department Gironde. As all wine produced in this appellation, Château Lafleur is unclassified, but the estate is estimated among the great growths of the region. Among the rarest and expensive wines, the wine is widely cited as one of the world's finest.

An angry customer who bought from Château La Fleur Milon winery posted this review on Amazon UK in August 2014:

"Warning! Don’t even think of buying this wine – it’s fake. Starting from the color of the wine which is more deep yellow compared to the original, the taste has nothing in common with the original White Mouton Cadet – it is probably dangerous to drink this beverage. I will try to get a refund from Amazon, but an online return policy doesn’t work for this item. Be careful."


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