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China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) (Chinese: 中国广核集团), formerly China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group (中国广东核电集团), is a Chinese state-owned energy corporation under the SASAC of the State Council.

The Guardian reported: "According to the US Department of Justice, the FBI has discovered evidence that China General Nuclear Power (CGN) has been engaged in a conspiracy to steal US nuclear secrets stretching back almost two decades. Both CGN and one of the corporation’s senior advisers, Szuhsiung Ho, have been charged with conspiring to help the Chinese government develop nuclear material in a manner that is in clear breach of US law.

In August 2019, the U.S. Department of Commerce added CGN to its entity list, barring U.S. companies from selling products to CGN. In its reasoning, the United States Department of Commerce explained that CGN attempted to acquire advanced U.S. nuclear technology to divert to military uses in China."


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