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The Swatch Group Ltd is a Swiss manufacturer of watches and jewellery. The company was founded in 1983 by Nicolas Hayek from the merger of Allgemeine Gesellschaft der Schweizerischen Uhrenindustrie (ASUAG) and Société Suisse pour l'Industrie Horlogère (SSIH), in order to cope with the quartz crisis and save the Swiss watchmaking industry. Certina S.A. is an entry level Swiss luxury Watch brand founded in Grenchen, 1888, by Adolf and Alfred Kurth, and currently owned by the Swatch Group.

An angry customer said in a review: "My brand new Omega watch stopped working. I called the Swatch Group US customer service and was told the battery replacement cost about $60. The SGUS received my watch on 9/5/2019, later sent me an email that ”the battery has leaked and caused damage to the movement”. The total cost was $575. Based on the movement damage, I approved the service on 9/16. On 10/ 21, I logged in their website and was surprised that three parts were listed and the cost became $1,144. I immediately called them I had to reject the service and asked to return my watch. She said they could remove the three parts from the list, keep the cost of $575 and let my watch work well. In November, they listed the other two parts without informing me. On 12/4, I called them. Jena, the representative, said they couldn’t stop service and it would finish on 12/20 because of waiting parts. If I reject service, I should pay a partial service fee, but I couldn’t get any warranty and my watch couldn’t work. I rejected it and asked her how much I should pay. But no one told me that until I received the invoice. They charged me $575, not partially. I dispute the service and bill according to the following: 1. They don’t replace the movement for my watch. Because they removed the two exactly same movements and the quartz from the list after my calling. 2. They don’t replace the other two parts. They removed them from the list after my calling. 3. My brand new watch is working. But their invoice marks ”the battery has leaked and caused damage to the movement”. 4. If the maintenance fee includes the movement replacement, why they listed those parts separately and would charge me two times? I think what they did was only replacing the battery. What I should pay the Swatch Group US is the cost of battery replacement and shipment, about $95.00."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not professional, they do not deliver even if they are contractually binded, lot of promises fully unattended, no trasaparency and no decison process. One man show."

Joshua Phillips says

"Don't buy Certina period they have no customer service they don't care about you or your purchase.
Finally contact has been made it's only taken forever I will update on how things are going with process and costs of the repair that I believe to be a Certina manufacturing fault."

Joshua Phillips says

"l am happy with my purchases. However when it comes to customer service the only way to describe they way l have been treated is poor second rate at best l have championed and recommended the brand to other watch unthuiasts for what? What a shame Certina is not a watch maker that cares about its reputation or its customers. The fault with my watch is a manufacturing fault the crown as separated from the stem the watch is 17 months old worn 5 times its my pride and joy only now its tarnished by the company that made it. l just want my watch repaired by the company that made it and yet this simple task of assisting a loyal customer is clearly to much for Certina or the Swatch group who l have also contacted via all methods Instagram email l did get a response from Instagram stating to contact customer service yeah right.....thanks Certina for being just another company interested in one thing profit.
Message from Certina via Instagram
certina mentioned you in a comment: Hello, we apologize for this bad experience you have had and we would like to see what we can do to help. Could you please send us your contact info (name and email address) in a private message? A customer service representative will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you and have a nice day.1d
I have responded lets see what happens next I hope we have things moving in the right direction."

Julian says

"A week ago I ordered directly from Certina UK/Swatch Group in Southampton a rubber strap for my Certina divers watch. They took my payment details and ordered the strap from Switzerland. One week later I wanted to order either some spare stainless steel links or failing that an entire new bracelet for another Certina divers watch I had just bought second hand. They replied saying that private members of the public could not deal with Certina/Swatch and I would have to go through a jeweller. I replied saying that a week earlier I had dealt with them direct. Fortunately I have an extremely good local jewellers (Beaverbrooks) and they immediately ordered a complete new strap from Certina/Swatch. Tissot supply individual bracelet links but Certina/Swatch can't be bothered and you have to buy a complete new bracelet. They are beautiful watches, just a big shame that their UK head office are not to the same high standard one would expect from a Swiss company.."

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