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Scott McNealy (born November 13, 1954) is an American businessman. He is most famous for co-founding the computer technology company Sun Microsystems in 1982 along with Vinod Khosla, Bill Joy, and Andy Bechtolsheim. In 2004, while still at Sun, McNealy founded Curriki, a free online education service. In 2011, he co-founded Wayin, a social intelligence and visualization company based in Denver.

A former employee mentioned, "My last manager at Sun Microsystems played favorites, held grudges, terrible management, terrible environment, under my supervisor I felt always nervous about my job and I ended up getting laid off, no way to run a company"

Certainly, Scott McNealy had its problems being CEO of Sun Microsystems, you can read about it on the following article published on titled: Why Sun Microsystems Failed, "McNealy, the one figure who could have given the nod to such an initiative, was himself imbued with the hardware culture, where you collided with your competitors, overwhelmed them with your strength and bested them at the goal. What the software side of Sun was saying was that it needed to cooperate with competitors, make Solaris more understandable to the outside world, and more portable to other architectures. Without empowered software leaders, and with the CEO having no vision of what a software company must be, how was that to happen?"


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