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Andhra Pradesh State Election Commission is a Constitutional authority agency of Andhra Pradesh, India. It was formed under the Articles 243-K and 243-ZA of the Constitution of India. It conducts the Rural and Urban Local Body Elections in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

A former employee who worked at Government of Andhra Pradesh shared his/her experience on Glassdoor in February 2018:

"Working with the government comes with bureaucratic delays and lack of professional structures"


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Rro (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to work managers are very much rude behavior to sales persons , not helping if any sales person need there help. When I joined jio I thought its good for future growth but the managers don't want to grow due to jellese. Managers of jio are not good they only pressurise down sales persons. So I dont recommend any body to join jio company. They only use down line sales persons and out them after use....its my worst experience in jio. Don't join jio Cons: Long hours"

JPM (Former Employee) says

"experience theAss lickers everywhere in jio kashmir with naqli documents, zero IQ and undergraduates most leads are uneducated and un-cultured manager they will make your."

PROJECT CIVIL ENGINEER (Current Employee) says

"Being as a civil engineer i highly Working profile and working culture for a civil engineer is worst in this company. It is only look like as supervisor work but the only difference we have a B.Tech degree. No career growth, no financial growth. Growth is only for those person who has long tongue (you know na what i want to say). The growth in this company is only for those which have link with higher authorities."

TERM Compliance Officer (Former Employee) says

"I management in JIO is very self absorbed. The salary is not commensurate. Seniors are very adamant and behave like they own the world.There is no job security"

Area Loss Prevention Manager (Current Employee) says

"Every now and then their policy changes, no one takes any action on the escalations raised. Lots of travelling in almost every job profile. Customer service is very poor"

Manager Operations (Former Employee) says

"very bad work culture and stressful environment. No value for the employees and consider them as slaves. No overtime paid and forced to work 24x7x365 days in a year"

Mobility Lead-Sales (Former Employee) says

"Working with Jio is wrong decision of my Carter because of unauthentic targets which is impossible to acheive due to lack of machinery available to finish the task , it's makes u to do unethical practice to save your job."

Urban Jio Point Manager (Current Employee) says

"Got cheated & fooled by the management & recruiters. At the time of recruitment it was committed that Jio Point Manager will be responsible for 80% technical & 20% sale but the reallity is on the name of UJPM they are treating as sales person forcing to do door to door sales. Very much dissappointed with the organization. Company played with the carriers of several techincal employees"

Quality ENGINEER (Current Employee) says

"Lots of Work under pressure which can be done without exerting the pressure. Salary is not comensurate with work extracted by the Management. There is lot of bossism in the organisation."

Head HR & Administration (Former Employee) says

"In Reliance Jio, employees are treated as Commodities. They believe in Hire & Fire Policy. Nepotism is at the helm of affairs. Technically, it is one of the most advanced organisation to work for, but the people working on those technologies are not equipped to handle them. Trust is missing at all levels."


"There is lots of issue in assam coracle, guwahati center manager is the worst person I have ever meet in my six years career and with that he don't know how to treat a women colleague."

Proprietor (Former Employee) says

"Most pathetic company and people I have ever came across in life. The company gives to priority to its own profitability regardless how many people going to suffer by a decision"

Assistance Manager in FTTx (Current Employee) says

"Employee Hiring policies was bad in this organization. HR and Management both was not clear knowledge about project what are they running on ground and for which type of work they hired."

Store Leader (Former Employee) says

"Area manager are very smart Cons: Bwkar"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Without any reason my contract close this company. Cons: Time not spcifice time"

Spare Parts In-charge (Current Employee) says

"No growth as per career."


"There is no personal and work life balance. Decision making is very slow. Initiatives and new ideas are not appreciated. Employee engagement activities do not exist. The company has a 6 day working culture and no manager is concerned for their team's health or well being. There are no formal training courses given to a new joinee. There is no buddy concept. There is no concept of additional trainings for skill enhancement for any employee. The business language is Hindi instead of English."

Fresher (Former Employee) says

"As a consultant at Jio, had a very bad experience at Jio office in RCP Navi Mumbai. Employees on payroll, exploit consultants and make them work for endless hours. Additionally consultants in Jio, even though they are full time employees, they are under paid, compared to Jio payroll employees. Cons: Long hours, under paid, ill treatment given to consultants"


"Does not allow you to use your talent and experience. Poor manmanagement. No protocal."

Engineering Intern (Former Employee) says

"I worked as an intern there. I was opted to join jio and they had sent certain details about the internship which was communicated to me by my college. But when I went there it was not even around the things I was told. They had no work except faming about jio to people."

Current Employee - Nail Technician says

"I have been working at Google full-time Cons: not too bad for google at this time"