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Celebrity Cruises is a cruise line headquartered in Miami, Florida and a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Caribbean Group. Celebrity Cruises was founded in 1988 by the Greece-based Chandris Group, and merged with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line in 1997. Celebrity's signature logo is an "Χ" displayed on the funnel of Celebrity ships, and is the Greek letter chi, for "Chandris".

An angry passenger shared this review, "Before you jump to conclusions I have been on 10 cruises and this literally was the worst. The only things we enjoyed were the shore excursions. The ship is in great need of being redone. There was dust and apparently other things on the ship making people cough and sneeze all the time. We both left the ship not feeling well and I ended up at the doctor and more time off work due to my illness. This was our first time on Celebrity Solstice and will be the last. It was so bad my husband is talking about never cruising again. They were out of my husbands drink of choice the first day telling him it hadn't been loaded yet (we were at sea already), then they got upset when he wouldn't drink their alternative. They truly ran out of Bud Light on the 4th day of the trip. Amazing!! They closed the buffet many times a day and had the same foods every day with no variety. The curtains in our stateroom were literally falling to pieces. I had to use a paperclip just to keep them shut at night. The tie backs were held on the wall by a nail and a safety pin. Our bed were rutted in the middle and kept coming apart and my husband kept falling in the crack. I could go on for hours but don't have the desire to get deeper into the mess it was."


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Former Employee - Call Taker says

"Micromanagement is at a nuclear level Allow customers to treat employees like trash Low pay for the work Racism and low diversity Gossip and name calling behind your back "low level" employees get an open desk with no walls"

Former Employee - Guest Service Agent says

"Low salary, pressure, bad managers, no free time, bad quality of food, you have to "lick" managers to survive! Lack of ethics and justice."

Former Employee - Engagement Specialist says

"Leadership does not care, take or listen to employee feedback. HR is dangerously careless and bias. They need to invest more in their employees, and facilities (office chairs are 25 years old) and their website is in desperate need of attention. This is important because that is their biggest call driver."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything else, treated like a slave."

Current Employee - Supervisor says

"No real direction from upper management. No clear communication styles and very cliquey."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"How we respect each other and working with so many nationality’s"


"Low Salary, being only 1 activity host in charge of hosting the entertainment of the whole ship. Everything on that company is about who you know and to take advantage out of it"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"the micro, petty, im the boss and ill papplito you if you even look at me sideways attitude of ship management - for sure the daily management is of the old school, but its mostly unspoken, and for sure lots of things are covered up - managers are me first, and CYA attitude - age, race, gender discrimination is the way it is - though they'll say it aint so - bs, reality is reality - try being a white woman aged 50 - u will have a very tough time i recommend if you really need the job, then stick to your countrymen and keep a low profile, yes sir boss kind of a thing"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Being treated like a subhuman species for many, many months at a time"

Former Employee - Waiter says

"Very bad food for crew , no appreciation for crew with exceptional results, promotions given to the wrong people with not enough experience or knowlege , not enough materials to provide proper service , system changing in a bad direction.( unorganized)"

Wine stewardess (Former Employee) says

"We would get paid back then About two dollars an hour we would make most of our money if we sold wine . But people are often On a budget so I was lucky if I was selling it to bottles or three per day. And I would get Paid 10% of what I sold:Sometime I would work for 20 hours for only five dollars it was horrible"

Orchestra Musician (Former Employee) says

"Working on a cruise ship is a unique experience, not for the faint of heart or those who are not strong, mentally, physically, and emotionally. You should be prepared to spend 6+ months away from home, work every day, for many jobs in the range of 10+ hours per day. On the plus side, you meet people from all around the world, travel to interesting places, and party like there's no tomorrow. Experiences depend greatly on the type of position you have. If you are considering working on a cruise ship, be sure to talk to people who have actually done it before applying, to know if this is for you."

Floor Staff / Waiter (Former Employee) says

"It is a really bad place to work. People are exploited and you have to annoy people to sell them drinks and food because you dont have a salary. Instead you get 10% of each article you sell. So the more you pull people by the sleeve the more you sell."

Musician (Former Employee) says

"Was excited at first but soon discovered the schedule for performing was disorganized and I had to cover for others almost on a regular basis with no extra compensation for my additional performing times. I was expected to know everything perfectly with no tolerance for mistakes. Things were always changing and there was hardly any communication from management. I had to quickly learn new repertoire on the spot and I did not receive the proper guidance and mentorship to help me adapt. I would have appreciated support from management. I was told to stop complaining and accept the life at sea. I couldn't believe that I only had 1 hour of wifi per month and was really upset that I had to pay for extra wifi over and above the one hour which I needed to help me do my job properly. I was embarrassed and felt terrible that I couldn't always perform well as equipment was frequently breaking down and the sound was so bad at times that I couldn't even hear myself. The sound technicians didn't know what they were doing half the time as they were not professionals and the loud feedback was another embarrassment. Some of the AV guys were transferred from other departments on the ship and had no experience with sound. I was also shocked that some of my expensive clothes that I bought specifically for my job that I was told I had to wear got ruined in the laundry. Some of it shrunk and got ripped and I had to buy new clothes on a port day to replace what got ruined in the laundry. One of my suits was also mysteriously lost in the laundry and was never found. Yes I made new friends and had"

Vacation Planner (Former Employee) says

"I was in training class and I accidentally closed out an assement. I was NOT allowed to retake it..they gave me a big fat 0..I was fired!!!!! They don’t want you to succeed.Nothing to sayNothing good to say"

Waiter (Former Employee) says

"I was totally stress with my job..I had asked my managers to help me...to change my station so I could make some good rating and money..they kept ignoring me....I was frustrated making less money in a busy station however nobody cared about me... they just made me sign papers for low performance...they bother to give me training...or tips..I was so frustrated that I had arguments with my co workers....the worst company they fired me without proper investigationLauchesShort breaks"

Bartender on the cruise ship " Celebrity Equinox" (Former Employee) says

"I was really exciting to work in this company, but was totally disappointed by what I saw there People were unkind, Dirty areas, lot of job questions, seams like nobody works in bar before Poor management But that was really nice ship, very beatutiful, with nice and open guests, suites well and I enjoyed my time whyle work there."

Call Center Representative (Former Employee) says

"Stuck-up, high-turnover (bad) clique, call center, with no job growth or opportunity to move up. You are nothing more than a boring sales agent drilled to push numbers. Do yourself some research and avoid this place! This place loves to separate employees without warning. Ask around and see why they hire so many employees throughout the year!Office environment work. Hour long lunches.Poor job growth. Poor Job stability. Horrible management"

Woodwind Musician (Former Employee) says

"I find that working for celebrity cruises was one of the most terrible mistakes I have made in my music career. It is depraved, depressing, under compensated, unappreciated, overtly scrutinized, and worst of all, the other musicians are miserable too, and they will take it out on you. DO NOT WORK HERE!"

Guest Relations (Former Employee) says

"Management is very poor, if not involved in kissing butt or joining the clique you will be eliminated. Discussions among sups and employees on who should be fired, employees will answer questions but then report back to sup that you are asking too many questions which will lead to a write up and eventual termination.management is extremely poor, HR violations, unprofessional, very rude and not helpful"

Multi skill uk Agent (Former Employee) says

"Acts as if they are a big family and all about the employees but that's not the case at all . they have faulty rules and policies and only back up their supervisors"

Training and Development Manager (Former Employee) says

"This industry is a disaster to the environment and human rights. The junk they dump into the ocean should make them criminals. It's amazing that nobody cares.I meet a lot of people from all over the world who were very cool, that's the best thing I can say.peopleeverything else"

Shore Excursion Staff (Former Employee) says

"I thought it was going to be my dream job. It was a nightmare. Very abusive. Worked in Shore Excursion Staff and it was very abusive. Told that you are protected by HR and that there is an open door policy as well as hotline. They encouraged you to voice your concerns and that there would be no retribution. That is a lie. My job became very unpleasant once I followed procedures. It was so bad I resigned before my contract was completed. We were forced to work longer hours than allowed by law. Furthermore, I never got paid for the real hours I worked. Still chasing what is owed to me. Not everyone is treated equal. Very poor training and no support."

Prefer not to say (Current Employee) says

"This company will afford you some incredible opportunities for personal growth and learning - you'll work on truly interesting, dynamic and fun projects while also learning the hard way to self-manage, how to quickly pivot due to a constant stream of whiplash-inducing changes caused by indecisive leadership, stress management, and more. Sadly, this growth and these learnings will be in vain as the company rarely promotes or appreciates talented employees from within.Interesting work, connections, global company reach, unique productTerrible work-life balance, toxic job culture, very poor management, poor advancement opportunities"

Food and Berverage (Former Employee) says

"Just awful, long hours in boring stations Some customers rude and departments do not work well together. Yes there are nice people but very dog eat dog due to pressure of long contracts. Avoid...... if you are looking for a career and not a -life style-ModernOverworked, uber management at times"

Reservation Agent (Former Employee) says

"You have to know someone or kiss someone’s butt to get a promotion. Even when you are hardworking, and best for the role, you will not get a position unless you’re favorited or a butt kisser.401k, match 401k, free cruiseFavoritism, No Advancement"

Flair bartender,Barista,Molecular Mixologist (Former Employee) says

"I use to love the industry, BUT, salaries start to go way too low, I worked more than before and the management on my last contracts became more and more unqualified.travelno resting time, unqualified management, stressing times, bad payment"

Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"Celebrity Cruise blended services, is by far the most frustrating place that i have had the privillage to work at. No one in the management staff can ever give you a straight answer much less give you the same answer whenever you ask them a question. there computer system all have GLITCHES which is the word of choice when working there. Its a (joke) everything there has a glitch from the coffee and ice machine in the break rooms to the elevators in the building. all the way to the reservation and phone systems.there is always overtimeyou are going to deal with a lot of frustrating garbage aside from the job its self"

Correspondence Representative (Former Employee) says

"Do you want a place where the management team absolutely does not care about your advancement? Then Celebrity Cruises is the place for you! Longest two years of my life.Work was relatively easyLack of advancement, apathetic management"

Executive Chef (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management, very totalitarian, fire ppl at every chance, no regard for ppl- very difficult to work, unless your ethnic group has power- being an American you are not welcome, forget about getting a job if your over 50"

Jim Upton says

"My cruise was cancelled in May I phone up for full refund they Told me 90 days so that was August 21 and no refund so since then I have phone and email and now they are saying you got wait bit longer all that interested they are making on our money it all wrong so going to see if my bank will chase these poeple"

LjM says

"Cruise cancelled (covid) and refund issued promptly to my travel agent Planet Cruise/IGLU who are still witholding my refund after 135 days. Celebrity/Royal Caribbean need to deal with this disgraceful/illegal behaviour by Planet Cruise/IGLU which is affecting hundreds if not thousands of their customers."

Jeff Chaplin says

"Thank you for the refund from the cancelled cruise due to COVID 19, but the refund was sent to IGLU because I booked with them, bad decision, this money has not been refunded to me by IGLU, 100 days and counting. Future cruises will be booked direct with you and never IGLU. Please pass this information to IGLU"

Ann ODonovan says

"Dont bother wasting anymore of your hard earned cash on trying to get a refund from Celebrity. I have waited almost 5 months and now been issued with vouches despite being offered a full refund at the time. All I hear is one lie after another at a cost of 7p a minute, raking in extra revenue passing me from one department to another only to be told ' wrong department'. Do Celebrity really believe I would part with another cent to the most untrustworthy company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. Even Ryanair have more scruples. They dont fly so you get a refund. Celebrity dont sail so you get a voucher."

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