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Luciano Re Cecconi (1 December 1948 – 18 January 1977) was an Italian footballer, who played as a midfielder; a fast, strong, athletic, and hardworking player, known for his speed, tenacity, and stamina, he functioned as a box-to-box midfielder or as a defensive or central midfielder for his teams. He was also known for his sense of humour throughout his career; and was nicknamed l'Angelo Biondo (Italian pronunciation: [ˈlandʒelo ˈbjondo]; Italian for The Blond Angel), for the colour of his hair.

Re Cecconi was shot dead in Rome on 18 January 1977, after pretending to rob a friend's jewelry shop as a practical joke.

A member of REDDIT shared some thoughts about the tragic story of Luciano Re Cecconi - a Lazio player in the 70s who lost his life because of a prank. That said, it was a tragic joke, indeed it was a stupid move, but they were young guys, who grew among weapons, among people talking about killing (the war was still a fresh memory for most of their parents and around the country there was always some political accident or murder to stir troubles up) and such, it was, to say, not so much of distant thought as it is nowadays, where we imagine footballers living in their own dream world away from everything that may distract or disturb their ascending into popular godhood.


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Service Manager (Former Employee) says

"They suck. The Owner (then GM) is a real jerk The Service Director is an even bigger Jerk and the Office Manager is equally as bad. They cheat and lie to their customers and treat their employees like c__p."

Prefer not to say. (Former Employee) says

"Wouldn't recommend to work there. Nice people but shifts were crazy. Would have to work until 8 pm and next day was off when coworker would work until 5 and not have to be in until 10. Management always changing schedule. Cons: Shifts not consistent."

Automotive Mechanic/Technician (Former Employee) says

"Level 3 Chrysler Technician, Performed Engine and Transmission repair under warranty, Performs Chrysler recalls, NYS Inceptions, diagnostics, Evaluate Trade-ins for used vehicle re-sale"

Automotive Technician (Former Employee) says

"great place for technicians to do oil changes, because thats all they do! You will get work if the service writer likes you. There is no orientation, they dont even show you where the bathroom is. oil change city all day for 12 hours! Cons: short breaks, very disorganized"