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Infibeam Avenues Limited is an Indian company that offers digital payments, e-commerce software and internet services. The company was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Ahmedabad, India. In 2019, its consumer ecommerce website was acquired by Suvidhaa Infoserve and now operates as has offices in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. The company became In


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Underwriter (Former Employee) says

"We stay with a company with the hopes of climbing up the corporate ladder but if the company doesn't offer any opportunities for growth, working there is definitely not for long term. That was my situation when I was working with Talent Logic. I was hoping I could grow my career as I stay longer but that won't be possible because of the lack of opportunities for career advancement."

BDM (Current Employee) says

"This is the most unprofessional company I have ever heard of. Do not waste your time entertaining their lies. Employees are treated like children, if you allow them. They are like a cult with their Sandler sales training and expect you to put extra unpaid HOURS for their pipe dream."

Business Development Manager (Former Employee) says

"All recruiting done by off shore recruiting/sourcing farms that lack any attention to detail. Don't give them a hard search. Internal process is convoluted, and senior leadership expects to be an actor - goes against everything I know from 25 years of recruiting and business development. Daily meetings right after lunch consist of the owner telling us we don't know anything. This place is a soul crushing pit.I am no longer thereA mill, and really has no regard for real recruiters"

Project Manager (Contractor) says

"Talent Logic is strictly a body shop. They just want to place a body somewhere so that they can bill for them. They care nothing for their employees and provide zero support post placement.They got me in the door for an interviewTHey offer no benefits or support to their employees post placement."

Business Development Manager -Connector (Former Employee) says

"This is a very nontraditional style of recruitment firm. Ownership takes micro management to a whole new level. The company has no clear vision of what they are doing or where they are hours are normalOwnership will not allow the directors and supervisors to do their job, The Owner insists on having their hand in every aspect of the company, The owner is verbally abusive at times."

Staffing Manager (Current Employee) says

"The higher management has no idea about what they're upto. The management needs to be more functional. They fail to understand that the employee needs an independent mind to work well."

Staffing Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"If you need a job to pay your living expenses, this can be a nice company. But when you want to grow your career and make this company a stepping-stone, then look elsewhere. Work here is boring, repetitive, and there is no challenge. There are also no trainings and other learning resources."

Underwriter (Contract) says

"it was a short term contact position that did not last long but the company was ok to work with. Pay was very competitive for the area but there were no benefits"

Business Development Manager (Current Employee) says

"I come from the recruitment background and when i got a chance to get associated here as BDM i was little excited. The work is easy and can be handled easily... But the way the management plays their dirty politics makes lifes of youngsters or freshers lil difficult.. This ain't a place for youngsters to begin their career!NothingManagement sucks, hectic schedule, the dress code is professional attire but they don't allow you on floor with your shoes on!"

iOS Application Developer (Former Employee) says

"It's a good company to learn new technologies and new things and Management is good Miss match the salaries and experiences Able to work on night shifts"

Net Programmer Created application (Former Employee) says

"Remote employer. I worked at Coca Cola. My day consisted of producing .net code to extract active directory users from database. I learned how to access active directory information. Management was fine. Co-workers were great. Hardest part of job was learning active directory. Getting the code to work was the best part of the job.Good working environment.No hospitalization"

Former Employee - Business Development says

"Terrible dead end job. Management is very conventional, like a shoe factory. All hail to the your manager type of environment."

Former Employee - Marketing Executive says

"Most worst Company i had ever seen. Making people fool especially Hr and CMO Most worst CMO in the company"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Never go in this company they use to work on old technologies which is hardly exist struts 1.3 and jquery ..their management also very bad ...and they have bond of 2.5 months with amount 2 lakhs ...according to me if you donot want to grow in your career just go in this company and doomed your future"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The CMO does no work. Roams around the entire time but portrays that the company is standing because of him. He is more interested in everybody's personal life than professional. Constantly talks about himself rather than doing any work. Has no ethics or respect for the people because he thinks he is it."

Current Employee - Marketing Executive says

"management didn't bother what the employees are going through. No matter if you dont work here, you need to know how to play politics. worst CMO. Low salaries, no benefits at all. Probation periods are forcefully extended. The sat off are not given which they promised for first 8 to 9 month"

Former Employee - Executive Sales and Marketing says

"Cmo equal to Maniac. He should join Politics rather than working here, No care for experienced and performing employees. Needs to learn man management skills. Tech team has alot of sleeping employees. They just don't care about anything."

Former Employee - Executive Marketing says

"No growth within the company. No personal life. Strict rules and regulations."

Current Employee - Software Developer says

"You have to work with old grayed technology. Being a product based (hosted implementations) you cannot expect any on-site opportunities. In probation, all day working (Includes all Saturday 3 hours working), No leave during probation. Post probation, alternate Saturday is working."

Current Employee - Marketing Executive says

"Nothing as such for now ."

Current Employee - Technical Support Executive says

"Micromanagement is depressing. Pay scale is low comparatively. Monthly 2 saturdays working. Monthly 1 sunday working."

sales smart says

"ccavenue hold my money. i paid through ccavenue, the amount deducted from bank, but order not completed. no response from ccavenue. no support from them."

A A says

"scam website, never trust them . them make spam ."

Rohan chhabra says

"I would have given them 0 rating if there would have been an option. I contacted one of the agent name Karan from sales team all the information was given to us was a total lie. i requested for international payment gateway and i was given 2 option one was with a regular charge of around 5000 INR and other privilege package was of 35,000 INR in which i get account setup with 15 days However they took almost 40 days to setup account and before paying i clarified how our business works and then they offered the the 3d secure payment gateway and ended up saying that all the card users will receive OTP on their registered mobile number. However instead of OTP it always ended up asking the security questions which our customers ended up setting while activating their net banking and definitely no customers will share those answers because of which we did loose so many sales and half of the payment used to get decline because of not authorised payment as CC Avenue is an unknown gateway in united states. Later on we did receive one of the dispute from our customers and cc avenue ended up asking us for the id proof of the card users. First of all they clearly informed us while using 3D payment gateways we never receive any dispute which was a another lie. Then they ended up saying we did receive 5 more dispute which was a another lie as we spoke to our customers and they said they did not file any dispute and when we shared the same info with the CC Avenue team they responded as we being fraud because the IP Traces says we are in Uttrakhand . I don't know how come as we work in Gurgaon and it is a 5 years old organisation and they refunded all the amount we ever earned and charged through their gateway. From the beginning all they did is to lie. Such a pathetic company and Fraudster company i have ever come across. I will never ever suggest anyone to use their services and i am filing a complaint to Better Business Bureau as well."

Jay says

"These guys are full of crap. Nothing is mentioned on there website regarding the policies for an individual seller. The don't allow an individual to sell internationally. If you want to sell international then you need to have a registered company and the worst thing is even if you have a registered company you have to ship the products from India or they don't accept your membership. Don't go with these guys, crappy policy and misleading information right on their website."

Arun says

"Bad payment gateway services provider"