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Spectrum Sports (formerly known as Bright House Sports Network) was an American regional sports network serving the Tampa Bay and Orlando metropolitan areas of Florida, that was owned by cable television provider Charter Communications which exclusively carried the channel on Standard Definition channel 47 and High Definition channel 1147.


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Children and Adult Outpatient Psychotherapist (Former Employee) says

"Therapists, clients, admin staff/management, child psychiatrist are AMAZING but are not enough to make staff stay due to the conditions imposed by supervisors. Mental health management practices through gaslighting, yelling, neglect. Past therapists have described management as similar to being in an abusive relationship. They appeared to have some issues with control/power dynamics and would retaliate if feeling their power or control was slipping. Multiple therapists were literally crying or upset their first week asking if bosses hate them/feel like no one's training them and immediately started looking for new jobs due to management. Takes about 4 days to get the picture about what is going on here. The pay is not what drives people away, people know coming in what contract work is like. That was not even the main issue surprisingly. Client's are also treated horribly (dismissed, ableist remarks, bigotry, bare minimum in empathy and care, list could go on) but it is done in such a subtle way and normalized by supervisors that it can't be reported and you will not feel effective as a therapist due to restrictions and rules imposed by management who see staff and clients as a dollar sign and nothing more. Get out ASAP like everyone else does if you work in this department. Cons: Mental health supervisors are racist, sexist, not LGBTQ friendly, agist, ableist, emotionally/verbally abusive or neglectful or passive aggressive."

Substance Abuse Tech (Current Employee) says

"Catch is unprofessional. They are a gossip company and nobody does what they are supposed to do. They look at the new people work hard and mess up. They never work as a team and they a unorganized"

Child Therapist (Former Employee) says

"As a contract outpatient therapist, there is much initial work I performed without being paid (I was paid for approximately one-fifth of the work I performed). The quantity of initial work was not explained, and, unfortunately, I based my expectations upon previous work experiences at other organizations in the same setting. The Children's Outpatient Therapy Office, in which I worked, is not-up-to-date technologically. It's not that they just have old MS Office applications, but the availability of computers and printers is practically nil. Asking for those basic resources as well as voicemail and email landed me in hot water with my supervisor. The office runs on little scraps of paper for communication between individuals. Further, my particular supervisor was extremely disorganized and appeared miserable with her position--always exasperated, always annoyed with someone; she expressed little patience for questions, spoke to me in a disrespectful and rude manner with no cause for doing so and provided training by the seat of her pants. Finally, the culture of the organization was unwelcoming and unfriendly. Cons: compensation, training, communication, management"

Child and Adult Psychotherapist (Former Employee) says

"-I worked in the Outpatient department. My fellow clinicians and I are miserable; there's high workload demand and minimal support. Cons: Unsupportive, minimal oversight, experienced sexism by higher ups"

Citizens Acting Together Can Help (Former Employee) says

"Work day started with security checks of buildings and parking lots. I learned that the mental health community is so large and Catch is helping many people with the services. The most enjoyable part of the job was helping the clients, and being an encouraging factor in their life. Cons: Poor communication with employees."

Data Processor (Former Employee) says

"Not your typical non-for profit organization, they uses older model software that doesnt have technical support for it anymore."

Charge Nurse (Former Employee) says

"The clients did not get what they need in the area of health. They were given processed foods and the unit was filthy. There were no real groups and there were mice in the common area. The exterminator was a joke. Cons: See above"

Citizens Acting Together Can Help (Current Employee) says

"Good work place for contract employees, coworkers will to listen to experienced security staff. I have a better understanding of people with mental health issues. CATCH is a family oriented environment."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Nepotism Cons: Racism"

Behavioral Health Professional (Former Employee) says

"I worked in the STS program."

ajudante de acabamento (Former Employee) says

"Precisa melhorar bastante sua gestação de trabalho. Cons: Sim"

Art Instructor (Former Employee) says

"Excellent place I work I have develop a relationship with my children who are autism who have some disabilities that I help to cope with society help them to read in emergency situation we can clean the children up it is amazing to see the parents see how there achieve in academics and independently."

HR Assistant & Compliance Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I don't have anything specific to share that would help anyone make a decision about working at CATCH. My time was uneventful, and was not harmful to my career."

Mental Health Technician (Current Employee) says

"Friendly staff to work with on the weekends. assisting clients who suffer with mental disorders on a daily basis. provide counseling, administer medication, and documentation of 20 bed count. Cons: Working every weekend"

STS Team Leader/Lead Clinician (Former Employee) says

"The mission was great and I worked with people dedicated to helping children but the funding was not there. The STS program closed due to poor financial management at the corporate level."

Behavioral Health Worker (Current Employee) says

"This job is great if you love to help children and want to be a positive role model in their life. Each day you work with a set amount of students in their classroom and help motivate them."

Former Employee - Accountant Trainee says

"I worked at California Department of Water Resources full-time for less than a year Cons: The government culture would be a big difference if you worked in private company before. My supervisor is bad because she put so many personal feeling to the job."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at California Department of Water Resources full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Ive been getting harassed by a supervisor since 2015. Filed complaints/concerns with management with nothing done & it continued. Management made this supervisor my immediate supervisor for 6 months despite the harassment/bullying and complaints I filed, who in turn wrote me up twice & gave a poor performance appraisal. Ive lost out on 3 jobs with other State departments due to this. Management stands together & supports/condones wrongful behavior making excuses for unfair discipline & harassment. Headquarters supports each Field Division with no help or resolution to employees being harassed."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at California Department of Water Resources full-time Cons: Micro-management, dull, minimal room for upward mobility, bad morale"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at California Department of Water Resources full-time Cons: All the bad people didn't retire"

Current Employee - Manager says

"I have been working at California Department of Water Resources full-time for more than 3 years Cons: There are employees who literally refuse to answer emails, do assigned work, and try to delegate their assignments to others. Serious problems with staff aren't addressed and it creates heavy workloads and stress for diligent staff. Authority for projects can be delegated to committees or people with no relevant experience, executives pull rank to get their way, and many things operate without rules. There's no kitchen."

Former Employee - Associate Hydroelectric Power Utility Engineer says

"I worked at California Department of Water Resources full-time for more than 3 years Cons: - General apathy and malaise to work - Priorities are not well defined, requires managing up skills - Not a lot of varied backgrounds or opinions since most employees started as interns in college and just stuck around - Most jobs become contractor management and/or new employee trainer"

Engineer says

"I have been working at California Department of Water Resources Cons: Many employees are underutilized. Work done is not acknowledged as having value by division."

Current Employee - Environmental Scientist says

"I have been working at California Department of Water Resources full-time for more than a year Cons: Uneven share of workloads, internal politics"

Current Employee - Contract Analyst says

"I have been working at California Department of Water Resources full-time Cons: the parking is very bad"

Engineering Student Assistant says

"I have been working at California Department of Water Resources for more than a year Cons: the office environment is not lively, people are more into themselves."