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Barry Adrian Reese, better known by his stage name Cassidy, is an American rapper from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cassidy first gained attention for his freestyles and began competing as a battle rapper in the late 1990s.

Cassidy music is not original and pretty basic, he is an egomaniac, and has low substance and creativity, according to a review by Night Owl at

"The tracks on this CD were pretty basic and not original. As with a lot of rappers, Cassidy is an egomaniac and much of the content on the CD is about how great he is. He states he's the best rapper is alive since Biggie died. What about DMX, NAS, Snoop Dog, Ice Cube, etc. Any of the aforementioned have more style, substance, and creativity. I bought this CD after hearing "I'm a Hustla" on the radio. I'm sure Cassidy will just be a flash in the pan."


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