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"The building of the Cassa di Risparmio delle Provincie Lombarde is a monumental building commissioned by the Cassa di Risparmio delle Provincie Lombarde to the architects Giovanni Muzio and Giovanni Greppi - already creator of the military memorial of Redipuglia - and built between 1934 and 1940."

In August 2019, the user fi_decorso wrote a review on Cassa di Risparmio delle Provincie Lombarde on TRIPADVISOR:

"Finding myself in the area yesterday morning I passed by the various sides of this gigantic building, which basically consists of two buildings from different eras: the historic one on the Monte di Pietà-Romagnosi-Andegari streets, built-in Florentine style in the second half of the nineteenth century; and the one that instead overlooks Via Giuseppe Verdi with large columns, built during the Fascist period of which it follows the canons. Overall, however, it is an aesthetically rather heavy complex that, beyond some details and the undoubted image of solidity, does not offer much to see. Extensive notes and more photos in my previous reviews."


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Bellman/Doorman/Porter (Former Employee) says

"I would only like to say that it wasn't a very pleasant experience and i will leave it at that. I have nothing further to say about this company. The end."

Concierge/Receptionist (Current Employee) says

"My employment here is very eventful at times. The best part about the job is being able to help people from all over the world find somewhere to eat or enjoy New York but sometimes situations get immeasurably difficult. Unfortunately, some of the managers aren't very honest or professional with the method in how they do business. It often harms the flow of business and causes unnecessary strain on the tenant, new guests and at times, us employees. There also isn't very much help during the shifts I'm always scheduled for. I have no housekeepers or repairmen on duty. The establishment is half hotel, half condominiums and I work in the condo department so unfortunately, there isn't as much help available for us as there is for the hotel. Working here however, I've learned how to speak with people a lot better and what it means to help others. The experiences give me wisdom. Cons: Management, Interrupted lunch breaks, Incomplete training, Miscommunication"

Front Office Associate (Current Employee) says

"The manager has their favorites and it is extremely well known. Very unfair treatment. There is always some issue which everyone seems to think is the norm."

Front desk/concierge (Current Employee) says

"I love what I do, Most of my co-workers are amazing people! I can't under any circumstances stand the new Company that bought out the hotel. Under our current management nothing gets done, Budget is an issue for everything, from amenities (which we lack), to basic supplies the hotel needs. Under this new Regime hours are being cut for certain departments. Write ups are given on for the most illogical things. Oh and unless you are part of the cliques with upper management then don't expect to have any sort of fun. The best advice I can give is Mind your business there and just do your job. Clock in, do what you need to do and clock out. Any extra effort you put in is met with a blind eye or stolen credit. Cons: short breaks that you have to work off, and very annoying to ask for time off"

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