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Homeland is a supermarket chain in the United States. Homeland is the main supermarket banner of Homeland Acquisition Corporation (H.A.C., Inc.), the supermarket banner's parent company, and the names are often used interchangeably. Homeland's headquarters is in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.As of 2019, it operates 79 supermarkets in Oklahoma, Kansas, Georgia and Texas. Many of H.A.C., Inc.'s supermarkets also include pharmacies and fuel centers. In 2019 Homeland purchased the remaining Oklahoma Food Pyramid stores from Rogersville, Missouri based Pyramid Foods which owns Price Cutter and Ramey.

The supermarket launched a promotion, Cash And Save to help customers shop whatever they need at a discounted price. The initiative saw customers troop into the supermarket in their numbers to shop which boosted sales in supermarket.

A sad customer writes " It is very laudable that the supermarket rolled out this wonderful promotion, however, products worth $200 and above were excluded from the promotion. I bought cartons of tomatoes and milk, I was automatically excluded from the promotion because after my purchase, the total price was $2500."


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