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Cash Card is available on the Cash App (formerly known as Square Cash) - a mobile payment service developed by Square, Inc., allowing users to transfer money to one another using a mobile phone app. As of February 18, 2018, the service recorded 7 million active users.


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Customer service representative (Former Employee) says

"Never work here, you'd better off at in n out if really in need of a job. They don't appreciate you, no recognition, they talk to you in front of others as their training process"

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Everyone was sleeping with each other and we had supervisors treat employers like you didn't belong their, or belittle them for no reason. WORSE experience ever."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Management was horrible, 0 room for growth. You had to kiss upper managements butt to go ANYWHERE in that company. 0 flexibility on scheduling even though the company is open 24/7. Always guilting employees into working overtime. Always stating it was optional but they would harass until you signed up. Headquarters office was DISGUSTING."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Their call center was poorly organized and there was too much favoritism involved. If you were not a favorite to the company or did not know anyone from upper management there was no chance of growth."

Sr. Call Center Specialist (Current Employee) says

"This place sucks management is a joke they don’t care about their employees. They lost a lot of staff and expect the people who are working to do double the work. Very very stressful Cons: Everything"

Customer Service Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I have to say there was a lot of drama here, but there was a 5 % that was worthy and fun to work with and you feel like you can trust. Cons: underpaid, overworked, poor management, benefits after 6 months and PTO after a year"

Costumer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Staid for this company for years to get customer service experience that would help me to get a better paying position with different companies. But this company def is not for the long run."

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"They aren't patient or to helpful. Many of the supervisors are very cocky. Not the best environment to work in. Very stressful and it's all compition. Cons: The staff is horrible and think they are the CEO. not patient or helpful when needed help"

Customer Service Representative/Trainer (Current Employee) says

"I thought GCC was a good company but, the Leads are not that great.They are willing to lie for each other so that they can keep there jobs. Managment is terrible. They move you up to a different position, but they don't provide you with a raise. They tell you that you get a raise once they see how you do, but then they don't provide you with anything. They barely move people up. There are people who have been there over 2 years who want to be more than a CSP but they look over them and go onto the next."

Costumer Service Professional (Former Employee) says

"I love my Job. Great way to meet people. learn plenty of communication skills. no retirement plan, no pension. no benefits. Cons: 12 hr. shift with no breaks, Management is usually family, and dont know much on how to treat employees."

Customer Service Professional (Former Employee) says

"Awful company, people and disrespectful management. No one was happy unless they were the favorites. People were promoted by the fact that you would say yes to everything and never refused."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The female supervisor is wonderful she was very helpful, friendly and professional. I enjoyed working there expect my phone didn't work I explained to my trainer several times and never got a new one. Cardholders wanting to speak to a supervisor was impossible when it was busy. I emailed a supervisor explaining the cardholder wanted a call back. Never received a email until the next day telling me to contact the cardholder which I did but still she clearly wanted a supervisor. This is unexpectable. Computer system their own which is wonderful but they expect everyone to be familiar with hilarious. Lunch break 30 minutes the same for a ten hour day. I need a job yes but I want a job where the employers help the employees succeed. The worker bees keep companies strong with good mangement. This is a growing company going through growing pains. We were advised if we don't like things to bad there's the door other applicants need this job. Global Cash Card there other companies that provide phones that work and supervisors who return cardholders or customer complaints"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Company doesn't give raises for learning more with in the company. Yet gives you more responsibilities and keeps you under paid for taking more work task. Unless your management family you are over paid and less work task and less responsibilities and get the special benefits. This company isn't an equal employment opportunity. Cons: Short breaks 10min, Under paid, Over task"

Costumer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Good job they teach you the system you get tested every couple weeks to make sure your doing the job right managers are unprofessional and very unfair pay Cons: Pay"

Customer Service Professional (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work includes you expected to being glued to a head set from the moment you clock in till you clock off without going of the queue and good luck getting a little help from the supervisors there. If you are not a male they will keep you and your CH's on wait for a good 10+ minutes. You learn to deal with bad attitudes from the people who work there to the card holders calling in. Some co- workers are rude and uninviting, if you need help they will definitely give you the cold shoulder. Hardest part of the job was that they expect you to answer 80 calls in an 8 hour shift with your calls being less than 7 minutes long, good luck with that. The only enjoyable part of the job was when you get to leave because you get tired of working with rude people all day long, sitting in a chair with a headset, and starring at a computer all day!! Glad I'm not there any more. Cons: short break & rude people"

Customer Service Professional (Former Employee) says

"Call Center where you're constantly being monitored and rated. Tries to start everyone off at minimum wage and pressures constantly to sign up for overtime. Easy job depending on how thick your skin is to be able to deal with both clients and management. Cons: Low salary, Lack of communication between supervisors"

Customer Service Professional (Current Employee) says

"Management was unprofessional, many restrictions and bias in situations. The work environment was was pleasant however, very kind and friendly co-workers. very flexible with scheduling, which is a plus. Overtime is endless!"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for about 8 months."

Fraud Specialists (Current Employee) says

"Interact with customers via telephone on average 50-60 a day Cons: Healthcare Benefits"

Customer Service Rep (Current Employee) says

"They WILL make you work. If you are good at what you do they will throw more responsibilities at you and only if you do not require more pay. The starting pay is hardly ever above 11.00. I know people who have worked years and did a lot of work who just resigned because they get over the really low pay. Its bitter to know people work less than you do and are being paid more. Cons: very low pay for a lot of hard work"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"I worked at Global Cash Card full-time for less than a year Cons: Supervisors never want to take an escalated call Calls always get dropped then its your fault working holidays/weekends young young people who don't care"


"I have been working at Global Cash Card for less than a year Cons: This place is a defrauding, scamming mess"

Former Employee - Call Center Representative says

"I worked at Global Cash Card full-time for more than a year Cons: Low pay. A lot of drama between coworkers, it’s like high school. Only way you’ll move up is if you’re family. All supervisors, leads and manager are related. I looked up the reviews out of curiosity and it seems like nothing has changed."

Former Employee - Customer Service Professional says

"I worked at Global Cash Card full-time for less than a year Cons: They promote their own family members or friends only. None of them have people skills or training to manage a team. GCC supervisors speak highly of providing the support to help their employees succeed, however when we do reach out for help they totally ignore their staff."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Global Cash Card full-time for more than a year Cons: alot of drama between workers"

Current Employee - CSP says

"I have been working at Global Cash Card full-time for less than a year Cons: Dont work here. This place is a joke . On of the worst jobs ive EVER had . My lead is so unapproachable . Eveyone always seems so stressed and you feed off all their negativity. Makes it hard to come to work everyday."

Current Employee - CSP says

"I have been working at Global Cash Card full-time for more than a year Cons: management sucks. very unprofessional and its very stressful to try to assist CH while everyone is yelling on the background. everyone finds out about your business, seems like high school."

Current Employee - Customer Service Professional says

"I have been working at Global Cash Card full-time for less than a year Cons: Everything except the 40 hours and unlimited overtime. The training is poor. They tell you they are training you for 2 weeks but you really train for 3 days then they throw you on the phones for 2 days then from there on the remainder of the "2 weeks" you're on the phones sinking or swimming. Your trainer will get annoyed with you and tell you what you do is wrong and that you do it too much and you can get in trouble for it. I'm sorry but I'm new, this is my first time doing this, show me the way! Tell me how to do it correctly! I'm training! Why am I being penalized??! Poor trainers! It gets worse when you "graduate" and move on to a team under a supervisor. The female supervisors are catty. They show favoritism and are stern and cold if they dont like you. I have a supervisor who ignores me and isnt nice to me just because my first day working under her I asked her a question and was told if I had my notes/book I should have looked through that. Im sorry, I figured asking you would get me a quicker answer for the card holder, that is what you are there for right? To make sure we are efficient? But let me put the card holder on hold for 5-10 minutes while I flip through a binder of information that still probably wont give me the answer. If you are a person who likes to ask questions, dont work here. The people who work here have no proper training or education so they think asking questions is you being a nuisance rather than you trying to learn. It seems they look down on people who dont perform the way they want but they fail to tell them. Ive been scolded with "i notice you do this and that" while i have a caller on hold and im asking for help. If you notice I do something correct me when you see it when I get off the call or before I go home or start my shift, not when I call you over for help and have someone on hold. How could I forget? There is NO diversity here. It is probably 95% Hispanic. Higher management is all hispanic. It's a little weird if you ask me. They go to their employees and tell them to do employee referrals for cash bonuses, so if they go to a hispanic employee, that hispanic employee will probably refer a family member, etc. The lack of diversity doesn't end. Your callers are the other downside of this job. They are mostly people who are hired through an agency or working at a fast food restaurant. It's really the poor demographic, or near poverty demographic. They will fight tooth and nail with you over 30 cents. They dont understand policies and math so your hardest callers are people who have a 5 day preauthorization hold on a transaction and dont know why they were "charged extra". The best part of that is when the merchant processes the payment and there is still 2 or 3 days left on the hold and they argue that you should drop the hold, because it is under your control u know?, and credit the money back to their account. Can we talk dress code? You can wear sandals so long as it has a strap on the back. What? How about just no sandals? When I say sandals I mean flip flops. There are girls walking around in flip flops. Leggings with camel toes showing? This is the spot. Short skirts? The spot. 5 inch heels? Right here. I dont know if some of the females think theyre going to a club or if they lack sense of what business casual is. Weekends you can wear whatever you want. People show up in basketball shorts, jeans, pj's (I think). Why for the weekends? Maybe because the bosses arent there. I dont know, I have yet to figure it out. The guys dress nicely though. Many come in slacks and a button down, many come in polos, nice pants and shoes. The male supervisors are dressed to the nines. Supposedly you arent supposed to log off the phones either. You have to keep taking calls. Forget how backed up you are in logging notes into accounts, keep taking calls. Screw everything up. The card is awful by the way. You can understand the callers frustration because the card sucks. Fees everywhere. The benefits are terrible. Supposedly there is a high turnover rate so you have to dedicate months to receive benefits. They dont match 401k. I think thats plenty of reason people leave. They know people working here are desperate for a job or money so you are a circus animal to them. Do as I say and do. This company honestly feels crooked and sketchy. If they hired more professional looking people or did business with clients other than fast food restaurants and temp agencies I would look at it as a legit business but sometimes I feel like I'm working at the liquor store of call center/ 'professional' jobs."

Former Employee - Call Center Representative says

"I worked at Global Cash Card full-time for less than a year Cons: Poor training, low pay, hard work, tough callers (you're dealing with their money). They put you on tough calls with very minimal training. Often requires putting callers on hold to get supervisor help, but supervisors often busy. Pay does not match work required. Only take this job if nothing else available."

Former Employee - CSP says

"I worked at Global Cash Card full-time for more than a year Cons: no growth. only lateral. moves. no raises. two main managers are brother and sister."