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The Casey Jones strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid offering its users an energetic and relaxing high that is perfect as a wake-and-bake strain.

One user shared some thoughts about Casey Jones, ¨didnt work for me at all, didnt help any of my medical issues, the effects lasted about 10 min at most.¨ on the other hand another person said¨ ¨Got some of this for 420 as I didn't want something that was going to knock me out rather something that would uplift and energise me so I could stay sociable all day. Well it did that but maybe too much, for the first time in years I felt that wave of anxiety you sometimes get from strong sativas. ...¨


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Jamie Supino says

"Terrible customer service. I made an order, then received an email to notify me that the order had a complication and was placed on hold and that I should call them. So I called 3 times, unable to reach anyone. Tried an hour later and got a man that spoke over me the entire time and told me it was going to be an additional 19.00 for shipping. I cancelled the order and will never call this company again."

Mary Ann Nowak says

"Thought I’d try them - since it looked like they worked through local florists. I specifically noted that the floral arrangement could be left on the front porch if no one was home. Delivery was attempted — and no one was home - as I had anticipated, which was the reason for including the note on the order. They did not drop off the arrangement. Received a call that they didn’t see the original note to drop off the flowers, and they would re-deliver the flowers tomorrow. (Well the birthday was today) I called them, expecting to get some type of discount, and they were like “oh well”. Even after I stated my disappointment, there was no offer for compensation. Told customer service it was the first and last time I would be using them — and it was no big deal to her. I will go back to using 1-800 FLOWERS, or From You Flowers."

Mia says

"If I could give them zero stars, I would. I made an order for my moms birthday, spoke with someone this morning about the delivery, and everything was fine. An hour later I receive an email that they can not deliver the flowers to the area. I called to ask why and they only stated they can not deliver to the area. Turns out they are not locally owned and will probably just scam you. Don’t bother."

Karen DiBella Hoke says

"NEVER!!! Don’t bother picking out the perfect arrangement for someone special. They will likely receive something completely different. When you complain you are reminded of the very fine print about flowers “in stock.” When you say that the arrangement was such a far cry from what you ordered, they will admit that and refund you 20%. Big deal. Very disappointed."

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