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Cimbali (with brand name LaCimbali) is an Italian manufacturer of professional espresso and cappuccino equipment. All four of its production facilities are located in Italy. The company owns and produces LaCimbali, Faema, and Casadio machines and grinders.

A disappointed customer shares her experience on Amazon, "This is an amazingly horrible machine - only to be outdone by absolutely horrible customer service - I received a brand new 2 group Casadio Dieci that NEVER worked from the moment I received it - the Cimbali importer in Connecticut said "I am sure we will replace your machine", but I have to check with my boss - hmmm, boss says NO - really, you make a brand new machine, it never works - then, you suggest local Cimbali repairmen, who I pay, who State IT IS DEFECTIVE and should be replaced - still, "nope", " we have absolutely NO REPAIR/RETURN POLICY" .... beware of coin any business with Cimbali, Casadio, Dieci or any of its subsidiaries."


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