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Carter's, Inc. is a major American designer and marketer of children's apparel. It was founded in 1865 by William Carter.

An upset customer shared in a reviews, "I am absolutely furious with Carter's online! I ordered an item for in store pickup. I paid for said item. We live 30 minutes from the store. My husband went to pick up the item and was informed it had been shipped back because it was not picked up within 14 days. No where in any pick-up email was it stated that my item was to be picked up within 14 days. Worse yet they didn't automatically refund my purchase. I had to call customer service, and my item is now sold out. Meaning they sold an item that had been bought and paid for and had no intention of refunding me!"


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Former Employee - Assistant Store Manager says

"-Does not promote from within unless you know someone -Only hires aggressive senior/corporate members "to shake things up" from outside the company -Starting wage for ASM is not competitive by any means -Complete lack of understanding of store level issues from corporate -Unrealistic timelines for career training and development while working and maintaining customer service levels -No clear guidelines to follow to advance within the company"

Former Employee - ASM- Assistant Store Manager says

"Horrible wages No room for growth Never hires from within Never get a raise No full time for anyone"

Former Employee - Store Manager says

"Very junior and unprofessional Upper Management team, always leaves you scratching your head. American side is run by more senior staff, not sure what happened in Canada! Will give stores direction to implement a change and the next day someone else will say to do something different. Lack of communication and very unorganized. Extremely political and unprofessional environment, high school like behaviour by DM's and corporate employees. Extremely high turnover."

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"Stability of company, lack of training, lack of caring for employees and many more. I can’t even reach anyone in HR after leaving multiple messages."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Racist, all white company, targetting, no benefits despite being full time"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Low pay for heavy work load, managers make $16 to$18. Wont see a bonus ever or pay raise unless your doing amazing. Even during economical hard times. Unrealistic projections of what a store should make. No clear data to prove grounds for numbers. Apparently we can increase traffic ourselves, in store. DM is lucky if they last a year. And will let anyone go if they dont like you. Moving up in the company is tough if your manager, DM or RM doesnt like you so better play nice. Opinions dont matter even if they ask. High turnover in all departments. Mostly from stress, in store bullying, DM bullying, low hours, low pay, no support. Demeaning additude of management and higher up thinking tgey are a boss rather then a leader. Dont work here if you have kids."

Current Employee - Store Manager says

"Upper Management has declined within the last year. No recognition or support to stores. Extremely insulting, disrespectful and demeaning upper management and corporate staff. No work/life balance. Low compensation. Very little vacation time. Unrealistic expectations. Heavy workloads. Heavy stock levels. with small backrooms. Very unsafe work environments. You do not have to perform well In order to earn respect and receive a promotion in this company you simply have to be fake and phony"

Current Employee - Store Manager says

"No development from district/regional level Unrealistic goals which are rooted in ideal projections, not comp or trend data. District leaders have no visibility or transparency, will spend minimal time in store and offer no support Focus on driving sales but no discussion or focus on how. “Get it done” mentality without development or discussion on how Poor wages for most staff; majority of leadership are on temporary contracts so roles are uncertain While Carter’s presents itself as an open and supportive company, many jokes will be made by upper management regarding “retards”. Incredibly disappointing to see from any employer. All employees including management are on hourly pay, with harsh follow up for any overtime (even minutes). 3 yearly blackout periods (high for retail) No training or development programs put in place for any team members Choice was made to keep the DM role open for a high volume district heading in to Christmas, leaving no support for managers and teams. Majority of internal promotions are based on desperation (no recruiting support); good if you want to move up quickly, but you won’t receive support or development once you hit a higher role."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There is very poor leadership. Ok"


"I had a phone interview with the HR manager and was then told "I will be recommending you for a face to face interview with another member of the team" Then a week went by with no communication so I followed up with the HR Manager, and heard nothing back. Another week went by and I followed up once more and still nothing, not even an email saying We are sorry we went with another candidate. Very disrespectful and unprofessional for the HR manager to not respond to any communication."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This is by far the worst job I've ever had. DO NOT apply for this company. Harrassment is tolerated. They have no appreciation for employees and expect the employees to do EVERYTHING with no reward. Managers help with nothing and they're not trained.NoneEverything"

Marketing Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Unclear direction with projects, Me-Me-Me, Girls Club-like environment. Lots of egos and tip-toeing around issues. Difficult co-workers and often too distracted to work because of open-air office. Awesome if you have young children though, but there’s a lot you have to sift through to enjoy the benefits People often shrug off problems with “that’s just corporate life” without any desire to change problems and behaviors"

Lift Operator (Former Employee) says

"To many bosses not doing there jobs and to make workers playing around and leaving all the work for the responsible people. Bosses not doing there jobs and except you to tell on the people who are playing instead of watching and doing there own jobs. There are liars in management, and if u stand up to them you will get fired. I did."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Great product but you don't want to work there. I worked there for 8 months at the Round Rock Tx location. My manager was very critical and never offered any kind of praise. Secret shoppers from corporate always checking us. Is was the worst job of my life. Constant remerchandising and refilling was exhausting. The theft was a big problem. Company had problems all the time. cameras everywhere evening backroom. The manager would watch videos and point out that she saw us doing something a wrong way or bring up"

Picker Packer (Current Employee) says

"DON’T WORK HERE! They take advantage of you and they messy! It’s like high school all over again but with adults!they don’t care about your personal needs ! They don’t accept doctors notes ! They make you come in sick and then send you home !"

Sales Manager Part-Time (Current Employee) says

"District Manager racist, sexist and arrogant. They say they want to promote with in but it's all lies. Your life has to revolve around them. They sell you dreams not reality."

Caissière (Former Employee) says

"Tu as problème avec la gérante, elle te coupe des heures."

Warehouse Associate (Current Employee) says

"You feel like a dam robot. And they don’t appreciate new employees they will just throw you out there to fend for yourself. They are not compassionate or understanding. You are or will become a robot. And management is a dam joke. You better get your nose ready to be brown if you get on full time and speaking Spanish or African is a plus. I purposely wrote dam"

MATERIAL HANDLER (Former Employee) says

"got paid very small, never had a decent lunch break, most of the employees were rude and the hours were never comfortable. Manager was also rude and only gave overtime to whom they felt like given it to."

Seasonal Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Bad experience. Managers lacked patience to train, did not provide enough working days on my schedule. It was a seasonal job but they didn’t give enough days. They need to improve a lot of things in this store"

Customer Service Lead (Current Employee) says

"Manager was racist and environment was horrible. They pay minimum wage but want you to do way too much. Management is unprofessional and tries to only hires her friends."

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"the management is very unprofessional and disrespectful. my coworkers were wonderful, and I enjoyed working for the company for 6 months. However my store manager lacked any sort of managerial skills when it comes to her employees, and made the working environment miserable. 👍🏼"

Seasonal Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"All but one of the managers were atrocious. They were very clicky and gossiped behind all the associates backs. They also had very unrealistic expectations. Using my situation as an example; they would only shedual me 3 hours a week (they promised me at least 10 a week during my interview) and then would become upset with me if I didnt remember things like promotionals, sales, and the store layout(that they would change EVERY WEEK). They also didn't train me, insisting that I would "figure it out" but then would become angry with me if I couldn't. The costumers would treat me like absolute trash and the managers (except one) would not care and just watch it happen. The store also gets stolen from almost everyday. It's too much stress for a job that will give you only 60 dollars a pay check. Do yourself a favor and find a better place to work.Flexible schedulingManagement, hours"

Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Honestly, working for the company was great for the first year and a half, but something changed. The requirements of the job ended up being too much. You had to have near perfect everything, and if you didn’t you are not doing good enough. They also do not care if you have priorities outside of them. They expect you to put them first and that’s not right. People have familial issues to attend to, school, and more, but they do not care about work/life balance despite advertising it. They will rather have you there than for you to pursue your own successes. The amount of work and responsibilities is not worth the money. My job had me function as a store/general manager and I was not paid much compensation. As a sales manager, I was not in charge of hiring or interviewing people, but I had to do it despite this being out of my pay grade. Management, especially higher up, don’t care about you. You are a number on a list and they will gladly get rid of you if you do not conform. Policy is more important that one’s safety. Overall, this company ended up being highly disrespectful and I would not recommend working here."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"-This company expects workers to work so much, from process clothes to cashiering to helping customers for so little pay. -This company blames employees when stock go missing during inventory season -Most customers leave mess in changing room and then not enough staffs to put them away and management will blame everyone -Management is so terrible in this company- this lady supervisor kept going outside to smoke even when it is not her break! And she would smoke right in front of the front door where cucstomers enter in, sorry but smoking is not good for children or babies!"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"A lot to due didnt have good management at the time due to people leaving finding better job didnakit on my own to step up and get stuff done at the storeDiscountsPeople"

Retail Associate (Former Employee) says

"Absolute worst job I’ve ever had. Worst management worst coworkers worst hours worst everything!! Avoid at all costs. Didn’t even get trained properly and everyone except the costumers are extremely rude and disrespectfulNothing at allEverything"

Packer/Shipper/Picker/Inventory (Current Employee) says

"Favoritism, unprofessional me supervisors and leads that prey on new employees from temp services.. female supervisor will make you work like a dog if male supervisors they like show you too much attention..Discounts"

Picker/Packer/Shipper (Former Employee) says

"Working in a area as a packer/picker or a area like shipping/receiving is extremely physically demanding. Lots of injuries and they will always blame you for the injures. They use to keep you in a area where you start out at but now that the TURNOVER rates is so bad the management throw you all over the place to make up for their BRUTAL goal to please their seniority. For full time or people that they think need the job, they will be verbally abusive to you if you ever have to meet with them on poor performance on LMs that only 30% of the building workforce is on. Stay away."

Picker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"Hated the place since the first day. Everyone is so miserable and that environment takes a toll on you. The only good thing about it was the sample sale events every few months."

Heather Robinson says

"Carters customer service, or lack thereof, is horrible! It just took me over an hour to get in touch with a representative (well, I am still on hold) due to an error they made. And the quality of the clothing has decreased so much! Save yourself time and just go to Target or Amazon to buy your kids clothes."

sharymar says


Brooke says

"This is the worst company ever. Their website never works for returns and when you call them all they do is transfer you from one person to another, AFTER you have been on hold for 45 minutes. Worst customer service ever. I have been ordering clothes from them for years and not I'm done. Never again. Do NOT order from this company"

Yasmeen Mohammed Ali says

"Worst customer service ever , i will never buy from them again, im waiting on a refund for 2 weeks now. Tried to call them several times, waited on the line for 45 min, when finally one of them talked to me saying that the head of customer service will be contacting you regarding the issue with the refund! She contacted me stating that my records indicatinv that i already been helped by an agent!!!!!! Really!!!!! What kind of help ! By making u lost in a loop! Last time im gonna order from them! U too try to stay away from online store, their website is horrible as their customer service"

R T says

"I buy 100% online due to pandemic. Amazon, Childrens place and Walmart as well as Carters (one big order for my 2 girls). BY FAR- Carters is the worst quality. A little shirt is unraveling at the bottom and another outfit the seem has strings coming off. If you pull them it begins unraveling the seem. Also the hem has multiple sew lines- VERY poorly made and is NOT holding up after one wash. While their clothes were the cutest of all the places I order- I cant afford to buy clothes that fall apart."

Paru says

"Saskatoon preston crossing store. Very bad customer service. Story: I waited in line outside and nobody was there to ask people to come in after somebody left, when i waited after few people left and nobody asked me to come, i went in and immediately questioned. I explained and then the girl starteled andcsaid ok. She gave me big eye right away. Well i ignored and started shopping. I waited in line again for billing, which is fine, understandable. Some other girl was on the counter, right before my turn, the welcome girl switched with her. My turn came and i showed the girl a 20% off coupon that i have, she stared at me very bad as i've asked her for her kidney or something. The store was offering 25% off anyways, when i asked her to apply my coupon, she changed the discount from 25% to 20%, which i saw her doing but i thought instead of applying coupon code she is applying 20% discount strainght. After processing, i checked my receipt and saw there was no 25% applied and instead she gave me 20%. Really????who does that. Upon asking she said the system wont allow 2 offers at once. it. But why would the system give me lesser discount? I felt dissatified and cheated and returned everything. Went to childrens place and bought the stuff, cheaper and no hassel with the service. Your loss is their gain. But my question is, is it improper training or racism, bcz i have a diff ethinicity. The girl looked confident as if she's been working there for long. So she should know the systems well. Would not recommend anybody and will try to spread the word to avoid people from bad treatments."

Ruth Florey Gilliland says

"I recently placed an online order from Carter' for clothing items to be sent to my daughter in Milwaukee. I live in California. My daughter has moved since the last order I placed so I entered her new address. Upon receiving confirmation, the order reflected the wrong address. In accordance with their instructions, I immediately telephoned them to remedy the situation. (They state that you must call them within 45 minutes to change an order.) They did not answer and I waited 48 minutes on hold, while I sent them an email. All the while the message on hold stated there were longer than usual wait could email could do an online "chat" with a bot. While I initially tried the bot chat, it referred me to the phone number I was already waiting on. They've sent a couple of emails, basically stating there's no way they can fix this problem since I didn't contact them within 45minutes, per their instructions 😡 I'm basically caught in an endless loop. When the package gets delivered to the wrong house, I'm pretty sure it will be returned. I am extremely upset with this online store and will NEVER patronize ANY Carter's products again!"

V Dt says

"This company has lied to me several times about my item being shipped and even sent me fake refund emails for a refund I never ever received! They tell u via social media to call knowing fully well the lines are all down! Their email team is a joke and will not respond or help you!"

Colleen Wild says

"I made a large order weeks ago was suppose to be here within 5 days. Every time I call they lie. It’s in process, it’s shipped it will be here by last Friday. It’s still in the warehouse and hasn't been picked up yet but was suppose to be here 5 days ago way over the 5 days they told me. It’s been weeks. I will NEVER order or step foot in this store again!"

lankun weidner says

""I ordered some onesie 12/9/2019 for my baby. Signed up text notification (thank god so I have prove ). I know it might be really busy during holiday shopping so I understand them ship on order on 12/18/2019. Package arrived 12/24. onesie are long enough but too snug so I decide to follow the online process and prepaid label to returned it. got a notification of the following (direct copy of the text ): Jan 6th 2020(next year) Good news! We have received your returned items. Please allow up-to 30 days for your refund to hit your original payment account. 30 days? Sure. Then I waited till Feb 8th, nothing happend so filed a dispute with my credit card. With a new baby busy life I forgot about it. But once a while I sit down to check all accounts to make sure everything in place. Found out today is already March 1st 2020. Still no refund. So I called my credit card company. You know what is the Carter's response to them? Reoccurring charge!! I said to the female agent, I said I am sure you shop clothes online before and possible returned stuff didn't work out before, when it was reoccurring charge before since it is not a subscribers subscribtion. With the text Carter's send to me themselves even says they got the return we will refund you within 30 days. Never, ever, ever, never again Carter's!! Did I say NEVER!!""

Emily C says

"Use to be a very devoted and loyal customer to Carters (having spent thousands on my own children and nieces and nephews). This past Christmas I ordered many outfits from Carters only to be told a few days from Christmas that my order has been canceled and I have been indefinitely banned from shopping at their store. Confused, I emailed and call customer service thinking there was some sort of mistake. Not only were they very rude and unprofessional- the supervisor and her supervisors supervisor wouldn’t even tell me why I had been banned in the first place. Customer service needs to learn how to treat their customers- especially ones who have been shopping at their stores for over 5 years."

Timothy Myc says

"Horrible customer service I placed an order on December 8th, no shipping notification until I reached out on my own on December 15th and magically all the sudden it finally shipped that day. It is now Christmas Eve and I STILL do not have my daughter's Christmas outfits I needed for several events throughout the week. I don't have her Christmas morning pajamas our big family brunch, or her presents for her Christmas morning. This is the most awful company and they don't seem to care and all the emails are just full of condescending remarks like YAY! and Get excited!!! Get excited for what no merchandise!? Never again with them, I ordered from The Child's Place days after this order and got my order within 4 days. I will stick with them in the future."

kerry broadhead says

"The worst customer service. Next time if I want anything from them i'll just order it from Amazon."

Meredith Henke-Noggle says

"Consumer affairs.... corporate offices.... you know better! This is where customers go to get resolution. For you to tell me that I did something wrong in my return..... and tell me I should know better! I am the consumer not the business. Shame on you consumer affairs!"

MiniMe says

"Pretty clothes at reasonable prices. However, customer service sucks..."

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