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Carrousel du Louvre Sucks. The Carrousel du Louvre is an underground shopping mall in Paris, France. The name refers to two nearby sites, the Louvre museum and the Place du Carrousel. The mall contains a famous skylight, La Pyramide Inversée (the Inverted Pyramid), which plays an important role in the best-selling book The Da Vinci Code.

An angry visitor under tha name of Buggeritwillthisdo from Perth, Australia shows dissapointment in a review he wrote for TRIP ADVISOR about his visit to Carrousel du Louvre: "Guys, it is a shopping centre thrown in as an afterthought to the museum part. Modern, with overpriced crap that you can buy at home. Don’t bother. Same as anywhere else - designer shops with more staff than customers selling goods that cost too much. Got caught short and needed the loo. Had a heart attack! Since when does spending a penny cost 3 bucks? Well it does here. If you go down to the carpark level, it drops to A$2. Still too much - but ain’t that Paris all over? They employ a cast of thousands. Since when do you need 4 people to look after a lavvy? Especially one that wasn’t that clean anyway. Food hall is okay, though the clean up staff are a bit ( ok, a lot) surly, but I guess they don’t pay them much. Not much else to say. Only went there because that is where they parked the tour bus. Wouldn’t have darkened the doors otherwise."


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Agent de Sécurité Incendie SSIAP1-SSIAP2 (Former Employee) says

"Planning changé dernière minute."

Assistante commerciale et technique (Former Employee) says

"Entreprise sans aucune humanité, pression constante, charge de travail démesuré comparé au salaire qui est très très bas car vous avez très souvent la charge de travail de deux personnes ou même plus. Cons: Tous"

Cleaning Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Management are awful. They don’t communicate with each other or their staff. They shout and swear and treat staff like second class citizens. They are quick to offer anybody as a scapegoat to keep the contracts. Poor work life balance as they call at all hours of the day and night to assign jobs that they then change without informing you. Hours of work are changed without reasonable notice. This is the worst company I have ever worked for. It baffles me that a company that so blatantly ignores any rules and regulations or health and safely policies are still operating. Clearly their policy of drowning the client in paperwork and emails in order to cover up their failings is working. Pay is often incorrect and is difficult to rectify. Senior management does not care about anybody in inferior positions within the company. There are offers of development and internal progression but these never materialise. If I could rate this company 0 I would. There are no redeemable qualities. HR do not even bother to acknowledge any correspondence that is received unless sent by a manager. Cons: Poor management. Poor work life balance. No career progression. Bad HR."

Agent de sécurité (Former Employee) says

"Il vaut mieux éviter de Samsic sécurité Strasbourg. Cons: direction"

Cleaner Operative (Former Employee) says

"if i could give this place a zero i would’ve! i’ve never been treated with such little respect. the way they speak to there staff is absolutely horrendous to the to the point i ended up in tears everyday and depressed and had to go to the doctors for help. i couldn’t breathe at the thought of even facing my work. i was terrified! i have no idea how they get away with how they run this business and treat people the way they do. good luck to whoever works for these awful people! Cons: everything"

Cleaner (part-time) says

"Awful place to work for. I've never been treated so badly by a company in all my life. Dont ever go off sick else you'll get sacked for it even if its for your kids. Absolute shambles. Cons: everything"

Assistante administrative (Former Employee) says

"Une entreprise qui flique les salariés, qui met une pression d'un autre temps, qui pousse à la faute, qui licencie régulièrement, avec un turn over de dingue ! (en perpétuel recrutement…)"

Agent d'entretien (Former Employee) says

"Je trouve nul salaire 1 semaines après la date convenue salaire misérable Cons: 0"

Agent de service (Former Employee) says

"Non respects et heures supplémentaires non payées."

Limpiador especialista (Former Employee) says

"Estuve 9 años trabajando en la central de santander de boadilla del monte en madrid me echaron por un ere y con la condicion de que si habia un puesto de trabajo me volverian a llamar., Despues de dos años gracias a una del sindicato me llamaron para trabajar para sustituir una prejubilicacion, el encargado queria meter a un conocido pero el sindicato se movio y logre volver a trabajar, estuve casi 4 años y cuando se me termino el contrato me echo para meter a un conocido, yo, averigue y existe una ley que pasado 3 años por hacer prejubilicion me quedaria indefinido pero no fue asi, ya"

Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"What can I say a very bad company to work for Manager don't have no idea too many chef's not enough indian's. If you're a monkey and work for peanuts there is a job for you good luck"

Agent d'entretien (Current Employee) says

"La charge de travail est trop importante par rapport au temps que nous avons. On nous en demande toujours plus sans pour autant augmenter les heures"

Comptable (Former Employee) says

"Du grand n'importe quoi l'agence de Manosque, ça vous prends un temps fou pour remplir, fournir les documents, passer l'entretien tous ça pourquoi? pour vous oublier et ne même pas vous rappelez..."

Agent d'entretien (Former Employee) says

"Il n'y a pas de communication au niveau du matériel ils manque des chiffons il faut que l'on en achète ainsi que les produits. Cons: Salaire essence pas payer acheter ces produits"

Agent d'entretien (Former Employee) says

"2h de travail avec cet entreprise m'ont suffit, pas de formation, on te presente à peine le travail à faire et le materiel nessecaire . Poste de 2h30 par jour dans 2 entrepots situé a l'opposé l'un de l'autre. Pas assez d'heure pour le travail à fournir."

Agent d'entretient cariste (Former Employee) says

"Pitoyable, lamentable et je ne vous parle guère du reste. C'est facile de faire de l'argent a la sueur d'autrui. Merci Samsic"

Recepcionista-Telefonista (Former Employee) says

"Te dan de alta como personal de limpieza y así te pagan. Pero no te das cuenta porque en elcontrato pone segun convenio. Tienes problemas para ir a los médicos de tu discapacidad, resolver problemas personales. Son cadí inhumanos."

Agent de sécurité et de prévention (Former Employee) says

"les agents de sécurité de samsic sécurité du centre commercial de saint sever en seine maritime dépasse le cadre de compétences."

Agent SSIAP (Former Employee) says

"Une société qui donne des responsabilités importante ä des incompétent, direction qui n'a aucune culture du travail, société d'opportunités, Samsic ressemble à l'armée mexicaine ou tous le monde est chef, aucune structure, aucune communication. Cons: Souvent aux prud'hommes"

Agent de Propreté et d'hygiène (Current Employee) says

"Profite des travailleurs handicapés.ils n'ont rien à faire de nous on nous donne 1h par ci et 1h par lá un petit cdi 1h30 on vie dans la misère ."

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