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Carilion Clinic, formerly known as Carilion Health System, is a Roanoke, Virginia-based non-profit integrated health care organization that provides care for nearly one million Virginians and West Virginians. Carilion owns and operates seven hospitals in the western part of Virginia as well as Jefferson College of Health Sciences and a joint venture medical school and research institute with Virg


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Assessment Specialist (Current Employee) says

"During interviews, they purposely withhold critical job duties & expectations because of 1. The high turnover rate and 2. They don’t want to scare potential candidates away. Too much nepotism going on: head of psychiatry is married to nasty nurse who runs CONNECT. The culture was catty & constant back-stabbing! Cons: There’s not enough room to list all the negatives"

Cook (Former Employee) says

"The work was not evenly distributed.. everyone make the same pay... but not equal work load.. under paid and over worked.. worse place to work. WILL never go back. Cons: Over worked"

Clinical Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company for five years. Although I grew as a person this company tore me down as an individual. I have never felt so low in my life. This company will chew you up and spit you out. After transferring to three different departments I found that it’s not the department but the company as a whole. This company is great for the medical experience if you can tolerate people that think they are better than you and are willing to work for kibbles and bits. This is the only trauma care available here in small Roanoke, VA and after working here if I was on my last breath I would rather die than receive care here. After interacting with the emergency department staff to transport their patients, I seen their lack of care for not only team members but their view of patients as just a number to get you in and get you out. The pay is low and management expects you to work yourself to death. After being injured with a 600 lb bariatric patient due to lack of improper equipment I decided it was time to end my employment. Not only did this company put my health at risk and my coworkers but we were exposed to possible covid-19 patients without proper notice. All this company cares about is their fancy new building and cardiac patients. So please whatever you do stay far away unless you want to be low balled on pay and treated as if you are the scum off of a doctors shoe. Oh and they don’t even offer employee discounts at their expensive cafeteria. So they make your paycheck back when you go in there and purchase an $9 meal on your barely 30 minute lunch break during a 12 hour Cons: Low pay, no employee food discounts, poor management, selfish, poor employee moral, and unsafe working conditions"

RCM Revenue Analyst/ Hospital Billing (Former Employee) says

"Very poor management. Training worst I have ever seen. They truly do not care about their employees in the Fed department. Was given score card audit by a trainer who didn’t even train after 30 days of employment was told after 3 you are out days"

Scheduler (Current Employee) says

"Carilion is more worried about their bottom dollar then they are about the patients that they service. They do not clearly follow HIPAA guidelines as far as patients information on appts, test results ECT. This should really be looked in to. Upper management is only worried about the money, the people doing the work to help patients are put to such strict guidelines that they can not provide good customer service. Cons: Upper management"

Patient Access Representative (Former Employee) says

"I absolutely loved my job as Patient Access Representative at RMH. Management however sucks. They do not help you out. I was new and they treated me like I was an idiot. They are straight bullies. I went to HR and gave names of coworkers who witnessed certain situations but HR did not follow up. I would NOT reccomend this job to anyone as long as they have their management they do now"

Nursing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"No respect for employees. Managers dont do anything about staff. They let people right people up because they dont like them and they don't get into trouble for it. Very unfair to all the people who actually want to do healthcare, work there, actually get their job done and for the people that actually care about the patients. Their are a ton of people there that are there for the money and not the job itself. This was the worst experience I have ever had. Its messed up. Very mean and ungrateful people that dont care about anything but themselves."

Patient Access Representative (Former Employee) says

"The worst, most hostile work environment I have ever worked in. Being new you get treated worse than a dog. I was never given breaks to eat anything in a 12 hour shift yet the ones who had been there awhile took breaks to smoke. Which smoking isn't even allowed per the employee contract. One night a girl was helping out from another location and the others in the department treated her so poorly she left crying."

Case Manager (Current Employee) says

"As a contractor, I was not included in departmental planning or meetings, so I had to rely on second and third hand information which was time consuming and inefficient"

RN Staff (Former Employee) says

"Heirarical vompany. Culture is toxic. Overpaid administrative overhead with decreasing resources at the bedside and increasing salaries in management. Lack vision. Top down leadership. Retaliative leadership."

Legal Account Representative (Former Employee) says

"Do not work in this department! I was a 15 year employee who was out on FMLA briefly due to surgery and I was literally pushed out the door by my team lead as well as management. The job is stressful and your team will stab you in the back at any time if it makes them look good Cons: Everything"

Certified Medical Assistant (Current Employee) says

"terrible, literally so bad. only reason i stayed was because i had bills to pay and was actively applying to other jobs. Carilion is not all you think it is. 10/10 DO NOT SUGGEST WORKING FOR THIS COMPANY!"

Healthcare Administrative Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management seemed as if they didn't know how to do their job and was not personable at all."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I hate it there in Dining services the Management sucks and not atleast bit educated for there position. Cons: I loved my coworkers"

Scheduler, Physicianscheduler (Current Employee) says

"If your not with the inside you go nowhere in this company, they do not care about their employees!!! Very stressful and no one ever has the same answer to a question twice. Cons: Everything!!!"

Certified Medical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Always shortages in staff. Everyone is stressed and nasty to each other. Doctors are short and rude to staff. Management is degrading. Staff was very petty and treated each other poorly. Protocols changed constantly."

PHLEBOTOMIST (Current Employee) says

"The hours are grueling and we work 8, 10 and 12 hour shifts per employee (unless you are highly favored). Cons: Short breaks, no down time."

Patient Access Representative (Former Employee) says

"Worked really hard to get my position there and it was taken away from me within two months because of lies and nothing was ever done about it ! I was born and raised in Lexington and was born at Stonewall Jackson hospital. I was so excited to get my position there. I thought I was working with some great people but guess I was fooled !! I would think twice before working here !! Cons: Alot !!"

CNA - Certified Nursing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Working for Carilion resembles servitude."

Medical Technician (Current Employee) says

"Carilion is a monster in the health care world of south western VA. The fast paced and minimal payout for employees is by far one of the worst things about working here. Everything is micro managed with you being the at the bottom. No one is willing to help with any activities or duties that you are given that day. You will be doing everything you can while other staff sit at the nursing stations and chit chat and ignore any requests you may have. I would not recommend anyone to work here or even be associated with carilion clinic as a whole. Cons: no breaks, terrible pay, overworked, understaffed, stressful environment."

Sick guy says

"I’ve been waiting on the results of an X-ray for 3 days. My work won’t allow me to come back until I get those results. Three days for an X-ray? That’s absolutely ridiculous! I should have gone to Augusta Health and I will from now on. Carrilion SUCKS!!!"