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CarsGuide is an online marketplace and content platform based in Sydney. The company specializes in automotive sales and purchases, as well as car news, advice and reviews.

Lawrence mentioned, "There are quite a few scammers that use the CarsGuide platform. Be aware of any private vehicles that are advertised . Before you commit to buying, do your research on the vehicle and the seller and DO NOT buy a vehicle without sighting it or proof of ownership."


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Joe says

"I got no responses from anyone I messaged. Days later got scam emails from someone claiming to work for the RAAF. The people I called on the phone had sold their cars already. Days later the ads were still up. Went on Gumtree. Responses immediately and literally had 2 inspections lined up in an hour. Oh and Gumtree is free to list items on and their ads are a lot more subtle."