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Carestream Health, formerly Eastman Kodak Company's Health Group, is an independent subsidiary of Onex Corporation which is one of Canada's largest corporations.

A former employee shared in a review, "Everything BAD about working at Carestream! Management is terrible! They always blame the workers! Keep taking away pay and benefits! Every year they make it harder and harder to get a raise! Once was very hard to get hired, now any drug addict or high school dropout can get a job!!!"


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Exempleado - Customer Service Representative says

"Gerentes totalmente ineptos, contratos temporales, poca ética laboral, vale más ser amigo del gerente o director que ser un buen trabajador, pésimo servicio de RH, no le dan valor al trabajador y hablan mal del mismo para otras empresas"

Na (Current Employee) says

"Company culture is toxic and they don’t appreciate knowledge and experience from outside of the company. The company is slow to react, slow to change and is stuck in Kodak past."

Key Account Manager (KAM) says

"Mal ambiente laboral, sueldos bajos, poca preocupación por los empleados. Muy poco desarrollo profesional, tienen líderes con mentalidad muy cerrada y obsoleta."

Process Operator (Former Employee) says

"Everything BAD about working here!!!! Management is terrible!!!! They always blame the workers!!!!! Keep taking away pay and benefits!! Every year they make it harder and harder to get a raise!!!! Once was very hard to get hired on,,, now any drug addict or high school dropout can get a job!!! if you don't mind being mistreated and talked down to, with zero raises or promotions!!!"

Accountant says

"El desarrollo de personal es casi nulo, los líderes o supervisores no mantienen motivado a sus equipos, RH no mantiene una buena comunicación, no hay respeto hacia los trabajadores."

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"You have supervisors who hire there relatives. But keep it secret. And another superviser who is dating someone who works for them! To much back stabbing!"


"Disminución de prestaciones"

PCO Operator (Former Employee) says

"If you are not related to management or friends of the management team, you are pretty much doomed!!!! Really don't understand why friends or family of management can perform their job really poorly with bad results or get hurt or call in sick a lot and NOTHING happens.... But the other employees who DO NOT have family in management or are NOT friends with any of the management team, basically gets treated VERY POORLY!!!! Employees can make the same mistakes, call in sick the same amount, perform the same..... and the employee who has friends or family in management, get praised for their work!!! Where the employee who DO NOT have friends or family in management get written up, get terrible reviews, no raises, get talked down to!!! Trust me job seekers, STAY AWAY FROM THIS EMPLOYER!!! so many are filing lawsuits now that will bring this place down for discrimination!!!!! So many of us past employees have written proof that one will get written up and another who is family or friends of management, do not get written up for the same exact thing!!!! And even if you go to HR, you still are not treated fairly!!! Lets join together and put this discriminatory place out of business once and for all!!!! Watch the news for the court dates!!!!not a single thing!!!!everything you can ever think of!!!"

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