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A former employee mentioned, "The atmosphere at CareLink is very cliquey. If your face fits then you get to do what you want when you want. If not then you're one of the unlucky ones. Management is poor. Depends what mood the manager is in to how well you are treated each day. Anyone with any medical knowledge or experience is treated with disdain."


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Kitchen Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Never ever work for caterlink never in my entire life have I worked for a worse disorganised company as this, during my worse 3 year's working for them we have had 7 operations managers!!! We were catering to primary school children, the meals and ingredients were absolutely terrible, we had no support what so ever, never got any overtime which we worked for. Diabolical!!!Absolutely noneNone"

Caregiver/Personal Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend them as an employer or for services they are not christian at all. They dont care about there employees or clients all they care about is there bottom line"

Care Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Only apply if you seriously need a job. Most of the current employees have been their for 15-30 years now. So, there is no room for growth. Also they will hire someone with minimal two year experience with aging and give them better career placement with better salaries if you are non minority."

Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Poor Management said they could fill clients hours but could not Very bad pay had to drive 30 minutes didn’t get paid travel time expecting you to work when sick always wanting to write you up"

Home Care Aide/Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"Low pay poor management couldn't fill the scheduled hours they promise always wanted you to work more hours than you wanted too didn't care if you were suck wanted you to work anywayNoneLow pay"

Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"It was a typical work week at care link, what I've learned while working for care link has been patients,understanding, and drive to do better for the lives of the elderly. The management at this work place is very slow paced and is all was productive at the work place. The hardest thing part of this job is leaving the clients we have for any positions there is its hard to leave someone who you get attached to on a daily basics. The most enjoyable part of care link is going to work everyday and knocking on the clients door and seeing there smiling faces and knowing that my job will be done and i get to make them happy.full time or part time always availableno breaks and not enough hours"

CareLink Administration (Former Employee) says

"Busy days handle different tasks daily, I must say the Director is very critical about the work. She did not know how to speak with the employers, at times it was stressful and hostel.only holidaysshort breaks and lunches"

Shift supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Carelink was not an environment made to build and promote its employees. I liked working at carelink because i enjoyed what i did and because of the residents i worked with and had a chance to help in my five year tenure."

Home Health Aide (Former Employee) says

"excellent days at work, wonderful staff, no hard work, easy schedulinghelping othersno pay raise/ praise for great work"

Telecare operator (Current Employee) says

"The atmosphere at carelink is very cliquey. If your face fits then you get to do what you want when you want. If not then you're one of the unlucky ones. Management is poor. Depends what mood the manager is in to how well you are treated each day. Anyone with any medical knowledge or experience is treated with disdain. Previous management were much better. As soon as the virus is over I will be looking for another job."

CARE COORDINATOR (Former Employee) says

"Carelink has important jobs in that you assist the elderly in obtaining needed services in the community. However the company is poorly ran and promotion practices are unfair. Jobs are not advertised and any day you may get an e-mail that someone has been promoted. New employees are promoted over seasoned employees on a regular basis.Great job to assist the elderly and disabled citizensVery biased workplace, only can advance if you have a buddy in management."

Personal Care Aide (PCA) says

"Didn't get many hours and alot of clients said they didn't have people to assist them days at a time and they called to them about it constantly complaining to them on them doing there jobs to send someone out"

SSA (Former Employee) says

"Den såkaldte kontrakt jeg har med Care Link lyder på at vi gensidigt kan opsige ansættelsen uden varsel. Jeg havde fået fast job og derfor blev det jo så en opsigelse fra mig. Lederen flippede fuldstændig ud og truede mig med at sige til kunderne at jeg var en utroværdig medarbejder og at det nu var min skyld at de nu ikke kunne hjælpe med vagter. Jeg blev haglet ned først af lederen og dernæst af en "Kundekonsulent" Jeg fik at vide at jeg aldrig skulle søge om ansættelse der mere og at lederen ville blokere mig med det samme. Jeg har aldrig kendt magen til forulempelse. Jeg var nødt til at lægge røret på, det ville jeg simpelhen ikke finde mig i. Dagen efter gik jeg til FOA med deres trusler. FOA konstaterede at jeg var i min gode ret til at tage fast job og havde i den grad overholdt min kontrakt. Care link fik den besked af FOA, at hvis der var nogle af arbejdsgiverene der havde fået at vide at jeg "var en utroværdig medarbejder" ville FOA køre sag mod dem. Føj for pokker en oplevelse!!!"

Vice President of Administration (Former Employee) says

"CareLink was a great place work. The people there are dedicated and hardworking and have a true passion for their work."

Residential Counselor (Current Employee) says

"In order for a work place to run smoothly there needs to be leaders and team players and then just aren't enough dear there are more leaders even if you don't get paid to be a leader there more leaders dear than there are coworkers and there's no teamwork.Love clientsPay"

Caretaker (Former Employee) says

"I like helping others but as far as the job itself not the part of caring for others but the business itself is a very unorganized organization. I like to help others but the business care link is a very irritating people who work for them and act like they have no care in the world. For example, they tell me I would have somebody then call the main office and they tell me no you don't and would have me call back for a week straight and tell me the same thing then come to find out the main nurse didn't get order in and I was highly mad when I found out that I was suppose to have one but the office didn't have the information right. Then the nurse would not call me back and waited a year to give them another try and they tell me I cannot be hired back because of some bull crud they did.Interacting with the caring of peopleVery unorganized business."

Caregiver (Current Employee) says

"My day at carelink consist of being able to work with the elderly. I prepare meals, groom, bath and etc. Whatever needs to be done depends on the client needs. The hardest part about my job is that right when I get used to my clients that's when they have to move or they find another caregiver so that It can meet their needs far as coming at a different time but overall I enjoy my job because I enjoy working with the elderly and being able to help them out as much as possible.working with the elderlyless pay"

Homecare Nurse (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Carelink 14 years performing in-home functional asseessments/eligibility for aide services. If you are an RN concerned with quality of client services and expect respectful consideration of nursing judgement, I cannot recommend this agency. Frequent, recurrent patient complaints and quality of care issues are never ending secondary to non-action of management and nurses hands are tied as they are supervisors over aides in name only.Autonomy, work from homePoor retention of staff, patient complaints"

CAREGIVER REP (Former Employee) says

"A typical work day would be to first start the day off with a prayer and a smile. Speak to employee's and conduct business in the way its suppose to be conducted. Management is usually not under my limited scope but if needed assist in any way possible. Sometimes how the day goes is all up to the vibe in the workplace. I tend to give positive feed back and have a cheery attitude for those who aren't in a jolly mood such as myself. The hardest part of the job would be not getting so attached. Due to the decline in the economy and the job cuts, you never know when things will turn for the worst. The most enjoyable part of the job is possibly turning someone's frown into a smile by just simply showing that you care. Even if things don't go as planned, changing the outlook of the customer is always worth the healthcare, no dental care, no paid vacation, no 401k"

Residential Counselor (Current Employee) says

"it's ok very stressful not much help from management. Guy could get more structure if all staff worked together and not against each other. Staff needs training."