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The Original Car Shoe, or simply Car Shoe, is a high fashion brand owned by Prada.

Ilovelobbs, Senior Member of Styleforum shared his/her opinion about Car Shoe on June 24, 2013:

"Is this the overpriced rubbish that Prada produces...personally, I wouldn't touch. And I dunno about their sizing either...sorry."


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Cenk says

"I purchased Saint Laurent Jacket and the reason was it was the best deal i have seen and website clearly informed me that Duties & handling fees included which is very incorrect because i had to pay 14000 Turkish Lira which = too 1500 Euro duty , and the customer service still has not helped me to solve this situation very unprofessional and they have no idea about duty costs when its outside European Union."

Andrew. says

"Received delivery today ordered two items for holidays only one delivered no receipt no explanation now unable to get through to customer service to say I'm not happy is a underestimation..especially the money as been taken from my account.."

تركي عبدالعزيز says

"A purchase was canceled on February 23, 2020. For 342 pounds and so far the amount has not been returned to my account"

Consumer says

"This company are thieves. They are currently stealing £500 from me. Stay away from them. They also lie. DHL never tried contacting me in any form. Look at their reply below. They will take money for something they know is fraudulent and send you to a courier. Stay away from them. They don’t care at all about you as a customer. Just if they have their money. You can also see several other customers have the same issues on here and they just abandon them."