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Car4U are a high-end supplier of cars based in Auckland City, supplying a range of vehicles.

An angry customer shared their experience, "We got a good deal on the car we bought at Car4U but the inter personal skills of the staff we met were appalling, their phone manners need a lot of help, the staff on the shop floor basically ignored us and we got the feeling we were an inconvenience and all there wanted to do was make a sale and move on."


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Current Employee - Sales Representative says

"Just a number in corporates eyes"

Current Employee - Sales Representative says

"No room for career growth. Owners screw you out of all commissions. Over last 9 years probably got screwed out of over 100k plus. Dead end job. Owners are just terrible people. Stay away. If you are out of college its a good start for a sales career to open up doors to another company."

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"Have a good idea? No use sharing it just a waste of Your Time. You can be lazy and mediocre and thrive here for years under the radar. No lie as i watched the best reps leave in an exodus. Millions of better jobs out there"

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"OWNERSHIP < MANAGEMENT very misleading to employees and especially customers."

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"Don't sleep with management, start looking for another job."

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"Frat like, Young management, micromanaging, hire and fire quickly, promote based off of 0 merit, 1 person has made it to commission status in the history of the Syracuse Branch, the company is lies"

Former Employee - Outside Sales Representative says

"Management is terrible. You are constantly under a microscope and new employees are treated like they are children, rather than working professionals. It’s basically a door to door cold calling boiling room. They will bring you in and beat you up for a few months until you can’t stand it anymore and once you quit, they go ahead and find someone else. Absolutely no future. Run don’t walk!"

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"Where do I begin? -Sexist organization. I sat in multiple sales meetings where other sales reps and management admitted that men do sales, women do the customer service work. It’s just how it is. I was appalled. For reference, I’m male. -I was expected to utilize bait and switch sales tactics (I refused). I’m fairly certain one thing I was told to do was illegal. Again, I refused. -The management is unhelpful. They promote whoever the sleaziest most cut throat sales person is, because that’s what they like, not who is fit to lead other people. -My interview process was a joke, and I should have run then and there. The manager left me waiting over 45 minutes, and then answered his phone four times during the interview. -These problems were not isolated to my branch. They’re systemic. I saw it at offsite events where other branch employees acted the same way."

Current Employee - Sales Representative says

"Politics, favoritisim, and deceptive business practices. Trained to bait and switch. Not an ethical company to sign up with. Long term employment here will get you laid off. Just ask Customer Service Reps. The sales reps have been tasked with CSR work instead. Have fun with that mess... Meeting your quota while dealing with billing disputes and wrong orders all day? Some people think its fun?! Before you take this chance/risk, Go out (yourself) and try selling some office products on your own. Go to any firm and ask where they get their pens/files. Drop off some samples... etc. Ask where they order office supplies from. And only then will you realize how hard it is to sell against AMAZON/STAPLES. Orders made in the click of a button... with Same day delivery. And no messy billing crap? Normal people everywhere order this way. No small business wants to see the same sales rep begging for a sale one day a week. WB Mason has laid off (most) customer service, delivers the wrong orders (subsitiution of product orders), even when customers specifically ask not to do this, thereby infuriating the "loyal" paying customer, blame the sales rep for erosion of business and then fire the rep and ask "what could we have done differently?" Maybe dont bill people multiple times for a single purchase? Maybe fix the item numbers to the correct products featured in your catalogs? Don't call our customers 4/5 days a week and ask if they need furniture... This company is its own worst enemy. But good luck telling the clowns that run this show. They dont need "excuses". This company is the WORST, ask anybody."

Current Employee - Sales Representative says

"Constant restructuring of commission dollars, rising costs, bad inventory management."

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