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Capita plc (LSE: CPI), commonly known as Capita, is an international business process outsourcing and professional services company headquartered in London. It is the largest business process outsourcing and professional services company in the UK, with an overall market share of 29% in 2016, and has clients in central government, local government and the private sector. It also has a property and infrastructure consultancy division which is the fourth largest multidisciplinary consultancy in the UK. Roughly half of its turnover comes from the private sector and half from the public sector. Whilst UK-focused, Capita also has operations across Europe, Africa and Asia.

A former employee shared in a review "Working at Capita is a job that unless you kiss butt you won't get to keep. If you go to the doctor and find out you very sick, just know they might let you go for it. And during the pandemic you couldn't get a more curel company. The pay was good, but honestly the stress of working so hard to keep your job, and being good at what you do for them let you go and not other employees who's actual work performance is very low is soul crushing. I really enjoyed what I did. And to top it off, they let me go - wouldn't let me get my things and still to this day I do not have any of my personal belongings that I had there. Another thing is they promise a bit of money after your probation period, even when you have passed it, expect to only get the actual amount 6 months after passing. Don't even try their payroll because they are no help. Awful company, biased, and just mean. Another thing you can expect it seems is that if you're foreign don't even try. A whole bunch got fired on one day."


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"Time management system, micro management, spot audit"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Please steer clear of this place if you need a job only use this as a stepping stone. The place is filled with micro managers who is immature, sadistic with very little between the ears. Constant pay queries and lack of communication. Managers only care about their own wellbeing.NothingLong hours, constant pressure"

Customer Service Advisor (Full-time) says

"Shocking company to work for. Extremely unrealistic targets with penaties for being seconds late from a break / lunch etc yet you were expected to work on after your shift if you were still on a call. When it came to Covid the ONLY contact I had from the Call Centre manager was a text following Boris's announcement that we were on lockdown to say the office would be open and we were expected to go in to work. Due to poor organisation we had to work a further 3 weeks while they ordered the necessary equipment to allow us to work from home. Five months on from that and we heard nothing further from that manager despite us all doing a sterling job working from home.Whe it came to call handling, they had put in som many checks to supposedly help us get the correct answer forst time that we had to process the same information in 3 or 4 different ways following one call. They are expecially held up on the time taken on after call work. They would prefer a call handler to keep the customer on hold while they type up notes and process the call rather than let the customer go and then do the processing. The systems are antiquated and you have to spend a good 10 minutes logging into several before your shift starts. Senior management seem oblivious and disconnected to the pressures of the staff as they would routinely send out emails informing us of how they were getting on during lock down not realising that noone had any time to read anything. Pay review was put on hold.nothing at allpoor management and working conditions"

Callcenter Agent (Former Employee) says

"Dreck die teamleiter sind die größten blöffer , die haben selbst keine ahnung wollen aber einen was bei bringen . Lädcherlich. UND SO UNFREUNDLICH"

CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT (Current Employee) says

"Capita has a VOICE policy that they do not adhere to. Many rules made by them gets broken by them. You're not allowed to VOICE yourself because if you do, they redeploy you. I wouldn't recommend. This company is not good for your well-being unless you have a good position."

Claims Handler (Former Employee) says

"I will not recommend working in this place to even my enemy, the training is awful, they just get you to sit with a member of their staff, who will just read you manuals and scripts for 3 days and you are left on your own. Bad place for a contractor, they expect that you know everything so they will not provide you any support, managers has no clue at all only push for target, staff are treated differently from contractors fromNothingPermanent staff are treated differently from contractors, they show you is us and them, teamwork not encouraged"

Configuration Consultant (Former Employee) says

"There was racial banter in the office and at times very unprofessional. i reported this but nothing was done about it. there was favoritism amongst stafffriendly stafflow pay, no progression, unprofessional work environment"

Senior Finance Executive - Client Accounting - Finance (Former Employee) says

"Management dont listen to improvement ideas and suggestions for employees. Employees are given rating based on managers closeness to employee. Dont go"

Assessor (Former Employee) says

"Inexperienced & unprofessional during training and after - willing to lie on assessments.. - inconsistent Bullying culture ** Poor clients & familiesZeroSelling your soul & losing your integrity as a health professional"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend at all. Higher management is full of uneducated people And no idea how they got into these positions. They only care about numbers and you are a number. They don’t plan ahead and panic. Systems are terrible and IT are not helpful. It took me 3 months to get my systems running. Depressing to say the least and its like working in a graveyard.Nice friendly peopleToo many"

Customer Care Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Awful place to work would not recommend it to anyone awful people and managers awful pay not much to say about them apart from just don’t work here at all.NothingEverything"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"No care for employees, facilities often dirty, low chance of progression and management often play favourites and don't know the content of the job You often don't know you are applying for capita as they advertise under other names of their own companies or a recruitment agency This has been the same for both the times I have worked for Capita wwithindifferent"

HR Administrator (Former Employee) says

"I was with Capita for three years as HR Administrator. Pros Lovely people to work with. Free Tea/Coffee (bring your own mug) Good for HR Experience Lovely Client Cons Few progression opportunities Progression opportunities for a select few (mainly those who are good friends with management) Fast-paced and stressful Poor Pay Not everyone is paid the same - new starts tend to get paid more than existing and loyal staff. High Staff Turnover - most employees stay for a few months and leave. Not a real HR Function - this is a Service Centre (Call Centre environment), not an HR Department. Management will not support your progression or take responsibility for it, you will need to keep asking for it."

Case Handler (Former Employee) says

"Your start with one position than they put into a different position for more tasks and same salary or less. Worst company ever I worked for , every month you will see managers leaving the company ."

IT Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Worst company I have ever worked for. Managers don’t have a clue and staff are under trained. Not once do you get the correct pay and can wait up to 3 months to get this corrected, that’s if you’re lucky enough to be paid in the first place. Do not care one bit about employees and it’s an embarrassment of a company."

Acting Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"Not family orientated, just a number. Not treated fairly or as an individual. Team leaders only concerned with hitting their targets. Only enjoyable part of the job was colleagues"

Disability Assessor (Former Employee) says

"14 hour days but only paid for 7.5. None clinical managers who have no idea what the job entails . Do not leave your current nursing job . False advertising. Although they advertise weekends and bank holidays off , you will be working writing reports and prepping cases for the week ahead ."

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Got bullied by management, very clicky atmosphere, the constantly pick on your weak points, made you work every wkend, had to start at 7am on Sundays so you where out of pocket on taxi money, worked Xmas day, new years day ect, worked long shifts until late at night, got in trouble for even leaving your desk to go to the toilet. I would never recommend working for bbc/capita ever!!!"

Telesales (Former Employee) says

"Let’s just say YOU DIDNT MATTER THERE You had to work bank holidays so I don’t know where the whole thing on here is if you don’t have to work bank holidays I told them this job made me depressed and I didn’t want to live anymore they turned round and said... AND I also LOST A FRIEND CAUSE THEY DIDNT DO ANY SOCIAL DISTANCING FOR COVID I hope they’re happy"

Complaints Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management was constantly giving incorrect information. Constantly lied to about the length of the contract, most are cut short with 0 notice given and no guarantee of a job even though,they will say that they can assure you a job. There is 0 progression, no care for staff, management is poorly trained and they will consistently fail to pay you correctly! Most staff were not paid correctly. Do not work for this company. They made their staff work during the Coronavirus outbreak and refused furlough pay. A quote from management was "if you are ill, you won't receive pay and will have to have a warning for sickness and we will have to have to talk about ending your contract". This is during the Coronvirus outbreak... Management would regularly swear and be abusive. Told higher management that I was swore at for asking what a working process is, and then I was fired. As a reference, I was a top performer each week, with 0 warnings for lateness, sickness or bad behaviour. Please stay away from this corrupt, abusive, inept company. They are an amalgamation of everything that is wrong with this world.NoneLies, No Job Security, Threatening behaviour, 0 Coordination, Incorrect pay"

Complaints handler (Former Employee) says

"By far the worst place I have worked. The managers would lie to you and others to save their own backside. They only care about their own bonus. I had things stolen from my locker more than once. Capita did nothing to even try to resolve this. They messed me around with wages making excuse after excuse and at one point made me go 3 months with no wage, but STILL expected me to turn up every day and graft. They are a JOKE! The finale was when they offshored our entire department to south africazzz with customer interest at heart! Hahah wow."

Delbert says

"I worked for them near Victoria. Awful job. Tatty office although good location. Lots of cliques because they used their own in-house recruitment team who weren\'t very good. Managers had been there too long. Lots of favouritism. Poor HR function. "

SH says

"Applied for a role. On the disability section I put prefer not to answer. They sent me an email and voicemail wanting me to discuss what my disability is before I can proceed the application even though I put prefer not to answer. Decided not to go through with them. I don't doubt they have other questionable behaviours and practices that I would've saw if i proceeded my application."

Paul M says

"Worst management of my pension request possible, 2 months later still waiting for an answer , escalated (tried to) 3 times and got no response. Just poor service and there are no excuses for what is a very simple standard request."

Sana X says

"I started of my career here and the training seemed so easy and friendly however when after 3 months my manager started claiming that am not answering calls which wasn't true i explained to them honestly that on my system that are no missed call and i told them on 3 different occasion continuously they still claimed this as if am lieing so basically they don't trust you , then on one meeting they decided to terminate my contact and said it gross misconduct which is horrible for my future . if anyone wants to make a career don't ever work with capita. They should be ashamed of themselves by acting good and sending a letter on gross misconduct how about next time you say on my face and be ready for an answer."

shaft22 says

"Now I see why they are named "Crapita"

Don't go sending out threatening letters saying you are gonna turn up on a certain day, then don't bother turning up, it's quite pathetic how you intimidate and harass innocent, law abiding people day in, day out, trying to force them to pay a tax, that they do not owe. An absolute dispicable company."

Thomas says

"This company makes a sham of the British Miltary Recruitment system.
I applied to join the Royal Navy this year to which my application got deferred as expected due to medical reasons.
However after doing all the paperwork and triage call I was sat waiting 6 months with no answer to whether I was eligible to join or not.
There was a poor lack of communication with me and when I lost my temper with them over email rather then contact me themselves they contacted my recruiter who also did me no favours and got me to apologise to them.
Which I did while still stateing how unhappy I was and in the end my application got withdrawn because I refused to accept this poor company's excuse for not doing their job.
They tried to blame my GP for sending the wrong information but this happened 3 times and I contacted my GP and don't understand how this whole process can over half a year.
Because of these clowns I now feel like joining the armed forces is no longer an option.
Which is sad as I felt like I had a lot to offer the Navy and after seeing the reviews and doing my research on Capita I dont know why the armed forces work with them.
To discover that they are responsible for more then Miltary Medicals is actually scary as well.
I hope that one day the miltary sees sense and breaks off from this company as god help us if we end up WW3 with these clowns running the show."

DJ says

"I'm surprised how poor their level of service is, and that the government and NHS extensively offload their workload to them. This company is not fit for purpose (and that is not a term I would normally throw around/use), the extremely low rating given by myself and the overall one (above) reflects their attitude and services. In most cases expect no help and I need say no more as other reviews also reflect the same.

I am not surprised Capita haven't 'claimed' this Trustpilot page - they clearly do not want the public to be aware of such poor performance."

Anonymous says

"Worst recruitment agency I’ve come across. One employee: No return calls or e-mails, despite being offered an interview, no explanations. I have specialist skills that are usually sought after with respect, but for whatever reason another employee would never acknowledge my applications after I declined a role that was only suggested but wasn’t suitable for what I was looking for. I appreciate feedback is hard to get these days, but when you know you stand a good chance of getting the job, it feels somewhat discriminatory. But to get a reason is impossible. No care that we sit waiting for the interview date to be rearranged (or even if it will ever go ahead) wondering whether we should take another job or not. Shocking this company is allowed to handle government contracts and disregarding sought after skilled individuals."

David Phillips says

"Just impossible to get this company to respond to emails regarding a problem with my pension. They caused the problem in the first place due to a serious error on their part."

Tim Daniel says

"The company has dealt with my late fathers pension very badly. They were in frequent contact when they were trying to get money believing that me and my siblings owed them for overpayments after my father had died. It turned out they didn't look into things properly and Capita owe us money. Communication seems to have stopped now they know this, whereas previously they were replying to emails within days. I'd rather they had never got in contact and be without what they owe us than the stress and time lost to them!"

James Geary says

"How do companies like this win Government contracts?
All talk, flashy presentations - yet the service they attempt to deliver at clearly minimal effort is shocking - hence the reviews on this website."

Anon says

"Company should do more to discipline staff with bad behavior and check record. Lee Ivet Newton who worked here as software developer for over 10 years lied on his CV about his experience and qualifications. He did not pass any GCSEs and had to do a NVQ instead. The man is a scammer and smells of urine which his employer has done nothing to pick up on. He spends company time and money stalking women on online dating agencies and sex sites. He illegally downloads software, films, music and also images and videos of women on line without their consent. He shares these with his male colleagues and friends and family. He has been to strip bars and taken drugs. He has made racist, Islamaphobic comments, taunts and assaults at women in particular. He sexually preys on women and has committed revenge porn. He swindles images of women he has found online and keeps these illicit images at work and in his home. He has committed stalking, harassment, bullying, racism and sex offending. He should have been banned from working on the schools team as he is a threat and danger to society. He is obsessed with his ex who is Romanian and thinks she is intelligent even though she has failed her university course on several occasions and an over sexed woman who also committed fraud like he did. He tries to lure women to his house and harasses them for sex. He also scams them for money when he is grossly over paid. He has bought the company into disrepute and should have been sacked for his behavior."

Natasha Mckenzie says

"Utterly disgusted in this company. I received a job offer in June only to be told about a week before my start date that my job offer was retracted. I was told over email and not even given a valid reason to why this was. This has left me unemployed. Absolutely disgusting. I suffer from mental health issues and believe Capita have discriminated against me."

James says

"worked for this company over a year ago. The worst company I have worked for by a mile. Disgraceful leadership from top to bottom and archaic practices. The government would do much better than to award contracts to these charlatans. They manage to actually make a failing entity worse. Its no wonder they are in significant amounts of debt. Too many useless middle and senior management full of self importance and little substance. Biggest waste of productivity in the business sectors they are in. Avoid at all costs"

Steve Riley says

"They seem to be a shell company doing various things for the government.

They are so bad. All staff I have dealt with are rude to the point of needing to be sacked.

No customer service whatsoever. And it’s impossible to raise issues with them - the senior management hide from responsibilities.

Just don’t deal with them if you have the option."


"Unfortunately you cannot give a 0, because if I could I would!

This company have the most usless processes and systems I've ever come across. I feel for the people that work there because the IT systems are to poorly put together that they must end up being the target of seriously angry customers.

They insist you work on their "on-line" system (that's a joke in itself) but if anything goes wrong like your need a new password or pin, it takes 24 hours for anything to happen. Now this could be because Capita are not managing the ElectroComponents pension stuff, but good grief, this is 2020, not 1820!!
I've complained about this before and still nothing has been done to resolve the issues... I'm removing my funds from them and never want anything to do with them again.

This digial world could really do without companies like this.....!!"

Lewis says

"Digusting recruitment practises. This company hides everything and transparency is out of the window."

Peter Moseley says

"Just closed a bank account where a direct debit was in place for my tv licence. Received this email -

'The Direct Debit for your TV Licence number ********** from account ending **** has been cancelled. This means we won’t be able to take your next payment. To remain licensed, please set up a new Direct Debit. It’s quick and easy to do online. Please take care of this straight away or we may be forced to cancel your licence or pass your details to a debt collection agency.'

My licence is fully paid and valid up to 31st October 2020, they say I HAVE to set up a new DD or be threatened with my licence being cancelled and possibly engaging a debt collection agency! I am not legally obliged to have a direct debit set up as a condition of having a licence, their email is very threatening, no doubt I will receive more."

Elizabeth Austin says

"Capita are administrators of my works pension. It has taken over 4 months so far and I still haven't received my pension. They do not respond to emails or letters. They do not return phoncalls, never had one returned. Loosing out financially and costing me a fortune to ring them on a weekly basis during peak time (they dont open when its cheaper to call). They have sent my stress levels through the roof, which is not good when you take ill health retirement for stress. All anyone will say is "that they apologise for the poor service and will escalate my call for someone to ring back". There is no return call, I ring chasing and the process starts again.
I strongly recommend that you avoid this company like the Corona Virus and give it a very wide berth. Anyone who has to deal with this company, I wish you all the luck in the world, as you will need it. Be prepared for a battle, they are by far the worse company I have ever dealt with and should be struck off."

Stuart James says

"Capita PLC run the finance arm of the BBC, otherwise known as "TV Licensing": the approach the two organisations seem happy to adopt here is a national disgrace. They incentivise the licence checkers with commission for every licence they "sell", thus motivating aggressive, deceptive and threatening behaviour. Even before that, the paperwork that people without a TV licence receive is also aggressive, deceptive and threatening. We have to hope that the licence is scrapped by the new government, further to its de-criminalisation very soon."

Rod Little says

"Dealing with them for a pension held by a deceased person. Their incompetence in practically every area of contact has been staggering."

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