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Canyon Partners Llc Sucks. Canyon Partners is an employee-owned hedge fund founded by Joshua S. Friedman and Mitchell R. Julis in 1990 located in Los Angeles, California. Canyon Partners is a multi-strategy hedge fund and invests across asset classes ranging from bank debt, high yield and distressed securities, securitized assets, direct investments, convertible arbitrage, risk arbitrage, equities, and special situation securities.

An anonymous former employee talks about Canyon Partners Llc heavy work environment in a review posted by GLASSDOR: "There is a real problem with the culture here that rewards bad behavior and punishes people who speak out about problems. In my time there I saw multiple people lose their jobs because they talked to HR about being treated unfairly. Lots of backstabbing here. Management values employees on paper but not in any genuine way that matters. While I was there I never felt I could say "no" to someone higher up, or make even a small mistake, without having to fear for my job. And of course, it's hard to get approval for anything because no one wants to take the blame if something goes wrong. I don't think this is just Canyon but a lot of financial firms."


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