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Canisius College is a private Jesuit college in Buffalo, New York. It was founded in 1870 by Jesuits from Germany and is named after St. Peter Canisius. Canisius offers more than 100 undergraduate majors and minors and around 34 master's and certificate programs.


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Technician I (Former Employee) says

"Manager can’t be trusted the whole place is corrupt teachers priest public safety officers all corrupt . Union is ok but weak . A lot of infighting with employees and management."

Facilities Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"The communication is non-existent. Departments do whatever they can get away with regardless of the cost to the college as a whole. There is no accountability for upper management. Lowest paid administration and maintenance workers are treated as human filth that must be tolerated until robots can do their jobs. Thinly veiled racism. Raises do not happen. You are most likely to lose benefits the longer you are there. Cons: Just about everything you could think of."

Building Maintenance repair (Former Employee) says

"No Catholic or Jesuit values, upper management only cares about themselves, not students or saport workers. No raises for 8 yrs, many concensions made in pay and compensation package. College is run by a real estate lawyer that couldn't balance the budget and fired dozens of employees. Cons: No raises, no employee saport system"

Maintenance Associate/Custodian (Former Employee) says

"I work at Canisius College in the facilities department as a housekeeper for 8 years. At first it was a very good job with very good benefits, and it was a union job. At one point we were given the honor of being considered the cleanest college in America. It should have been great but instead the college started to take away our benefits and didn't want to even give us a raise. We had to fight for every dime and in one contract we only got a 25 cent raise over 3 years ( a nickel, a nickel, and a dime)! I have a former coworker who started about two months after me and we were at the same pay rate of $11 per hour when I moved out of state. I had to start all over at minimum wage and now 8 years later I am making over $3 dollars more an hour than him!!! That is just ridiculous because he was $3.50 ahead of me after I relocated! To be a Jesuit college the don't embody the spirit of fairness and rewarding hard work at all! Cons: too many to put down!"

Resident Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Very clique like, limited diversity. Cons: limited diversity"

Stationary Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I work for canisius 3 year with no cost of living rise."

Sports Management Adjunct (Former Employee) says

"I love my time at the college and working with the diverse group of student athletes. I don't think that the expectations and resources given did not match up."

Adjunct Professor (Former Employee) says

"Canisius is a wonderful college to work at, but I will never be an adjunct again because of the low pay and lack of benefits. There is no union there. It is very hard to survive on an adjunct salary. I recommend boycotting the profession so that colleges like Canisius will change."

Academic Counselor (Former Employee) says

"The supervisor was okay but she had her moments. The program was well put together and it help a lot on needy children and families to get into college. The only reason why I stayed as long as I did was because I could see that I was making a difference in those children's lives. Cons: The supervisor wasn't the nicest of individuals"

Medewerker ICT helpdesk (Former Employee) says

"Het was een stage, wat ik daar heb geleerd is vooral hoe je moet omgaan met klanten ik heb daar 6 maanden stage gelopen."

Current Employee - Associate Professor says

"I have been working at Canisius College full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Amateurish management. We recently hired an internal VP with no experience outside the college or training in college administration. She reads Chronicles of Higher Ed for advice. And isn't sufficiently qualified/experienced to perform at the level necessary. Faculty are most concerned about her reputation for axing administrators/faculty/staff who disagree with her or "her people". Dishonest, manipulative and disingenuous, yet has managed to impress the President somehow - to be fair, he isn't sufficiently experienced in college administration to know how to hire administrators.. Faculty on campus overwhelmingly wanted an outside hire, but covid-19/posting of VP position too late for hiring season imploded the possibility. It's such a shame. I love the students here, and many of the faculty are good, caring people."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Canisius College full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Working here at first felt good. Staff were awesome and we had amazing relationships among departments. More people are out for self then being about the students. There is no real room for advancement anymore like there was in the past."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Canisius College full-time Cons: Literally the craziest place I ever worked. My boss did NOTHING all day and no surprises, his boss did NOTHING all day. Lots of arrogant and narcissistic people. Thank goodness I was able to find another job and leave."

Current Employee - Professor says

"I have been working at Canisius College full-time Cons: Pay is below par, benefits have been cut recently, contract terms are not honored."

Current Employee - External Affairs says

"I have been working at Canisius College part-time for more than a year Cons: Forced to work on holidays"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Canisius College full-time Cons: Due to financial difficulties there were several rounds of layoff. Still in 2017 the situation continues. The layoff procedures were not conducted in the atmosphere that would typicalbe similar to the mission of the College. These layoffs had to take place however the manner could have been more Jesuit like."

Former Employee - Marketing says

"I worked at Canisius College full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Almost everyone working there has a negative viewpoint of the college's future path and growth potential. Seems like favoritism rules, and you're either in or out of the elite crowd, but most likely you're out. Lots of closed door meetings and talking behind backs."

Former Employee - Full Time Faculty says

"I worked at Canisius College full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Leadership lacks vision and creativity facing regional and national challenges for higher education; reliance on consultants degrades trust, lack of accountability in upper management."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Canisius College full-time Cons: The pay is the only negative."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Canisius College part-time for less than a year Cons: Negative press from institution Poor student morale Disconnect with students and administrators"