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Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is a Crown Corporation of the Government of Canada. Its superseding agency was established after World War II, to help returning war veterans find housing. It has since expanded its mandate to assist housing for all Canadians. The organization's primary goals are to provide mortgage liquidity and to assist in affordable housing development.

One of the former employees of CMHC said, "CMHC in Motion resulted in loss of approximately 350 employees. Likewise, reduction in pension plan benefits effective but unfortunately resulted in a significant loss of corporate knowledge as a number of long term employees retired or resigned. In terms of Career Framework, recently introduced and promoted as beneficial to employees and their individual career path, turned out to be a euphemism as a means for significantly cutting salaries for all but those classified as management."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Constant change in the form of multiple re-orgs. The next one rolls around just as you start to understand the new structure and get familiar with teams. - Pay structure was severely curtailed despite HR saying it wasn't/isn't. - Leadership in Communications/Marketing is causing a drop in morale and focus. Some leaders have zero experience in this field, and aren't showing progress. Doesn't understand the work involved, leading to cuts in teams that severely needed the manpower. - Performance management is done by comparing your performance to others within the team/department. It means that co-workers are less likely to help you out so that they can be seen as more efficient. HR/Leadership says that this does not happen, but how can it not? Managers get together during performance evaluations and compare you to other people. I've heard first hand "I can't give you too much help or it will come back to bite me." - Gossip. If you like this, you'll love working here. People love to talk about others that have no relation to work or job performance. - HR isn't very useful. It takes multiple emails to get someone from HR to actually move on an issue that you are having. - Movement within the org is possible, however, a lot of the roles just lead to dead-ends in terms of career advancements. - Promotions are rare. I've seen very few people get promoted. The ones that do get promoted, get it for reasons other than work performance or leadership capabilities. - Don't go in thinking that this can lead to a job with the federal government. A lot of people make that mistake. This is a crown corp and their hiring process and language evaluations are separate from the feds"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything else especially HR (always remember they work/look out for the company and not you!) and the extremely toxic, vicious office politics. Also be warned that being a Francophone is not merely a requirement for advancement, it's akin the to the old boys' club that delineates the haves and havenots and speaks to necessity of "fit" above all else including competence/accountability/qualifications/experience."

Current Employee - Senior Specialist says

"-Absence of intellectual challenges -IT and Data work and infrastructure is fully outsourced to accenture so there is no room for growth and learning if you are in these areas -IT and cloud infrastructure and security are super weak -Lack of any knowledge about could technology -Technical team members have transformed into word document fillers and procedure check boxes -Data Science and analytics teams are working on an old-fashioned out dated infrastructure. You will need to book a ticket for adding a safe normal Python library and wait for 5 business days."

Current Employee - Analyst says

"Poor senior leadership, no clear direction and the majority are subpar communicators that do not demonstrate any compassion for their staff. The few leaders who do still care, are too afraid to challenge the C-Suite for fear of getting unceremoniously dumped. There’s constant change of direction leading to reorganization, so be prepared to be asked to work in positions that you did not apply for and that you may not have the skillsets or education to meet the position requirements. If you struggle to meet the objectives of these positions they assigned to you, they deem you as “not a good fit for the job” and they abruptly terminate your employment. They treat their staff like disposable commodities. To meet your objectives, be prepared to work long hours with no overtime for most positions. This means that your renumeration isn’t as lucrative as it looks. They’ve contracted out major swaths of internal services such as IT, Compensation and other parts of HR, and now employees are left with very poor do-it-yourself internal services. CMHC went from being an awesome place to work, to one of the worst places to work for anyone who truly cares about people."

Current Employee - Senior Specialist says

"Very toxic work environment. One of the disadvantages of ROWE is that expectations and responsibilities are very loosely defined. The rapid changes organizationally and of those in leadership positions have heightened a sense of insecurity. People are scared of losing their jobs, which makes it very difficult for someone new to integrate and do good work. There is very low morale, high degree of complaining and passive aggressive bullying. I would suggest waiting at least 5 to 10 years when there is a new CEO and things have settled down in this organization."

Current Employee - Senior Consultant says

"I worked out of the toronto office for many years. Under the previous leadership, it was an ideal work environment. Since the new CEO put in charge A new person for the Ontario office , a person who destroyed the moral of the office and put in charge her friends, Cmhc and this office in particular, lost all its high performers. Great losers: the Canadian public"


"Ability to fit in is given much more importance than hard skills, so the result is that performance is loosely defined and unrelated to professional skills. You can do great work but if you don’t do it in a way that is subjectively assessed as done well, then watch out. It is a classic dictatorship: everything is fine so long as you agree with and do whatever happens to be emanating from the centre of power (in this case HR and the CEO). If you are politically savvy you will be fine, otherwise watch your back."

Former Employee - Senior Management says

"Discretionary job termination, hiring not made on competency but on too many other factors. No respect for experience and they lost in the last few years the history and experience of CMHC. They do not have a knowledge transfer process and soon it will hurt them pretty bad. One day you are the star of the corporation and the next day you get the boot. The CFO position is a revolving door, 3 CFO in the last 3 years."

Former Employee - Anonymous says

"No job security - when the transformation happened I've witnessed 3 CFOs get canned within the span of 3 years, all of them had numerous years serving. Permanent employees means nothing when it's justified that the job position is no longer relevant due to the "Re-org." Management shoves work to you when it's last minute and expect it to be done. Management does not care about their employees' well-being, only their own job security. All CMHC values learned in the beginning are pretty much no longer relevant or emphasized by the upper management. You either belong to a group or you don't belong there; very unhealthy social hierarchy."

Just another number (Current Employee) says

"And enjoy lack of clarity when it comes to management's expectations, then you will adore working here. Implementation of ROWE is a slight bonus. Support during a multitude of corporate changes was severly lacking.RoweLack of effective leadership"

Application Specialist (Former Employee) says

"horrible place to work, manager would throw things in meetings, then go back to office and sleep. I will never approve CMHC as have had many other people who have worked there say the same thing"

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"There's no job security, even your own manager/supervisor won't fight for you. You either belong in a group there or you're done. The employee retention is atrocious; the 3 years i've been there i've watched 3 CFOs canned. Even if you have a permanent position there they'll tell you the position is no longer valid due to the re-org, and you can re apply for another opening. Working there is like walking on thin ice all the time."

Finance Officer (Current Employee) says

"The company switches focus too often. No one knows what they are doing anymore and client service suffers. Everyone is more concerned about marketing and story telling than getting the job done."

Market Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Pros Good pay for the work Good benefits Good work and life balance Cons Bad management Lack of growth opportunities unless you play the game and kiss butt Bad technology only now moving to outlook"

Support Worker (Former Employee) says

"People break the law and get away with it. Hard working dedicated people are the scape goats for the law breakers. Clients suffer at the hands of the law breakers.Pays billsTo many to mention"

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant (Current Employee) says

"The Receptionist position in Vancouver has been available for about 3 years or more, The office manager is never happy with anybody and will harass people till they leave or get sick.Benefits, peopleLots of physical lifting of boxes. Seen lots of good receptionist go."

Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Superficially, a great place to work. The workplace culture requires a shift from the old culture to ROWE's idea starting by Management and HR. boy's club mentality. Job security isn't there. Employees would benefit from an organized labor system (Union). Abuse of power, OT, etc. Totally violated. I experienced this and more."


"Your just another number and not the most loyal company to it's employees. New management needs coaching. Pejkdajkfldjaksdljafkdsl;fjadksl;jfadskl;fjdsklf;sadjkl;fjadskl;dsjfklasd;jfklsad;jfklas;djkfld;ajdfkla;djkalf;djfklads;jdfakl;sdjklf;adsjklf;adsjkflas;djkdsaljdfakls;jakdfljalktoo redundant"

Traducteur, de juillet à décembre (Former Employee) says

"Expérience agréable, mais certains aspects restent obscurs. Je n'en dirai pas plus.Salaire, avantages en tout genreJe ne peux pas en parler."

Data Entry (Former Employee) says

"My time at CMHC was short due to being contracted. It's a decent place to work as you learn a lot outside of your role, which I enjoyed. However, being a contractor it sucked because the pay you were given compared to the work given doesn't really balance it out. The people there are friendly and are willing to teach you if you're willing to learn.Adjustable table30min lunch only"

Enumerator (Former Employee) says

"Lots of stress due to the nature of the job. Management was not experienced and therefore direction changed al the time. Management lacked true management and team building skills."

Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Less advancement opportunities work culture/environment/IT renovation are made without real understanding of the work need to be done changes are made to make the the surface looks good for the executive, but not according to cost/benefit"

Enumerator (Current Employee) says

"Good place to work at since they have introduced the fully flexible schedule. The issue with this is that you can work from home but do not interact with other team members."

Records Management Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Prepared files for scanning, printed box labels and sent the files for scanning. Then verified the hard copy with the pdf when done. Hardest part was moving the skids."

Enumerator (Temporary) says

"like to be full time or advance ,not enough renumeration for car use(milage) and would like to return if position could be enough to support full timeflexiblenot enough pay"

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Défis: trouver des choses à faire pour remplir la journée Pas de travail en équipe Gestion congestionnée par manque de vision Collaborateurs frustrés Agréable d'aller au gym le midi et manger à la cafétériabon restaurantpas de défits"

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